Youre stuck in a room with me for 6 days

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ProbeGst, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. ProbeGst

    ProbeGst Well-Known Member

    (hi,it's nice to see u guys again. >:])(i am going to start some strange threads)

    You're stuck in a room(big) with me for 6 days, there is a bed(2), tv(big), mysterious chest(bigger),
    video games(big box full), fridge with your favorite food(appears new food every day), and no doors or windows.
    This room is suspended in space and one day in the room is equal to 1 year outside, the lights turn off and on as the sun sets and rises. (The lights in the room imitate the sun)
    The mysterious chest contains anything that you request, so long as it can't break through the room.

    You're given a note with a message i'm unaware of that states", you may do anything your heart desires in this room. The health and well being of subject B(me) is does not matter, you can do anything and get away free of consequences. On the 7th day you will be released, with a 10 million in cash waiting for you at home.Next time read the fine print, it states that any attempt to create a portal out of the room will cause your balls to explode."

    Provide a 6 day scenario, with at least 1 sentence each.

  2. TheWolf
    • Donator

    TheWolf Surgeon of Death

    Considering i cang et away without consequences (and that i dont know you) i go with the following.
    1. I open that damn mysterious chest. No secrets in mah floating space-station-room thingy! Once that box is cleared of whatever was inside i use it to stash you inside of it (still alive in case you got worried) since you always want to watch tv or play video games.
    2. After a long an relaxing sleep without interruptions (since your still in that mysterious chest which turns out to be soundproof) i spend my day with eating and reading books i found in that chest.
    3. After remembering that i put you in the chest i decide to give you sth to eat so you wont starve and give you another try outside the chest. We play Blaze Blue all day and i own you :p
    4. More eating more gaming less reading.
    5. Since you got cranky from bad tv-shows and misfortune in gaming i put you back in the chest.
    6. I eat all that is left in the fridge.
  3. ProbeGst

    ProbeGst Well-Known Member

    note for 1.:you can get multiple things from your chest.
    what ever you need to do what you want is in the chest
    EDIT1: you can pull out more room/people, you can get out reaper, ability, justin bieber, most evil thing, warhammer 40k universe etc.
  4. Thermidor

    Thermidor Well-Known Member

    Well since the health and wellbeing of subject B doesn't matter:

    1. Pay 950 points to open mystery box. Get ray gun. Shoot you with ray gun. Play video games, eat and drink when hungry/thirsty. Sleep when sleepy.
    2. Play video games, eat and drink when hungry/thirsty. Sleep when sleepy.
    3. Play video games, eat and drink when hungry/thirsty. Sleep when sleepy.
    4. Play video games, eat and drink when hungry/thirsty. Sleep when sleepy.
    5. Play video games, eat and drink when hungry/thirsty. Sleep when sleepy.
    6. Play video games, eat and drink when hungry/thirsty. Sleep when sleepy.

    Sorry ProbeGst...

    Edit: I should also pull a usable toilet out of the chest as well.
  5. MissHumpz
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    • Community Leader

    MissHumpz NOTD Staff: Event Coordinator & Amazing Amazer

    So this chest, will give me anything I desire? Like unrealistic things, e.g. I wanna ride on a roller coaster thats hectic (therefore, how big is the room? Cause I srsly doubt a roller coaster is going to fit in a single room.) But you state that I may do anything my heart desires in this room.
    OR is it more like the mystery box from CoD Zombies that only provides more realistic things I can pick up out of it?

    Also, are you my bitch and will do anything I ask/say? :3
  6. Ramses II
    • Donator

    Ramses II Help, I can't change my title!

    Just shit in the chest. If you can make anything appear in the chest, you can make anything (shit) disappear from the chest.
  7. Reaper

    Reaper Moderator/The Crimsonrine

    Stuck in a room with someone (you) for 6 days with no means of escape? No consequences?... Oh this could be fun...

    Day 1: Convince my partner that I am fine with the situation and I'll get through it
    Day 2: Become a little tense and have random sessions of staring off into space
    Day 3: Become a lunatic. "These walls! They are closing in on me!"
    Day 4: Totally lose it! Have a nervous breakdown in the corner of the room, sit down clutching my legs rocking back and forth on the spot with a maniacal giggle.
    Day 5: Seem to have recovered. Mood becomes demure and dark. When asked if I am alright "The voices helped me, they told me many things"
    Day 6: Randomly start screaming for no reason and stop with no memory of it accusing my partner that he is losing when he accuses me.
    Day 7 (Maybe merge in with Day6): Pull out the Necronomicon from the chest and perform horrendous human experiments on my partner. Should he be near death or be trying to escape I'll pull an organ out of the chest... HIS CHEST!! When released, "I don't know what happened you guys, he just went totally crazy over the 7 days!"

    But then again Thermidors' plan works for me to :p
  8. spartanhija

    spartanhija Member

    1. Slay bodies
    2. Eat eyes for jujubees
  9. Pyromaniac

    Pyromaniac Well-Known Member

    1. open chest, acquire potion which will give myself abilities to transform
    2. recover period for almost inevitable side-effects of drinking something so powerful
    3. convince B that it was an exotic liquor that I was interested in
    4. Make random marks around the walls while B isn't looking, making him wonder if an animal is in the room
    5. Transform into a dragon
    6. ???
    7. Profit
  10. ProbeGst

    ProbeGst Well-Known Member

    it's like u guys really like to kill me? using ray gun, necro book, dragons?
  11. Ryan III

    Ryan III Well-Known Member

    1. Pull out a gun from chest and shoot myselF.
    2. -DEAD-
    3. -DEAD-
    4. -DEAD-
    5. -DEAD-
    6. I come back to life via necromancer.

    Is this less insulting ProbeGst? :p
  12. ProbeGst

    ProbeGst Well-Known Member

    Day 1. Pull out oxygen tanks for the both of us that will last 7days just in case.
    Day 2: Pretty much just having the time of my life with all the money and games, and possibly getting to know you if you're sane and maybe i like you.
    Day 3: Get high, watch random movie, and eat my favorite food.
    Day 4: Pull the sexiest girl I could imagine out of that chest.
    Day 4.2:Bang her
    Day 5:play Video games and Watch movies from the box.(there is infinte amount of movies
    Day 6: Get out a special notebook, which change the universe in your favor.(starcraft universe, Diablo, Warhammer, naruto, one piece etc.)
    Day 7:Make sure to take out a teleportation device and a time machine from the chests, keeping the chests I have.
    Use the devices to return back to my home before I get stuck in the room, use a Time machine to prevent ever going into the room.
    Live my life with anything I could desire from the infinite amount of chests I have.
  13. spartanhija

    spartanhija Member

    Sounds legit ^
  14. Arturia

    Arturia Well-Known Member

    Day 1: Drink potion, develop abilities that allow me the ability to manipulate reality how I please.

    Day 2: Create a device that changes you (ProbeGst) into a respectable, tolerable human being, including fixing your grammar and making your sentences more understandable.

    Day 3: Interact with the new respectable, tolerable human being and maybe establish a friendship.

    Day 4: Pull out Semiramis from the chest to entertain ProbeGst on the condition that Semiramis doesn't bother me; Semiramis has a few items with her.

    Day 5: Enjoy the day indulging in severe delusions, and note the relationship between Semiramis and ProbeGst, noting that ProbeGst should be very traumatized by Semiramis.

    Day 6: Develop Space travel technology and create a new planet between Earth and Mars that happens to be habitable; said planet is rich in resources and animals that just so happen to be very hostile and durable.

    Day 7: Develop Powered exo-skeletons that are superior to modern technology but are still somewhat sub-par against the creatures that inhabit the New Planet; check up on just how traumatized (or dead) ProbeGst is.
  15. Zuriel

    Zuriel Well-Known Member

    I will use the box to create a portal for you to escape.
    Your balls explode.
  16. Peerawatz
    • Development Team

    Peerawatz NOTD Staff: Sound Mixer and NOTD Troll Chieftain

    Day 1 : Builds an Ion Cannon Satellite and fires it on China with a special detection that only kills chinese n00bs who infest SEA servers of any games on Earth, this includes my partner IF he is chinese, and is a noob, then he will be purged.

    Day 2 : Create a realm where I ruled it (while still inside this room) and called my self Peer Khan, then invented a mortal kombat tournament that involves every possible heroes and villians I know of, the victor of the tournament gets to start the tournament again with his stats intacted (aka NG+)

    Day 3 : Considering this partner is not killed in #1, turn him into a girl (If one is not already a girl), then havving fun with her, then turn her into a guy, and turn myself into a girl, then repeat these steps until the end of the day.

    Day 4 : Make NOTD 3 : The Attacks of the Angry Alien Panda, and make it one of the most successful of Starcrat II : Legacy of the Void that I personally make it being released b4 HOTS

    Day 5 : Manipulate reality and turn this day to 6 as I'm getting bored of being too awesome.

    Day 6 : Is no more, as it has been consumed by hatred (Yes I am D3 Demon Hunter)

    Day 7 : Create a super omega anti-galactic plasma Infidel Remover X-31750 that will be used to fire on the cursed idiot that lock me in this room, calculations show that the probability that this idiot will survive the blast is....ZERO PERCENT.
  17. ComradeHX

    ComradeHX Well-Known Member

    I was so sure it was the Brazilians huehuehuehuehue.
  18. SkullCapp

    SkullCapp Well-Known Member

    Day 1: Get infinite amount of root beers. Play video games while you're in chest, suspended in time.
    Day 2: Get more root beers. Play more video games.
    Day 3: Get more root beers. Play more video games.
    Day 4: Get more root beers. Play more video games.
    Day 5: Get more root beers. Play more video games.
    Day 6: Get more root beers. Play more video games. Forgetting to let you out of chest before day 6 is over.

    Day 7: Out of room with the chest with you still inside, suspended in time. Still get more root beers.
  19. spartanhija

    spartanhija Member

    Soak myself in pagan blood, and journey to the planet between mars and earth and feed the bodies to the overmind.
    Search for diablo's lair on the planet, guided by the hostile wildlife in some kind of ludicris mind control that enables us to have an orgy in a cloud all whilst shooting fire arrows at civilians with my mind.
    Search quickly for a restroom to relieve myself.
    Smoke more crack so I dont wakeup and realize im in jail instead of planet "x" .
    Find diablo and destroy him, taking his harlots with me where I please.
    Launching a nuke towards the moon, riding on it to get to the moon to destroy the evil spider queen that lives there.

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