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    I've mentioned these a couple times, and considering that we now have a subforum for NOTD2's planning, I figured I'd release some details. Right now I've got most of the Easy Company roster finalized, and am working on the non-EC classes.

    The point of Variant Tier 3s is to offer an alternative to the ones we currently have. Choosing one of the Tier 3s will render the other unavailable - it will not be possible to have both. The point of the Variant Tier 3s is to provide an equal alternative - not necessarily better or worse, they simply cater to a different playstyle.

    Grenadier - Combat
    Removes cooldown on Grenades and reduces energy cost of Grenades. Using Grenade fires an additional explosive at no additional cost. Using Grenade while under the effect of Focus Fire launches an Impaler Grenade which has reduced splash but higher damage and bonuses to Armored and Massive.

    K9 Companion - Survival
    Grants the ability to construct a mechanical unit that has some abilities and two inventory slots.
    Bark - A short-duration taunt that increases movespeed.
    Ferocity - A 30% chance to stun attacked units, non-effective on heroics.

    Medic (Not so sure about the Medic's Variants, will require peer review and/or aid from more experienced Medic players)
    Sterilize - Field Aid
    Removes all ailments on a unit and grants ailment immunity for 60 seconds.

    Intolerable Cruelty - Nanotech
    Nanoshock gains bonus damage and stun if used on units afflicted by VI
    VI gains a DOT
    Nanostrength gains increased duration

    Deploy - Arms
    Sacrificing movement, the Assault gains ammo regeneration, energy regeneration, 10% increased damage, and +1 range.

    Stonewall - Protection
    The Assault gains 50% damage reduction 10 armor and reflects 10 damage for every 1 point of armor he has for 30 seconds with a 60 second cooldown.

    Communications Officer - Surveillance
    Team shares vision
    Flared units move 10% slower
    Laser Designated targets take 10% increased damage

    Sprinting Shadow - Mobility
    A stacking 2% movespeed bonus for every 10 seconds spent cloaked

    Monobastard (working name) - Assassination
    "Disabling the built-in safeties of the launching mechanism"
    Monofilament gains greatly increased damage, stun duration, and stacks Open Wounds
    Use of Monofilament sends out two additional lines on either side, resulting in a narrow cone

    Guerrilla Tactics - Subtlety
    Grants Backstab
    Grants up to 100% bonus damage based on proximity to target

    Fustercluck - Explosives
    Sets a multilayered cluster bomb that saturates an area with explosives and shrapnel for 30 seconds on detonation.

    Wave of Despair - Fortitude
    Sacrifice current shields to encase a pulse of energy in them and send it outwards in a line to collect enemies and explode. Sphere drags enemies into it, dealing damage based on how many units are in the area of effect at the time of explosion.

    Terrible Two - Combat
    Increase the Movespeed and Attack Speed of the X-1
    Allow a second X-1 to be built

    Robotics Control Drone - Field
    Allows construction of an additional Probe
    Towers gain increased "attack speed"
    Is able to "MC" mechanical units (Field Nexus is reserved for bio)

    Graveyard Man - Operations
    For 30 seconds, the Commando gains 10% bonus damage for every unit he kills.

    Heartbreaker - Delta
    Fires a serum-laden Impulse Control device at a unit
    Unit comes under the control of the Commando - gains armor, damage, attack speed, movespeed, and threat rating for 30 seconds
    At the end of the duration, the unit explodes, dealing 200% of its maximum health value

    Burna - Pyro
    Igniter gains additional level, granting air targeting
    Burst Fire gains additional level, granting bonus damage and application of the burning DOT from Igniter (if applicable)
    Burn gains an additional level, granting increased leash range and damage stack rate
    Frenzy gains an additional level, granting a 5% chance to grant a Frenzy stack on attack and a 50% chance to grant a Frenzy stack upon killing a unit in any way

    Devout - Order
    Smite gains an attack speed slow in a 50% proportion to the movement speed slow
    Vengeance increases stun duration by 1 second
    Righteousness restores 1 hitpoint for every unit hit (10 hitpoints for bosses)
    Shatter heals the Flamethrower and restores its energy cost if it kills a unit
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    Ghost Warden

    Interesting stuff, numbers probs need revision.
    I'm mindful of the K9 for rifle and the officer for recon though as they take other classes's roles (recon and engie respectively)

    For medic, these would IMO be more relevant with numbers balanced along current T3 comparators:

    Field Aid:
    (Passive) Veteran Medic - Note that it is an alternative to Restoration
    Decreases cost of SL, NS to 10, NW to 12, AV to 5
    Reduces cooldown to: SL - 3s, NW - 4s, NS - 1s, AV - 1s
    Using Heal costs no energy (speed remains same)

    Rationale: Trades current mass healing, ailment instant fix and energy provision for micro focused medic play

    (Toggle) Infuse Nanites 8E activation, 2E per attack (not per hit) - Note this is the alternative to Nano Sear
    Enemies damaged by medic's weapon suffer Metabolic Distress effect - lose 40HP/s, lowered attack damage and attack speed by 10% for 10 seconds, stacks up to 2x.

    Rationale: Nano Medic has capacitors for 200 additional energy which need to be used. Nano medic is usually also more DPS style play compared to Field Medic and can use this to support team along side casting of existing spells. Effect is trading large AoE of Sear for smaller radius weapon based debuffs which damager faster but less and are more effective against smaller clusters of large enemies than large clusters of small enemies. Balanced by energy on fire and ammunition


    For Alpha flamethrower I would suggest these:

    Cleansing Flame (Passive)
    H3 Igniter upgraded to level 4:
    -Afterburn damage is equal to 2 seconds of initial damage taken by target
    -Grants air targeting
    BURN! stacks increase at a rate of +40 per second (as opposed to +20) with same cap (200)
    Frenzy is upgraded to level 3 (Following current progression)
    Burst Fire deals 50% damage 2 seconds after application

    Rationale: Note this is a replacement for Inferno. It is not supposed to be strictly better but cater to different playstyles

    Purifier (Active) 30E, 11Dur, 15CD
    Lose all Righteousness stacks and gain damage and health regeneration equal to stacks consumed for 11 seconds

    Rationale: This is replacing Faith which deals 777 instant damage, grants 10 armor and heals allies by 35 and removes 3 stacks of ailments. It is trading instant benefit for gradual benefit and consumes righteousness stacks, meaning you lose all the armor accumulated in trade. Fits well with a smite based style.


    For Recon:

    Field Command (Passive)
    Targets picked up by motion sensor reveal area around them in radius 0.2 (Recon ONLY)
    Flare cost reduced to 10E and increases damage taken by targets by 10% and vision reduced by 2
    Threat rating of designated targets increased by 8
    Supply Station Cooldown reduced by 5 seconds

    Rationale: Better at making autofiring teammembers focus on units which may normally have a very low threat rating (Bosses, Slashers, Devourers etc), provides more local support to team and Sensor reveal especially good in synergy with Field Nexus. Even in absense, allows Recon to start designating targets which normally would require a flare first or simply attack using a high range weapon.

    Field Craft (Passive)

    Countermeasures reduces target attack speed by half of movespeed and disables detectors (Still does NOT affect heroic)
    Escape energy cost reduced to 30
    Movespeed bonus while cloaked increased to 6%
    Sprint duration increased by 2 seconds

    Rationale: Making Mobility Recon more Mobile. What else?



    Infernal Trap 40E, maximum 2. Traps are invisible and indestructible.
    Plants a device which when activated fires stealth bombs onto all targets in 5 radius. When desired (activated by demolitions via separate command), all stealth bombs detonate causing 200 damage in 2.5 radius and burning the target for 30HP/s for 5 seconds. Stealth bombs also detonate for same effect if unit is killed before demolitions activates it. Bombs are permanent (stay on target as with Volatile Injection). Targets carrying sticky bombs are revealed to Demolitions at all times (0.1 radius vision around target)

    Rationale: Alternative to Armageddon and based on my suggestion for an alternate T3 back in the day. Makes Explosives demolitions more active in moving around in smaller teams and setting up traps for the future. Main use during eggs, nydus and dome waves. Can be used for queen kiting as well.

    Energy Shield (toggle) 12E activation cost, 0.5E per second drain
    When activated, the demolitions takes damage to energy instead of shields until energy is depleted. While active, shield armor is increased by 4. Whenever demolitions takes damage while energy shield is active, 250% of the damage (before mitigation) is radiated back to all enemies in 2 radius around the demolitions.

    Rationale: Replacement for TTD which makes demo pretty invincible and damaging and stunning. Energy Shield is the alternate which is less good vs bosses but makes demo almost impermeable to low damage attacks while killing attackers via thorns damage (both from Spiked armor and reflection). It also effectively doubles his shield pool by using energy.



    Deploy Rifle (toggle), 20E activation, 5E per shot
    Marksman lies prone and gains +10 forward vision in a 130 degree cone. Turnspeed reduced to 180. Every shot fired while in this mode deals damage equal to 50% of current OSOK round damage + weapon damage to the main target. Enemies up to 5 range behind the target in the direction of fire are damaged for 50% Monofilament Round damage + weapon damage (penetrating rounds). Only uses 1 concentration charge per shot but deals concentration damage to all hit targets.

    Rationale: Hard to replace the current Master MM but this comes close. More crowd control, huge range, and damage based on skills chosen.

    Shade (Passive)
    Increase duration of Shadowstep by 1 second, cloak by 2/4 seconds
    When using Shadowstep or Cloak, Marksman's threat rating is reduced by 5, weapon range increased by 3 and damage taken reduced by 25%.

    Rationale: Again, MoS is pretty much the ultimate in DPS so this has to be "different" while still being worthwhile to pick. This gives the team a better 2nd infiltrator class and makes shorter range weapons also useful on the SubMM.


    Twin bot (Passive)
    Allows 2 X1s to be on the field at any time and increases movespeed by 10%, damage by 40% and range by 2. Also increases armor by 2.

    Rationale: More or less what Kithrixx posted with more specifics. Note bots do NOT have Overdrive

    Field Support
    Mechanical Operator (Passive)
    Retools Field Probes
    -275HP/25Shield/25Energy/2 Armor/0 Shield Armor
    -25 damage, 4 range, 0.9 attack period, can attack AIR and GROUND
    -Enemies attacked by probes suffer -4 armor and -15%ms/as for 3 seconds
    -Skill: Discharge: Increases attack speed by 800% for 5 seconds, costs 25E
    Disruption Towers donot require vision or presence to damage
    Plasma Discharge damage increased by 50% at each level and reduces armor by an additional 2

    Rationale: Replaces the infamous Field Nexus. Rather than MCing your own army and having probes deal reflective damage, your field probes now require slightly less micro by dealing their old spells onhit instead, though in exchange the effects are a tad weaker. Their HP was buffed by about 10% and damage by 400% to make them more dangerous. Probes start at 0 energy but when they reach their cap, they can discharge to deal a lot of damage in a short time frame. The engineer is made a bit more mobile by having towers work like in the olden days (which is OK bcause this requires T3 so you can't overlevel early) and plasma detonator a better damage skill.



    Mind Meld 30E, 10s Duration, 18s cd, does not affect Heroic
    Works exactly like old SubCommando's Mind Meld

    Rationale: Actually fits on PsiOps and is a nice alternative to Psi Storm. Synergizes well with mind ravage in making enemies surround your pet for blasting

    Advanced Implants (Passive)
    -Mental projections are exact clones (sans inventory) of the Psi Ops (i.e. have same HP, armor, weapon)
    -Speed of Thought stuns for additional 0.5 seconds
    -Blackout requires 0.6 energy less per hit and duration increased by 1 second

    Rationale: Makes Projections useful for something other than distraction and improves bread and butter skills of Telepathy tree



    Load Clip (Active), 35E, 12cd
    Adds 30 rounds to the current magazine. Cannot exceed 120 rounds at any time. Sets weapon status to finished reload status.

    Rationale: Perfect for when you miss that reload or just want to make sure you get the most out of your burst damage. Frees up a slot normally taken by HCC.

    Predator Drone (Active), 30E, 20dur, 35cd
    Calls in a Predator drone which circles the commando and fires burst lasers at targets at least 6 distance away from Commando. Deals 9+4vs light damage with 0.19 attack period and 2 attacks. Can be controlled and is indestructible.

    Rationale: Fits the subtlety aspect and is an alternative that players would choose vs Blinding Grenade



    Improved Critical Strike (Passive)
    Critical Strikes damage for 3x as opposed to 2x damage

    Rationale: The "lazy" Harvester alternative which makes better use of a crit based build

    Hold the Line (Active) 25E, 10dur, 15cd
    Assault and all allied units in 7 radius gain +7 armor and immunity to stun effects

    Rationale: Instead of choosing a build up of armor on himself passively, the Assault can improve survivability of all teammates including himself for a cost.



    Explosives Expert (Passive)
    Upgrades grenades to cluster grenades
    -Increases damage by 30%
    -After initial explosion, 8 shrapnel fragments (1 every 45 degrees) are released which deal 50 damage to all enemies in 4 range with 0.2 radius search. Biological Enemies damaged by shrapnel are given the Cripple ailment

    Rationale: Makes grenades more lethal and grants them tactical usage as well.

    Predator MK-1, 40E, 50cd
    Creates a Predator pet which cannot level but has Lightning Field on hit and detection.
    -240HP, 0 Shield, 3 Armor, 25 damage +10vs Light, +8vs Psionic, 0.5 attack period
    -Skill: Bark - Forces enemies in 7 radius to follow and attack the Predator for 6 seconds (similar to Look! effect)

    Rationale: I actually like Kith's idea here, but I think the inventory is something I'd like to keep for Recon drone and eventually player predators


    Chem Expert

    Left Tree
    Desolate Ground (Passive)
    Wherever the Chem Expert walks, ground in 2 radius around him is desolated and contaminated with Chemicals for 3 seconds. Enemies crossing desolated ground lose 10% movespeed and gain a venom stack for every second spent on the trail.

    Rationale: While the rockets are amazing (and probably OP and need toning down), this T3 allows the CE to kite targets with the team more effectively by slowing them down both through trail and stacking of venom, dealing massive damage very quickly at no cost.

    Ground Support:
    Chemical Absorbant Spray, 30E, 10dur, 5cd
    Removes all venom from target and target becomes immune to venom and blindness. Target also loses no movement speed while on creep.

    Rationale: While it may sound underwhelming to the DPS magnet that VRL is, it fits better with the support role of the Chem Expert and has some very useful situational use in keeping the team alive. Especially useful for revamped Hades.



    Double Tap (Passive)
    Pathfinder gains a second attack with Pistol and reduces cost of Fast Five by 5 Energy

    Rationale: How can you create a skill that rivals one which makes every other skill in the tree better? This one effectively doubles attack speed of the Pathfinder.

    Explosive Retrofit (Passive)
    Increases rate at which jumps are gained by 0.8 seconds
    When sprinting, targets in 0.9 radius around pathfinder are affected by Coming in Hot Debuff
    Grants 30% evasion (not stacking with Jump) while sprinting
    Enemies killed by Assault Jump explode to deal 150 damage in 1.5 radius around them and apply Comin in Hot debuff on such targets

    Rationale: Rather than 1 superjump, this talent aims to improve the rate of current jumps and making the pathfinder more versatile in the way he deals damage, both when jumping and on the run.
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    Suppressive/Oppressive fire - Arms Tree
    25 Energy
    20 second duration (might be too much, maybe 10secs?)
    60 second cooldown

    Assault gains +50% crit rate (on top of its current crit rate) and gains 1 energy per kill.

    Chainsaw - Protection
    Old Chainsaw (complete with the old SFX)
    + the Assault receives 15 less damage from all sources for the duration of the skill.
    Damage reduction applies after Taunt's effect.

    Also triggers the old "Valhalla, I am Coming!" speech.


    Over-ups - Field
    Adds an additional property to the Field Engineer's talents (independent of levels taken)

    Plasma Discharge
    No longer does friendly fire

    Field probes
    Field probes detonate on death dealing 75 damage to all targets in a radius of 1.5, reduces movement speed by 40% and reduces armor by 2

    Disruption Towers
    Tower Radius of effect is increased to 8
    Retains old effects as with other talents
    Level 1 - Tower deals 8 damage every 2 seconds, maximum of 4 units affected at a time
    Level 2 - Tower deals 16 damage every 2 seconds, maximum of 8 units affected at a time.

    Energy Battery
    All allied heroic units within a 10 radius AOE gain additional 5 points in shields. Passive Aura


    Spent a couple of minutes wondering why this was familiar until it hit me

    Lol Squad TD
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    Ghost Warden

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    Yuey Warden

    My 2 cents worth:

    FA Medic
    Advanced Nanomesh (toggled aura, 5E per second, no cooldown):
    When activated, medic loses 5E per second to generate a healing aura that heals everyone/everything at a rate of 30HP per second in a 10 radius around the medic.

    Nano Medic
    Biotrigger (Area target, 20E cost per cast, 15s cooldown):
    Enemies affected by VI: Instantly procs all stacks of VI built up in a target to trigger, damaging the target and enemies around it for the amount of damage that all VI stacks will normally do.
    Enemies affected by Nanoshock: Targets take additional 100 damage and is slowed by 50% for 3 seconds after the stun wears off.
    Both effects stack on the same target. Does nothing to targets not affected by VI or Nanoshock.

    Combat Rifle
    Cold Fury (Toggle On/Off, no energy cost or cooldown):
    Every action that the Rifleman does is done with cold calculating efficiency. Grenades effect area halved and loses bonus to light armor but now does +50 damage against armored and massive targets.
    Critical hits chance doubled.
    Rapid Fire bonus halved.

    Survival Rifle:
    Stun grenade (25E cost, 10 second cooldown, area target):
    Fires a stun grenade into an area, heavily disrupting targets caught by the blast. Enemies take a 50% movespeed and damage penalty for 7 seconds. The disruption also causes detectors to lose their ability to detect for 7 seconds.

    Surveilance Recon:
    Full Intel (Passive):
    All item drops are revealed to the recon. (If this can be coded that is.)
    Flares last 10 seconds longer and has +1 radius of reveal.
    Any enemy entering HBS's range is revealed for 5 seconds to the recon. Does not work on enemies unborrowing inside the Recon's HBS scan range.

    Mobility Recon:
    Get Me Out Of Here! (Passive):
    Escape sprint MS bonus increased by 10% and lasts for 5 seconds longer.
    Cloak upgraded by 1 level. Level 3 Gives 40% additional energy efficiency and +5% extra movespeed when activated.
    Reflexes gives an additional 5% movespeed per level.
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    Ramses II Help, I can't change my title!

    I like the idea of the K9 Companion having an inventory as it gives him more uses than just a suicide bot, provides a worse alternative for item scouting that doesn't require a player soloing (recon drone flies and is therefore a better scout, but this gives recon more of an option to go for his other T3). It also means I won't be bored playing survrofl as there's a higher skill ceiling during both holdouts AND bosses, rather than just during bosses and some movement sequences.

    I also think that variant T3s should, in general, be more powerful, harder to use, not be something the team depends on at any point in the game, and should have a higher xp unlock than the original class. So for example, safeguard would be the original T3, and Chainsaw would be the variant. If the asstank is the primary tank, he needs safeguard to tank the queen effectively, but if there's also a demotank and he doesn't need safeguard (and can survive without it), he can grab Chainsaw for the bonus DPS and a more mobile tanking style that allows some charge abuse.
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    It seems like, or at least at first blush, that the SurvCon is getting a huge smack to the head in NOTD2? I notice most of it's powers/effects seem to be given out to other classes at Tier 3. Least the ones most valued.

    Probably a good idea as it will make the SurvCon ideal less of an autoinclude for all modes and storylines in NOTD2.
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    Ghost Warden

    How so?
    Outside of Predator MK-1 which cannot carry items but is an attack/distract pet I don't see anything replacing flare, ss, ms or ld
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    Deploy - Arms
    Sacrificing movement, the Assault gains ammo regeneration, energy regeneration, 10% increased damage, and +1 range.

    Personal SS for Assault.

    K9 Companion - Survival
    Grants the ability to construct a mechanical unit that has some abilities and two inventory slots.
    Bark - A short-duration taunt that increases movespeed.
    Ferocity - A 30% chance to stun attacked units, non-effective on heroics.

    Reaper Drone Replacement on Rifleman.

    Notice a lack of SS mentioned on the Recon Tier 3 as well. Suggesting it probably isn't going to be in which is my feel, it's such a powerful game breaking ability I wouldn't doubt it, as it EASILY helps circumvent balance factors like slow natural healing, Energy Regeneration, and Ammo (I calced once that having a SurvCon with SS was the equivalent of adding over 400 magazines worth of ammo to an Easy Company game).

    And the Marksman Monobastard takes the Cheap, Easy Stun effect of the Ultrasonic and Protect out from the Reaper.
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    Ghost Warden

    Ah you were referring exclusively to Kith's suggestions, I was trying to avoid overlaps in mine

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