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    If we take Victory screen as summary of the important things(things with impact on game) that happened during game then it should contains these:
    1. Picked classes and trees(reaching tier 3).
    2. Amount of dropped mags/Amount of picked mags/Amount of used mags - APM/ADM*100 percentual scouting effectiveness, (APM-AUM)/APM*100 percentual usage effectiveness(Aim is to use the least amount of mags possible=>effective damage).
    3. Total number of saved civs. Civs trigged/Civs rescued*100 percentual saving effectiveness.
    4. Civs lost(Cos possibility of civs alive but not saved).
    5. Picked storyline(A/B for ac/sec).
    6. Boss fight time - how fast u can kill boss.
    7. Ivax drop.
    8. Bought items.
    9. Weapon mods used.
    10. Hits taken.
    11. Damage taken.
    12. Lvl reached, Marine xp gained.
    13. Marine xp gained(Possibly -xp for completing missions)/kills.
    14. Missions(Objectives) done(10 of 12).
    15. Damage dealt by weapons/used mags.
    16. All things already containing.
    17. Amount of dropped and found epic items.
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    Simple logic suggests that extended statistics given on the last screen should be accessible during the game by some -command.
    It would be nice if both -command and the output were hidden from the other players.
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    How about all the medals you earn show up like they used to? And yes, they actually did used to show up. All of them. Screenshot2011-12-16 23_27_39.jpg
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