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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by vexxenon, Dec 13, 2012.

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    In order to retain the current player population, and perhaps attract new players, i think there should be a full video of say, alpha nm, ec nm, or apollo/surv nm on youtube. For one, itll give pub a taste of difference in gameplay, technique, and things that isn't available in pub games. Just having replay and record it seems to do the trick, just need people to upload them on youtube.
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    Diode posted a video of one of the first SUCCESSFUL EC nightmare runs. [video=youtube][/video]
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    Extifer Stiffy is what Lyanden calls me.

    The playerbase of NOTD is from starcraft and not youtube. Even if you post these videos on youtube, its not as if many are going to watch it. If you want to spread NOTD, you should go into other popular custom games and recommend NOTD to those players.

    Making videos isn't really going to spread any sort of message. NOTD itself has already been reviewed by various people on youtube when it first came out, but ultimately it was already pretty popular because of the player base in NA. The videos didn't make much of an indent or flux of new players.
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    Hence, the second point.
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    Extifer Stiffy is what Lyanden calls me.

    Those who pub frequently or more than often should know the difference in game play for notd. Dont need a video to really show that plus ability made videos showing the different storyline and gameplay anyways.
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    This is from my experience and is probably biased and definitely subjective. More often than not, I see a group of new players playing Alpha NM, they have every right to do so, since they've played it before, however often times, they get a group of mostly new players. Then few minutes later rm, and then rm, and so on.

    I think youtube videos can help the new players by giving them a guide on what to do, and routes to take etc, there are many ways to play a mode, and it may be one of them, but at least it give them something to look and study instead of continuously rming the game.
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    Extifer Stiffy is what Lyanden calls me.

    Strategies and tactics of NOTD during initial development and were constantly changing every few months or so with the add on of new bosses, enemies, ect. Player's back then always had to revise their routes or make a completely new one depending on what changes were being implemented.

    You make a video now showing how to beat a certain story line right now and it may last a month or two, but once something gets changed within NOTD gameplay either it be a bug fix, new enemy, or balancing then that video will mostly likely become obsolescent. This is a reason why the NOTD wiki is constantly going through a lot of changes and updates.

    I could tell you of the of the numerous amounts of routes that use to be ran for ECNM, Alpha NM, and Apollo NM, but there have been so many route/strategy changes because of the changes that occurred throughout the years NOTD has been part of star craft II.

    Examples of various changes in no particular order. Hopefully some of these examples can give you an idea of why certain routes are made the way they are today.

    Early Alpha NM use to have just a gas sequence with everyone just trying to find their way back into the lab, there was no doctor finding.

    Early Alpha also had Ivax as the last boss and Perses being the boss before him and there were no gas sealing sequence or destroying of the nexus tower.

    Early apollo use to have BOB as one of the selectable characters and only route A was implemented but it wasnt even fully complete. Basically the storyline ended as soon as the reactors blew up.

    In addition Apollo did not have the Pathfinder, Technician, or Chemical Expert as any of the selectable classes. Psi Ops's talent tree was also different as well. Instead there was Engineer, Bob, and Demo Expert. Also you couldn't fight Deimos the way you fight him now with someone tanking, you had to have Ivan tank Deimos with the PSI ops pushing him if he ever got too close to the team.

    Survival use to have the turrets working within the game, which made it very easy for some to farm credits and there was also the whole cheese situation with the gravity gun.

    NOTD map use to be very small in comparison to today's map because some of the bridges were not included in today's current map. In addition most pub games were easily ruined if someone just ran to eggs because it only took 1 person to trigger it back then.

    I could go on, but it'll be a huge wall of text and huge eyesore for some.

    Basically, my point is the strategies and tactics of NOTD are constantly changing and if you don't keep yourself updated then you start to fall out of the loop. So that's why I don't see a point in making videos for strategies and tactics. If you feel some are playing Alpha or w.e storyline with constant remakes either show them the current route and method to win or tell them about the forums/wiki so that they can educate themselves.

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