will notd2 have separate wiki ?

Discussion in 'NOTD 2 Discussion' started by unknown soldier, Jan 4, 2014.

  1. I was wondering whether notd2 will have a separate wiki or just adding pages and categories to the existing wiki.
    The reason I am asking is if it is the latter then it would be a good idea that thermidor and I start organising the wiki as we would have tons of work ahead
  2. Commlink
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    Hard to say from my point of view some stuff is brand new to notd2 like my models, campaign etc while others are interwined with notd1 such as universe the UGC, the heart and soul of a class is staying, but will be developed different with tweaks, stats and what not.
    If you do 2 separate pages people will be going back and fourth alot with crosss referencing differences, but if its all on same page you can split it into paragraphs and better define it.

    Thats just me though im sure kith or another dev/admin will give feedback as well.
  3. Kith
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    I doubt it. It's not too terribly difficult to make a series wiki for two different games. The Borderlands wiki did it just fine.
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    I think having one wiki is better for the reasons above. Plus, I think having two wikis would actually be more work because a lot of the templates, pages and policy pages would have to be re-written (copy/paste will only be viable to a certain extent).
  5. Ability
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    Agree - let's keep it on one wiki.
  6. Commlink
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    If you need possible clean close ups of different armour parts or sets/weapons let me know i'll be happy to provide what images you need. I'm not working on the enemies so getting screen shoots of them would depend on whats being used.
  7. Lord NiteShade
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    When NOTD2 goes into public release and NOTD1 is officially finished updating and in its final release state, I'll have to go through and properly sort everything, lock pages we are 100% confident are accurate, and begin updating everything and its grandmother while integrating NOTD2 features and content. I like our current google ranking, and I dont want to lose that, that and I see no reason to start over fresh given how easy Wikia makes it to change/remove things.

    Pretty much all info has changed over the 2 years I've been absent, HOTS and Blizzard patches have altered some stuff behind the scenes, NOTD has no doubt been patched 100 times, and I'm betting I and much of the community are not 100% confident on well, anything. When this time comes I might just request a copy of the map so I can pick stuff directly out of the editor and avoid speculation and misconception (which I'm aware there is some outdated/speculated info on the wiki. I've also noticed stuff thats been altered/become obsolete since last I checked). I'm not up to speed with either the map or the editor, hell I dont even own HOTS, so I'm not going to bother figuring it out on my own yet.

    I'm going to basically need to remake templates, layouts, and whatnot both to match art style and theme changes for NOTD2, but also because literally everything on the wiki is build on super outdated wikiscript from like 2011. All the Facebook/forums/news/whatever crap is also so outdated it hurts, and I'll have to see if I can integrate some kind of live stream where forum/website posts can be added to the wiki in real time.

    If anyone would like to get started early, either adding NOTD2 related stuff or just overhauling everything else, you can message me wherever (or tell Kith) and I can grant you administrator rights. I'll also need to rewrite all the legal crap like the fair use policy, to comply with whatever trademarks, copyrights, and ownership applies to new media (backgrounds, models, blizzard owned shit, etc) that will be part of NOTD2. At the moment I believe we are still use a general fair use policy that may not cover everything.

    My hope is when its all done is the new main page will out what the game is, the story, characters, etc. Visually I like the layout of the borderlands wiki quite a bit, so it will probably be similar to that, but with more pretty pictures and less text clutter. Anyways, the main page will be split into two relative halves, top half covering NOTD2 and current news, bottom half covering NOTD1. From there everything will be broken down into two big master categories "NOTD1/NOTD2" and from there all the relevant sub categories. Getting in on the ground floor "should" make it easier to keep track of NOTD2 as new content is added or things get patched/phased out, whereas NOTD1 we were already 1.5~ years into the game and starting from square 1.

    Oh yeah, and "Hi."
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  8. squish

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    Goddess, welcome back, NiteShade! You've been sorely missed.
  9. OMG! NiteShade is back! And he replied to my humble thread :)
    Now to the serious stuff, consider me your left hand (i guess thermidor is your right) i can help with updating, cross referencing, i know some source coding (not much) and i am interested in building our wiki. If you need anything, Then give me a message.
    PS: :( why did you beat me to the reply squish?
  10. squish

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    Be...cause... you were 23 minutes late?
  11. Kith
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    The good news is, NOTD 2's weapons have already been outlined, as have many of its Infested enemies. You folks have plenty to do, it seems.
  12. Shooz
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    So LampShade is back and he's going to start working on the wiki huh? Good deal.

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