Why Notd is Dying?

Discussion in 'NOTD Discussion' started by civilcondor, Oct 15, 2015.

  1. civilcondor

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    One of the reason is vetaran players (nm players i mean) do not play pub games. i have been playing pub games after last bug cause some classes are broken and hard to play nm games, also few nm players around. whatever, people still plays pub games, i saw many 0 xp players. but no1 helps them during game and they die quick or dunno what to do. and probably they think game is not worth to play. i saw some nm players around but they do not help or tell ppl what to do. they quit at start if many 0 xp in game or trolling during game. now i am telling new players what to do in game and they appriciate it, and see them later another game. if you want to play nm games you need to recruit new people. ignoring them is killing game.
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  2. stanK

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    Multiple reasons why NOTD is dying... its stupid to pin point at one particular reason and say "its the root of all evil". Here's just a few things I'm familiar with:
    1) The number of new SC2 players is decreasing dramatically
    2) Old players quit and have no incentive to come back
    3) Lack of ANY development or new content whatsoever to draw attention of new SC2 players
    4) Unfixed game-breaking bugs
    5) Incredibly poor player learning experience
    6) Game balance problems / whatever-people-rage about on the forum

    Its funny that you wrote this post just as I'm out of pub (with a bunch of newbies) that I did to kill time. And I saw arcanePariahs desperate attempt to lead a pub team to victory yesterday. Both of them failed -- main reason -- no tank.

    In those games there were many 0 xp players that asked questions. Most of the things that they asked were basic stuff like "how do i know where teammates are", "how do i save progress", "should i use gpr", "how do I get xp", "why don't stat points work" (oh boy i heard this one a gazillion times). But NONE of them asked critical questions like "whats a good consistent strategy to beat this boss" or "where should we go at this point in game" simply because they were all newbies. The regular pub heroes used to fill in this gap. Without regulars this game plays just like it played years ago on KR server: you join a pub game, wait for 20-30 minutes and you either lead or team dies.
    So it was a matter of time this came to NA really, its not as bad as KR yet, but just wait a bit more.

    One of the most funny situations happened to me years ago however, which i now tell anyone who complains about "veterans not teaching newbies". I joined a pub. I helped a person to: 1) pick a gun, 2) use ammo, 3) use skills. I got shot dead before Eos. Yeah....
  3. David

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    I probably spent over half my NOTD life in pub. For the first 1.5-2 years of play I would comprehensively teach people the game. Honestly, this had very little yield as there is too much to teach and most of the newbies were quickly overwhelmed with the information. This lead me to try a more minimalist approach which highlighted the basics and learning the EC pub route -- despite modifying the method not much changed.

    The majority of SC2 arcade players don't care enough about deep-content games like NOTD to want to really learn them. A lot of arcade players are looking for quick and dirty games with lower learning curves to pass some free time. I found that my passion for the game and desire to teach everyone how to play usually resulted in me butting heads with them as they got angry from me trying to "tell them what to do". This really became the tipping point where I decided it wasn't worth the effort for almost no yield (also because my victory wasn't contingent on anyone else).

    It really is a niche game which targets a small population of the arcade (albeit a loyal and extremely dedicated set of people). I believe a lot of people enjoy casually trying the game out here and there because they can acknowledge how well the game is made and enjoy the premise. However, only a handful will decide they will make it one of their primary games (not to mention competition from the mainstream games like LoL, CS:GO). There is a certain mindset of player it attracts. Personally, I've played some of the same computer games for 5-10 year spans. I got so good at the games I derived my fun from the fact that I could execute perfect play and knew the deep nuances of the game. This is the kind of mindset most of our community was comprised of. These days not many people care to dedicate years of their life to mastering a game. Unfortunately as all the old vets from my era retired there weren't enough dedicated young ones to fill the void.
  4. Kith
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    NOTD is dying because it's over five years old and we're trying to make something better from scratch so we're not held back by the original's technical debt. It was previously on life support while we were still administering patches, but this practice was discontinued due to cutting into NOTD 2's development time.

    We really do appreciate the dedication and attention that the community has given NOTD over the years, but honestly, it's a waste of valuable time to try and upkeep.
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  6. Tantric Vigilante

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    Most people got bored and found better things to do with their time. Even if you are down to rock out a nightmare mode with newbie noobs (who knoob) and they have a good time, there's no guarantee they will have the inclination or free time to play in the future.

    This new chat systems is not helping at all tho.

    Eyes welling with tears, and forever traumatized he solemnly vowed This will never happen again.

    Also want to add in, adding in lower xp players have been lucrative in terms of medals and player development: I've been able to get gold dsm without even trying, and the "bad" players I kept inviting improved to average- while they were still around.
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  7. stanK

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    And that's why i never ever teach anyone any more and shoot to kill every 0xp player I see. This will NEVER happen again :D
  8. Tantric Vigilante

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    Careful, don't give them any ideas now.

    Although one reason people haven't quit (that I've met yet) are hacked bank users. If anybody finds one of these unicorns, point them my way please.
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  9. Yukitaka Oni

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    notd is dying?
    -Better Blame Blaqk v)x.o)>
  10. Yukitaka Oni

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    Let's help them by...using them as a meat shield v)x.o)>
  11. Stereo
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    Stop necro-posting.
  12. ozzy

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    Maybe I will come back but the queue times are long in public games and it takes long to organize full nightmare games

    It is one of the best survival games and I want to play it but there are other games with short queues

    I can only make the game load a little faster by returning

    It is not easy to advertise something that is in the Starcraft arcade

    The queue times are long because players like me left the game for other things more competitive

    If I have hope then I will return for what I remember was the missing link

    Till all are one
  13. Blaqk
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    This has always been my largest concern. Our success is largely dependent on SC2's which is now in its sixth year, and accessing our game is a convoluted process from an outside perspective. I have plenty of advertising ideas for when we reach a marketable stage of NOTD 2's development but directing people to it, especially those who may not already play Blizzard games (a shrinking number thanks largely to Hearthstone and Overwatch), is a dreadful affair.
  14. Drunk

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    I'm sure the community will work out that problem once you guys make enough development progress to give it more replay value. If I recall correctly, NOTD 1 also gained popularity mainly from the community, while Blizzard promoted only after seeing its growth.
  15. Yukitaka Oni

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    The package about Nova mission is the only hope Starcraft community still growing, mod must take the shot to fix notd 1 and finish notd 2 fast if they want to get the most of the players. Once Nova mission package is done, there will be few months before the whole community is dying.
  16. stanK

    stanK Member

    Yep, sc2 golden age is over. And even if DLC's manage to stabilize a loyal sc2 fanbase, NOTD is a very niche game, so nobody is really counting on that to help. After blaqks post I got curious -- is there a SINGLE vet player who came to NOTD from non-sc2 source?
  17. Crazed

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    I played a lot of NOTD a couple years back. I moved to Europe a couple months ago and there's no community on the Euro server. But even before on NA, it seemed like some of the regulars were very rude to new players. It's understandable to get mad at a noob for fucking things up, but it also causes a lot of new players to never come back. At the time of writing, I've been sitting in a game I've hosted for at least 20 mins without anyone coming in. I think people these days are afraid of trying something new. I remember back in the Broodwar days UMS/arcade games were way more popular.
  18. Stereo
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    Or they tried it once and thought that NOTD is not a game that fancied their interest. I have played games only once and judged them on that experience alone, some lasting as short as 2 minutes. Some people love some games and hate others.

    Also, NA pubs are active when NA players aren't asleep or at work. At least I think they are. I see a NOTD game open all the time.

    Not everything is the community's fault.
  19. Yukitaka Oni

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    Good old notd day......I miss it too
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