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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ImaDomo, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. ImaDomo
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    This thread is to share your experiences related to getting killed in a troll way, enjoy.

    So this is my story, one day a jumps pf (me) was killing the creep in the airlock in the apollo sec team mission. When all of the sudden when I got to the bottom right creep tumour..a bunch of eggs frigging exploded! Banes came rushing out and raped* me..Turns out somebody pissed a fest when everybody was told to lay off the fests. So by chance, bad luck, and timing I ended up at the wrong spot at the wrong time. Right after the fest layed her eggs I got to the bottom right, the fest was gone and the fest eggs looked like it belong there. With the normal airlock eggs that don't pop until ec, so I didn't know that they were fest eggs and they pop n I died. TROLOLOLOL
  2. Ryan III

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    There's already a thread for that. "NotD Noob Of The Day" too bad Pyromanic accadentally deleted the most of it.
  3. Thermidor

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    That was a noob move in itself.
  4. ImaDomo
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    Rotfl..ahahah pyro..yeh he would do that prob :'D n btw this thread isn't about noob but troll...deaths you had no control over..
  5. Miracle
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    Pretty much every time I die from something that is not a zombie >.>
  6. Ryan III

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    I posted this in the noon of the day thread, oh well.
    Alpha Company game I'm the assassination marksman, after Seth, our order tank goes afk and follows me. When approaching Centeral Station, a troll Nydus worm comes and heads toward the tank. On instinct I monoed through him to kill the parasites but the tank's vengeance stunned me and a troll devourer devoured me.
  7. Archangel

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    for the people that remember this, but on valentines day their was a bug that gave u 40+ tp's. so some people tried to Solo ec-nm like this.
    this is what happens when nydus aren't killed. Photo is of Jercy who randomed a billion times to get PF for his run. Replay is on page 3 of the Epic thread.

    if u notice the spot, he is completly safe. aka, live forever unless he gets stupid.....
  8. TheSilenced

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    most trolliest death possible: Assassinated by weapons technician, during surv our chem lagged behind and I behind the good tech sparked away from him to try to buy him time buuut the fellow ran into the spark instead and the agrons ate him while attacking the spark :p
  9. SkullCapp

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    After playing D3 for 2 weeks, got bored with farming, I got on NOTD and randomed Submando. During holdout against Hulks, zombies, roaches, and few mutas, we were doing fine. But when agrons appeared with Downloading (who was fortmo) standing before them at 2nd gate in Tart's spawn, I threw Grav Nade at middle of Agron hordes. I miscalculated the distance and Downloading was accidently dragged into group of agrons.
    Long story short, Agrons have a very good meal that day.

    In my defense, I blame lag and I thought Downloading was far enough not to be affected by Grav nade.
  10. Shooz
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    Thread does not actually pertain to NOTD information and has therefor been moved to General Discussion.
  11. ImaDomo
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    Got another troll killing rotfl, was playing surv the other day at wave 38 with Demeter. I was using the stinger while moving away from our holdout ec muta. When I stung and the pf died cause he got hug and none of us saw that he was hugged.

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