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Discussion in 'Online Operations' started by zander, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. zander

    zander Member

    what is this??? when ever i try to access the forums from some computers like my school and sometimes at home it pops up
  2. ArcturusV

    ArcturusV New Member

  3. Ryan III

    Ryan III Well-Known Member

    Some schools resrit access to some websites but I'm not sure if it's that. The fact that it happens at ur home is against what I just said so I'm not sure
  4. Mirage
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    Mirage ಠ_ಠ What are you looking at?

    Arcturus is right here, its the lack of http:// and while it doesn't seem to be needed on chrome, its automatically hidden and added because chrome is a good browser ;<
  5. ArcturusV

    ArcturusV New Member

    Nah, he's using the old link which was forum.notdstarcraft.com/index.php

    Which doesn't work anymore from my understanding.

    Also firefox does the same with with autoadding the http://
  6. Mirage
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    Mirage ಠ_ಠ What are you looking at?

    Though the lack of http issue can be fixed by ability or earendil (Or whoever has hostgator CPanel access)
  7. Blaqk
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    Blaqk NOTD Staff: Bugs, Pugs, and Scruggs

    You have to be really determined to type in the wrong link to the old forum. The only way you can go wrong is if you add "/index.php" or if you still have it bookmarked. I have actually changed it so that even if you go to http://forum.notdstarcraft.com it will just redirect you to http://www.notdstarcraft.com/forum as it should. This solves the cookie bug that prevented you from logging in and numerous other things.

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