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This section showcases all the trailers made by the NOTD Dev Team, as well as some notable community entries. If you would like to see more NOTD trailers, give us a shout out at the forum. All trailers are also publicly available at the NOTD YouTube Channel.

Mad World Trailer
A short video that covers the backstory and events of NOTD - primarily from the eyes of Dr. Bergmann and Ivan Plushenko. It is our most-liked video and has received critical acclaim. An NOTD video unlike any other, we hope you like it too.

Commando Trailer
This fast-paced Commando trailer highlights some key abilities of the class and how they contribute in the battlefield. It is our most watched class trailer.

Demolitions Trailer
The Demolitions is an offensive killing machine capable of destroy large hordes of zombies.

Medic Trailer
The Medic provides field aid to the team and uses her nanotechnology expertise to great effect.

Rifleman Trailer
The Rifleman is an all-rounder, providing the backbone of every UGC Marine infantry squad.

Recon Trailer
The Recon acts as a forward scout and surveillance specialist for the team. Unlocked at 100 XP.

Marksman Trailer
The Marksman is a clinical assassin who can quickly neutralize important threats for the team.

Flamethrower Trailer
The Flamethrower excels at short-range combat and is available in Alpha Company storyline. It fulfills the role of close-range DPS and tank.

Alpha Company Trailer
Alpha Company is the 2nd storyline in NOTD. This storyline is unlocked when all players in the game have more than 500 XP.

Development Preview
A topline preview of the NOTD development process and what's it like to work on the StarCraft 2 Editor. We hope this inspires more map makers. Since this trailer was made, the Dev Team has spent close to 3000+ hours in Night of the Dead's development.

Cronus Boss Fight
Cronus is a boss in Alpha Company. Dr. Gunjan was poisoned by Dr. Tanaka and he after succumbing to the virus, he turned into the fearsome Cronus.

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