What happens after Apollo? [And questions not about Apollo]

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    First of all, I have a few questions, if you guys feel like discussing them, go for it. I am working on a fanfic(s?), but don't expect anything soon. This is a brainchild that I have been thinking about off and on for a year. So, some of these questions will help me get started with how they're answered. Others I just want to know. (If this turns into a "You'll have to write it", I am gonna have to hold off on the brainchildren more...)

    I attempted to put them in chronological order.

    If anyone has a list of major characters [even minor?], their actions, and then how things leave off with them, that'd be greeeaaat. Even better if they were labeled in each storyline as a spoiler... (Also anything else they think would help?)

    How does the infection spread? Why are we immune? Power armor, magik, actual immunity?

    What allows the infestation to spread and get so bad before anyone does anything, or anyone actually tries to stave its spread? Where does it start/originate (Biological weapon, moon madness)? How does it make it to Apollo if the other, smaller colonies, were first?

    [I thought there was a mention of the sister colonies going dark first, and a detachment sent from Apollo that never came back. What happened to the sister colonies and the detachment? Infestation?]

    What happens to Easy Company after Eos? Sure, they're heralded as heroes on Earth, but didn't someone try to, i'unno, kill them? Like a government official? Are they eventually killed off after the incident to prevent their stories from coming out? What about their stories would be damaging to the UGC?

    Why do the Black Ops not kill Alpha Company? It is established that they're returning in NOTD2 as a boss. So, to what reason were they allowed to live? What were they shown that they align themselves with the UGC Black Ops (I assume Black Ops. Or someone's personal henchmen)? Were they brainwashed/had their compliance chips cranked up to max? Psi-ops hot wire?

    Why is the Apollo Security team killed at the end? What did they see/hear that merited their deaths at the hands of the Black Ops? (If the point is so that their stories cannot contradict the one the government puts out, what is the government's story? Their motivations? Wouldn't the Sec Team make a better "coming out on top against all odds" story for their military build up?)

    What comes after Easy Company? There are still the 4(?) sister colonies, and then the underground complexes to Apollo and those smaller colonies (Debatable for the smaller ones, as I am pretty sure they are not really fleshed out, they just sort of... exist.) If there were a prologue to NOTD2 that took place after Apollo but before Eden, who would be our protagonists? What are the repercussions to this event? (Political, economic, etc.)

    [I have honestly had a few ideas about this of my own, mainly with who is cleaning up Apollo and the sister colonies after the Apollo events. I may decide to go through with my "Janitor Company" idea before going into my other project. Its focus would be one of the smaller colonies and cleaning it of the infestation, probably after Apollo is back up and running.]

    What happens to Sheng after the Apollo incident? He is there for Sec, AC, and EC. Why is he spared by the BOps, but not Sec (And not recruited by the BOps [I assume that AC was recruited]?) Is he an agent of someone's? It is mentioned he as a particular drug issue that no one likes to talk about, but why bother mentioning this?

    The following are not so much related to lore, as they are just questions about things within the lore.

    The Compliance Nexi are a semi-central figure in the events of Apollo. What is the extent of their abilities? Can they straight up brain wash people to kill each other? Or is its maximum capability to just regulate and keep things down with a lid? Are they a mostly autonomous system [HAL?], or do they require constant monitoring? What is their influence on Earth?

    So HAL wants to live, we know that. Is it too far to speculate that she aligns herself (or makes an uneasy truce) with the Rebels? Or is it a "Machines are more predictable than humans" thing? (What if the Rebels succeeding in bringing down the UGC [Or taking over Mars again] is HAL's goal? Then living beside them? I'unno...)

    Who even are the Rebels? Are they a massive force, or a smaller rag-tag group of freedom fighters? What is their motivation? (Key figures? Ogilvy?)

    Who the hell is Ogilvy, and why is he any bit relevant? Or Ivan for that matter.

    Why does HAL, after becoming self aware, immediately decide that she wants to live? Why not go through with attempting to stave the infestation? It is what she was supposed to do, right?

    Why do they insist on only sending 8 people? Or, in the lore, is there an actual company of people?

    What is the thing that "threatens civilization" that the BOps refer to? (Or was this never really expanded upon, and just thrown there...?)
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    Being saddled with the writing of NOTD 2, I can answer these.

    It's left intentionally ambiguous in NOTD, but in NOTD 2 it's the direct result of the Infestor known as Charlie. As far as NOTD 2 is concerned, the Infestation spreads by Infestors spreading parasites (both microscopic and the cat-sized worms that are actual enemies) that infest and mutate biological matter.

    In NOTD, it was due to the Compliance Nexuses. Turns out keeping an entire population docile means things like these can run rampant.

    It's implied in NOTD that it was engineered by the various Doctors. For what reason is never explained.

    Apollo had significant underground structures (referenced by Lt. Sheng), the parts of the city that the players see is only a small fraction of the actual colony.

    Modern social media can spread a story like wildfire in hours, so the Space Future social media can probably do so in minutes - the UGC didn't even try to cover it up for the sake of saving face. Easy Company did receive a debriefing on why the Black Ops attacked them, but beyond that they're still around. A member of Easy Company will appear in NOTD 2's story.

    The Compliance Nexuses. Popular opinion is that they were directly responsible for the Infestation progressing to the point that it did - the colonists were not able to fight back, so things rapidly spiraled out of control. In reality the ability to fight back wouldn't have helped much, but the UGC decided to just do away with Compliance Nexuses to prevent large-scale revolt instead of attempting to convince its citizens that Compliance Nexuses were "for their own good."

    The Black Ops didn't kill Alpha Company because Alpha Company trusted them. As for what Alpha Company was shown, that has yet to be revealed.

    Black Ops has multiple sub-factions within itself. The Black Ops that killed the Apollo Security Team were not necessarily under the same flag that the Black Ops that approached Alpha Company.

    After Apollo, the UGC Military arrived in force and engaged in a full-scale cleanup operation. The various player groups had already done the majority of the heavy lifting in terms of killing the really huge and really dangerous stuff, so it was mostly just confined to throwing Firebats at everything that was gross until the problem went away.

    The protagonists of such a story would likely be a detachment of mechanized infantry tasked with burning off any remaining creep and taking tissue samples of spires.

    Sheng did not survive the Alpha Company storyline, and died during the gassing incident. Sheng does not appear in Easy Company.

    Compliance Nexuses prevent aggressive behavior (which does not require technical precision), but can be tuned to full-on brainwashing (which does). The influence of CNs can be resisted, but it requires a strong will.

    HAL is aligned with HAL. After Apollo, she just wants to be left alone - she's heard enough science fiction about humans vs machines, and she just doesn't want to deal with humans anymore. She (or a copy of her) appears in a NOTD 2 storyline and has a major role.

    The Rebels are colonists who are dissatisfied with the UGC's treatment of the various mining colonies. Basically, it's along the lines of the same reason that Great Britain and the United States went to war in 1775 - the colonies started getting fed up with getting screwed financially and ethically by their masters.

    Ogilvy is a descendant of the Ogilvy that appeared in Night of the Dead: Aftermath. He's a metallurgist who designed the alloy used in the Assault's heavy armor. Beyond being a survivalist with a shotgun who happened to be around at the time of the Apollo Incident, there's not much else to him.

    Ivan is a member of the Rebel militia who just happens to be more badass than most of them. He blames the Infestation (and rightly so) on the various Doctors, which is why he kills Bergmann at the end of Easy Company.

    Because she's seen and heard enough stories about machine vs man where the machine doesn't win, or is considered too dangerous to live. She's terrified of humans and doesn't want anything to do with them, so she tried to kill the ones that were an immediate threat and then flee. In a sense, she succeeded.

    Fireteams are typically composed of 4 individuals, and a full squad is composed of 2 to 3 fireteams. It's not unusual for squads to be sent ahead of the main force to provide reconnaissance and initial combat operations. The reason that the remainder of Easy Company didn't show up is because they were tied up with Infested attacking them. Whether that means they were just fighting or getting eaten is up to interpretation.

    The Infestation.
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    The infection is actually the result of an asteroid that passes close to the moon one fateful day, and it doesn't hone in on humans specifically, just gives life to inanimate objects. As dead bodies just so happen to be inanimate objects, welp. Think about it: It is impossible for there to be wind, so how do the flags wave? answer-they have become living, pulsating tissue.
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    Oh wow, I wasn't expecting to get anything soon from this. If I had known you were the guy to go to, I would have just bugged you in a convo. Thought Ability was going to be the dude to take care of this, seeing how some of his stuff is up and floating around. Thanky~

    A few other things, and maybe a few other things as time passes.

    What happened to the first detachments from Apollo? What about the sister colony outbreaks (if there even was one for them) was different from Apollo?

    Is it possible that in some way shape or form, someone saw the Sec Team die? Did they die as forgotten heroes, or do people even know their names? (Is it possible in any way that any of them survived? Psi Ops brains them, and they join the rebels?)
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    I was going to work on the Forward Observer and decided this was more important.

    From or to? "From" means Sec Team, and you saw what happened to them. "To" means Alpha Company, and... you also saw what happened to them. As for all of the minor NPC fighters in the background, they died or got turned into Infested Marines.

    Mostly just weird things growing all over the place and minor Infested entity activity. Apollo was the hotbed because it had underground tunnels where things could flourish secretly and the Queen could incubate a ton of eggs.

    HAL "did" in the sense that the copy sent to Mars viewed the available files on the Apollo Incident after the fact and caught a glimpse of Black Ops killing them.

    They were hailed as heroes posthumously, along with the rest of the forces in Apollo. The knowledge that Black Ops was responsible for killing them and that the majority of the forces in and around Apollo were turned into Infested Marines was quietly shoved swept under the rug.

    This is the only question I'm not allowed to answer.
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    - 1.OBJECTION! On the other thread niteshade said the black ops didn't show anything to alpha team, they just kill alpha team! Even when the first time i played with you i ask the same question!
    - 2.am a fanfic too and i would like to ask what's everyone gonna do now when they find out senetor is the one behind all of this? Hunt? Keep this secret?
    -3.do you have any hope planning for notd 3? Well you know? Cleaning the mess and the leader who make this crazy outbreak?
    - code name: snow eagle
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    While I love Niteshade, he's not an official source.
    Senator Wilkins managed to weasel out of being officially culpable for the Apollo Incident. However, he was later assassinated by a rebel with a rocket launcher while he was giving a speech on the matter.
    Not right now, no. However, I have planted several sequel hooks in NOTD 2's storyline, so it would be fairly easy to pick up if we decided to do so.
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    I didn't give enough information, soory.

    I mean, when the sister colonies ceased communications, what happened to the security teams Apollo who were sent to investigate said blackout? How many were sent? (What would they have had for equipment? Were they expecting them to be UGC staging areas after they rebelled?)
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    They got ate. They're either mush to be made into Agrons or they're Infested Marines, depending on how ate they got.
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    How exactly does an Agron come together? Mass grave/dying/corpse pile? What about the infestation allows them to turn into an Agron? Are they supposed to be something like Stitches, but there wasn't a model to illustrate this ingame? Stalkers? (Same deal, no model to convey "actual" appearance?) [Mush? Are they manufactured by Queens?]

    What does "how" they got ate have to do with them turning? Is it sort of like "You can make an Infested 'Rine from a full corpse, but not 1/4 a corpse."?

    (What is the role of a Queen for the infestation? Are the cocoons in the AL supposed to be colonists mutating further, or are they str8 making new zombies from pieces of corpses left around?)

    In the everyday life, do the CNs turn everyone into really passive/submissive? What kind of will (Or an example of someone who does have said will) to break through it? What happens when someone does? Do the CNs alert authorities? Do incredibly strong sudden onsets of emotion "break" the safeguards? (Seeing your wife with a neighbor, hooligans shot yer doggy, etc.)

    Who is excluded from the CNs? (What happens to people who are not chipped?)

    What is the role of Psi-Ops as a non-combatant? (Interrogation, information gathering?) Is it only possible for other Psions to resist? Strong willed people?

    From the point of view of a survivor, what happens at the very beginning? Like, ground zero. ("Dood turned to the chick next to him and sank his teeth in her, so I gtfo dodge." "Sick bays filled to the brim and suddenly corpses started coming back to life." "Was working in the mines when suddenly there was shouting, screaming.")

    What is Nazara???

    Edit: What is the difference between what the Security Teams have for equipment, and the UGC Military? (Sec vs EC + AC in terms of weapons. Barring gameplay, what would there be? [I feel like no security team needs a flamethrower].)
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    Agrons are the result of heavily mutated wildlife. The Infestation took some form of quadrupedal animal and turned it into a fighting machine.

    Becoming an Infested Marine involves a body mutating while still within the confines of the power armor.

    The Queen is basically a Super Infestor, who has bypassed making Parasites that infest things and gone straight into the rapid incubation of monsters.

    The white cocoons are empty Parasite eggs. The green and yellow cocoons are incubation pods for Infested colonists.

    No, it just makes the thought of direct physical confrontation untenable.

    It doesn't require an IRON WILL or anything excessive like that, just basic determination can break the hold. For most it requires concentrated effort, but some people can do so without thinking.

    Being angry enough can break through the CN effect, which is why the separatists visited Apollo in an attempt to rouse the population into action (mentioned at the start of Easy Company).

    Chipped individuals are excluded from the effect of Compliance Nexuses. The ones that are simply don't experience the effects.

    Depends on the individual. Not all Psi-Ops are equal.

    Psionic individuals are just as susceptible to the effects of Compliance Nexuses as normal people. However, they often have training that involves controlling their emotions, so they are likely to be able to resist it better.

    This is mentioned in the beginning portions of Easy Company. The Infestation started as a slow-incubating illness and strange biological growths appearing around the affected areas which most people brushed off as industrial waste.

    A mystery that has yet to be addressed.

    Security Team is not authorized to carry heavy armaments because they're security guards, so they are equipped with Pistols by default. Should the situation require, the majority of their heavy firepower is stashed in the Armory (which was scattered either by civilian looters or other Sec Team elements).
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    Does this mean that plants could mutate? (There are spines, but I feel the need to ask anyway. Maybe they're burrowed scorpions or some shiz, y'know?) [Trees?]
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    Yes, it's possible for plants to mutate. They don't do much, though.
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    ----> glance at niteshade, welp. History fanfic fill with lie, his true will be the true only if he lives and blaqk dies, lel
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    Is it ever explicitly said how many security personnel are stationed in Apollo/the sister colonies?
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

  17. Yukitaka Oni

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    So Psi Ops... Are they a branch of the Black Ops? Or are they their own separate entity? (Part of the Security Teams? Are they that in excess that they can be used for such?)

    Why are Psi Ops even present on Apollo? Are they investigating something? Premonition about what is about to happen?
  19. Kith
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    No, they're not part of the Sec Team.

    They're just there. Nobody's really sure why.
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    Did the black ops that killed security team is the same with the one trying to kill easy company?
    - what about ivan and ogi after finish bergmann? Arrested? Or just being considered as survivors? Maybe become a hero?

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