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    So this thread was originally started by Schala. Enjoy.

    Jun: Have you beaten vet before
    ec vet
    DrawingDead: wuts vet
    TBB: oops. then you wanna leave the game. cos we're not likely to do apollo.
    Jun: vet is when you play protoss
    Lucid: Woot
    TBB: +1
    DrawingDead: no i never play that
    Lucid: I want to play toss
    Jun: omg nob
    Regan: im still trying to get around that this isnt a tower defense
    DrawingDead: protoss is for noobs
    Drumstick: ok
    Lucid: But i r nub
    Drumstick: if you can't beat vet
    or alpha
    you probably don't want to do apollo yet
    DrawingDead: alpha?
    like beta?
    Drumstick: if you haven't read teh notd wiki walkthrough
    you shouldn't do alpha/apollo
    DrawingDead: WAIT
    wtf is wiki
    Regan: i cant do alpha but ican do survival
    Jun: you should read my apollo walkthrough
    You: There is a walkthrough?
    DrawingDead: this game is deeper than i thought
    thers alpha and beta
    You: Where is it?
    DrawingDead: and something called apollo
    Jun: and an omega ... php?tid=78
    Drumstick: new mode delta is coming out
    in september
    Regan: what about pi?
    You: Thats a website. Not an object I walkthrough
    worgenbakwrd: :O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Regan: Pi Ops
    DrawingDead: psiclops?
    Regan: Pi squad
    TBB: +1
    worgenbakwrd: lolol they go all the way to the last greek letter
    standup: +1 for awesome pub
    DrawingDead: what modes can i play with 110 xp?
    SkullCapp: surv
    DrawingDead: is beta unlocked?
    Nekoi: nothing ?
    SkullCapp: pokemon
    DrawingDead: what you mean nothing?
    110xp is the third highest i seen
    Nekoi: i mean ec ...
    Jun: what sec
    DrawingDead: it has to unlock something
    Jun: what is ec
    Drumstick: i think 110 unlocked recon
    NightFairy: omg,bnet,lol
    Drumstick: damn it Jun
    standup: why does everyone have to drop?
    Jun: wat
    Drumstick: i thought your'e the good guy her
    Nekoi: you need 10k for engineer and commando i think ?
    Drumstick: here
    Jun: I am a good guy
    You: EC is Extreme Company duh...
    Jun: What makes you think I'm a bad guy
    Drumstick: but you do the dryrain thing
    Nekoi: lol
    You: Everyone knows that.
    Drumstick: how play?
    Jun: Pff
    At least I don't join games and instantly leave them
    Regan: Play How?
    Jun: or pause and say brb and never come back
    DrawingDead: LOL
    Jun: But I SHOULD do that, you're right.
    You: Oh, I want to do it too.
    Can I?
    You: PLease
    worgenbakwrd: what happened?!?!?!
    Jun: no
    you nub
    You: :(
    DrawingDead: when is alpha unlocked
    worgenbakwrd: lol
    Jun: 350000 exp
    you should hack
    everyone hacks
    worgenbakwrd: no it's over 9000+
    Jun: exp too hard to get
    You: But I was that guy with 110 xp that guy said he saw!
    Jun: only nub dont hack
    DrawingDead: wait
    you can hack?
    DrawingDead: how?
    worgenbakwrd: yes
    SkullCapp: no wai!
    Jun: yes
    worgenbakwrd: ok : /
    You: You can hack at zombies?
    Jun: you go into your sc folde
    You: I want to try!
    Regan: Hack and Slash
    Jun: and you delete the folder called bank
    Jun: super hacks
    Block: ...
    Melfice: lol
    DrawingDead: so by deleting folder "banks" i delete all rules im forced to play with? then i am super powered right?
    worgenbakwrd: dude stop encourage ppl and telling them how to hack -_-
    makes the game annoying
    Jun: yes
    you delete it
    Regan: Not Pregnant! YAY!
    DrawingDead: YESSSS
    worgenbakwrd: ^
    Jun: and you can get 100k exp per game
    worgenbakwrd: regan
    DrawingDead: thankjeebus
    Jun: and fawk u wrogen
    you know you hack
    You: Hacking at zombies is annoying how? It sounds fun to me.
    Jun: liar
    You: Jun
    Can you teach me.
    Eclair: any nm game?
    FightaX: ec random 777 for inv
    SkullCapp: i shall take over this world with army of root beers
    FightaX: ec random 777 for invec random 777 for inv
    ec random 777 for inv
    woops lol.
    Jun: i cant teach nub
    DrawingDead: QQ
    You: But I have mad skills.
    DrawingDead: ill go cry in my corner now
    Jun: NO YOU NUB
    You: Just let me show you.
    FightaX: pub +6
    Regan: why dont i get a corner to cry in?!
    FightaX: pub +5
    Alcholic: i want to play alpha
    You: How much exp do you have?
    DrawingDead: you can share my corner
    FightaX: pub +4
    Jun: 999999999
    DrawingDead: we can spoon
    FightaX: alcholic
    FightaX: get a few people
    ill host an alpha.
    You: Will Jun show us how?
    Jun: Of course.
    Alcholic: start it im sure we can find enough people in here
    Jun: Not
    Regan: my words of wisdom sunk into these people
    Jun: Nubs
    SkullCapp: how to what? How to bake some pie?
    You: Boo
    FightaX: pub +3
    DrawingDead: Only dRyRain knows how to bake
    ArcturusV: Alpha Company is looking for a few good men. Recruitment is open.
    FightaX: art
    DrawingDead: i have 110xp inv
    Alcholic: me for alpha
    Regan: i can make sandwiches!!!
    Alcholic: me for alpha please
    You: What kind of name is Jun anyways?
    FightaX: alpha 77 for inv +5
    DrawingDead: 77
    ArcturusV: Alpha Company is assembling, need 5 more men.
    infected: 77
    FenrirX: its pronounced as "one"
    You: 77
    FightaX: ec random 777 for inv +3
    kelvin: 777
    FightaX: lmao
    standup: 777
    FightaX: alpha 77 for inv +2
    standup: 7777777777
    ArcturusV: Alpha Company needs two more before shipping out.
    FenrirX: inv
    standup: 777
    Lucid: 777
    MegurineLuka: Have fun against titans ^^
    Lucid: LLL
    Lucid: JJJ
    Eclair: any ec nm?
    Lucid: XXX
    FightaX: alpha 77 for inv +1
    ArcturusV: Need one more to round out Alpha Comapny.
    ADee: invte me
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    Oh my, you actually posted this?

  3. DrawingDead

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    uh oh, BUSTED
  4. Emperor

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    You trolls. You know I can't condone this sort of behavior.
  5. SkullCapp

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    Lawl. Rofl. Lmao. Lofl, roflmao, lolz, zomglolz, etc etc etc.
  6. Nicarco
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    Nicarco Warden

    How come these things never happen when I'm in the channel?
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    actually a good idea. a new "delta mode" would be nice. let's start a new thread for details... :)
  8. KatsuraJun

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    It's intentional. Conspiracy and whatnot.
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    I want this as my sig.

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