why not make the old NOTD (WOL) available for starter edition

Discussion in 'NOTD Discussion' started by unknown soldier, Jul 31, 2013.

  1. i have been thinking about this thing for some time since the 4th of July when NOTD was available for starter edition , what prevents the developers from making the old NOTD available for starter edition although this has lots of good things
    1 more players so no need to switch region just to find a game
    2 easier to find errors as more players>>>more errors found
    3 the community would grow larger
    4 when starter edition buy the game they will try the new NOTD as they had fun with the one in starter edition ( i do not think that it was a coincidence that the 3 games who won the last competition by blizzard were on starter edition during 4th of july and the number 1 winner is always present)
    1 more work has to be done due to the increased number of players which may cause trolling

    this is all the cons i can think of the rest are up to the developers

    to SUM up i think that if the decision to make the game is in your hands then do it if not ask blizzard to do it it would bring you a lot of profit
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    We are not in a position to simply make NOTD available for the Starter Edition. However, there has been a lot of deliberation on if NOTD should actually be upgraded to HOTS - obviously, we have not yet upgraded it yet, despite the loading screen stating that we planned on doing so.

    The most that we would get out of upgrading to HOTS are art assets, because recreating the abilities in HOTS is a relatively simple task. The units and bosses in NOTD are rather iconic, and I'm unsure if they should be changed simply because the HOTS units are new and shiny.
  3. I am sure you are not in that position i am just saying that you should just contact blizzard about that and try to convince them when the new NOTD comes out i am not saying now i just say that when the new one comes out try to contact someone in blizzard who is in a position that can do that

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