Venom & Antivenom vs Heal Beam

Discussion in 'NOTD Discussion' started by rockz, May 14, 2017.

  1. rockz
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    His post is to argue that AV and SL are useless since Venom, OW, and Cripple expire for free after 4-6 minutes and that it's more energy capacity efficient to use heal beam/nano weave to keep the player above 0 hp.
  2. ArchaicHonor

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    Typically I do use SL because I get a lot of bang for the energy. But at 50% effectiveness with AV, nearly same cost and higher stacks, it's not worth bothering with AV. I'd rather keep an eye on them and keep nearly fully energy.

    Getting AVed up at low levels is always bad, something bad happened and neither healbeam or AV are really all that great. But the difference is being able to kite and babysit in exchange for keeping more energy available. Weave is much better. I've been known to get that last 25xp few kills and weave people instead.
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  3. ArchaicHonor

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    You literally made up a #5 while ignoring that I said that already literally right after my list. Quote better.

    If someone facetanked that early, I don't care about losing speed, I care about preventing RM. And before Boss depends who is venomed, energy levels, time, mobs, etc. But generally yes, preventing likely death from boss mechanic(s) is wise. So is waiting 30 whole seconds for medic to regen energy, and cripple/etc to wear off. I don't get this obsession with speed over RM risk.

    We literally played a game where you as demo had full venom stacks, I kept you out of danger zone with weave and I had nearly full energy. You were in no danger of dying because I have to keep your shield full anyway. You seem to imply that if I have full energy and didn't massage your venom stacks, I'm not doing my job. I'm saying if I have full energy and you're out of danger, I AM doing my job. If you are not in danger of dying I have done my job, you are not entitled to more energy simply because it is there, there needs to be a better reason. Especially if the flow of the fight will continue to demand energy usage.

    I've watched so many medics run around SLing everything off, acquiescing to people screaming for AVs and opps, now he's dry and can't heal anyone now. In a taunt-less AC fight with less than perfect mando or two, healing AVs will get people killed. If my level-and-delay-until-weave strategy works with AC NC fights without cloak or taunt, then it's the better option period since it works under the most hellish circumstances. I didn't change my strat to be a jerk, AC forced me to re-eval how to medic.
  4. JohnyM

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    Didnt knew medic takes that much skill, always thought every idiot can play it.
  5. Stereo
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    Stereo Paper Boy

    they can play it, but can every idiot do their job? im too young and rifley to die.
  6. rockz
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    rockz Well-Known Member

    You mean the game where you had full energy and didn't heal TID so he died after we took 3 minutes to walk from BBQ to alpha because 2 people got hugged and luckily it wasn't you so you could keep me alive?

    I gave you math and you ignored it and my questions.
  7. ArchaicHonor

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    Yes, the where you kept turning around to shoot stuff even though you were the last one and I was keeping your shield up. Also typing to reply to your questioning. I wasn't expecting mando to stand in front of 5+ banes even if he was in taunt range due to splash.

    Math becomes nicer with weave 2. Hugs are to be killed on sight. Haven't done the math for weave 2 netting energy formally, but this does line up with my experience. I may give the hybrid approach a try.

    I'm not saying that heal beam or weave is the end all be all. AVed sucks. I don't like this mindless group-think rage around ailments. There is a decent chance it may be better or a hybrid approach as you calculated if nothing else is happening. However, the strat I'm using was developed in the midst of AC fight hell where there is no reprieve, no taunt, no SS, and no medkits. And it still is the best one I've found in that situation. So maybe the induction proof doesn't 100% work. However there are a lot of places where the heal output demand is near constant between a tank and 2 cutting mandos. And I prefer they both take BT1 and skip BT2 for more dps. Also, play med with MOTM tech and try AVing while he's tanking instead of stutter healing to level for weave. Kiss your energy goodbye.
  8. squish

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    Fuck MotM techs. They wanna tank like a baller, they can eat ailmets.. like a baller. They gonna MotM open cockpit tank they better have 3 nanites because I'm only curing cripple and ow.
  9. ozzy

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    march of the machina techcina does not need any healing against the second hades because there is self healing and mindlink and he can self kure short circuit

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