Unimplemented Version 1 Leveling System

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    Version 1 Leveling System
    Greed is a bad creed

    Historically, the co-op survival community has always had a problem with players hogging kills. It's the same story in every series: Night of the Dead, The Rising Dead, Undead Assault, SWAT, and likely countless others - players want to get as many kills as possible so their characters can gain experience to get levels so they can do cool things. Such a problem is not limited to the co-op survival community, either - League of Legends and DotA 2, two of the biggest MOBAs in the genre, all suffer from focusing as much experience into a single character as possible so they can carry the team to victory. It's a strategy that was borne from a flawed system cobbled together from the bones of the casual RPG elements of Warcraft III, and my goal was to circumvent NOTD 2 from falling prey to it as well.

    Initially, NOTD 2 was designed to counter the kill hogging mindset through equal, globally shared kill experience - there was no "hard carry" mindset because entire team leveled together. It wasn't about getting X class to Y ability anymore, it was more about the entire team progressing at once. While it was a good start, it didn't solve the whole problem - players still focused on getting as many kills as they could, just for the sake of leveling the team instead of just themselves.

    I won't pretend that I don't understand why this happens: killing things is fun. I've played plenty of Special Forces and ripped through thousands of enemies for hours because there's a certain entertainment value to trashing mobs and fighting bosses. However, NOTD as a series isn't supposed to be about getting as many kills as possible - it's supposed to be about teamwork and completing objectives. Having kills provide rewards, even if it's a team-wide reward, undermines that.

    NOTD 2's new leveling system is going to do away entirely with experience rewards for scoring kills. In its place, we will be implementing a handful of new systems to provide players with progression:

    Core Level Overhaul
    • Players start at Level 1.
    • Leveling up will only require 100 Experience regardless of current level.
    • Each level (including Level 1) provides the player with a Talent Point, which they can use to unlock Talents to upgrade their abilities.
    • Ultimates are able to be chosen at 7. Choosing an Ultimate does not require a Talent Point.
    • As each class has 12 Talents, the level cap will be 12.

    Passive Experience Gain
    Players will gain 1 Experience every:​
    • 6 seconds for Recruit
    • 8 seconds for Normal
    • 10 seconds for Nightmare
    Chapter Survival
    • Players will receive 100 Experience for progressing to Chapter 2, 3, 4, and 5 (for a total of 400 possible Experience).
    Main Missions
    • Completing a Main Mission successfully will grant the players 50 Experience each.
    • Failing a Main Mission will grant the players 20 Experience each.
    Side Missions
    • Recruit Difficulty cannot have Side Missions active.
    • Normal Difficulty will trigger 2 Side Missions randomly throughout the match.
    • Nightmare Difficulty will trigger 4 Side Missions randomly throughout the match.
    • Completing a Side Mission successfully will grand the players 50 Experience each.
    • Failing a Side Mission will grant no reward.
    Sub Missions
    • Completing a Sub Mission will reward players with 100 Experience.
    • There are only two Sub Missions: Charlie Hunt and Infested Caves.
    New Profile Progression: Rank Points, or RP
    • To reduce confusion, Rank XP is being renamed to Rank Points (RP for short).
    • This is just a renaming to address the common complaint that player experience and rank experience are often both referred to XP in shorthand. RP functions no differently from the previous version of profile progression tracking.

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