Veteran mode: Does it lazy?

Discussion in 'NOTD Discussion' started by Yukitaka Oni, Jan 21, 2016.

  1. JohnyM

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    Aint Vet mode just like low sq NM?
  2. Ramses II
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    Not really. There are additional mechanics added when you go from recruit to normal and then more mechanics when you go to nightmare. The biggest of which are nydus worms, black map, and ely at normal and then double reloads and charge added at nm. Vet is high sq normal, with the only changes being spawn rate and hp.

    The only outlier is menoetes, who comes in at a specific sq regardless of additional factors (recruit/nm).

    It makes vet significantly more forgiving and provide for more soloing, provided you can deal with huggers.
  3. JohnyM

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    Hmm i dunno about VET, but low sq NM games are problematic cause of character lvling. Late lvl 3 taunt @ mine, late resto time, lite refresher for con <-and can mean game over / heavy slowdown. I can imagine its even more problematic with VET.
  4. Stan

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    We actually had a vet game last month with just 4 ppl. Vet is waaaaay easier than nm, probably because of less spawns and absence of charge. I think, it only adds huggers as additional challenge and well, yeah reduced map vision, but map doesn't matter except for hugs and hugs don't matter if nobody goes soloing stuff. And I don't remember the mechanic for eli to replace tart, but no eli either.
  5. Yukitaka Oni

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    I usually solo vet etc using demo and I can confirmed that no hugger will be spawn (unless 1 fking thing......the first egg may have a few chance to spawn hugger: and he instantly hug me) but the rest is fine, run and gun. 2.5k rating and never spawn Eli, that mean Eli require more than 2 players. Hugger is also require at least 2 players

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