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  1. JAW

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    Well, since I just found out that a single titan is capable of hp higher than some of the early bosses (20k hp as reported by ArcturusV), and add in the facts that they are heroic (making most abilities suited for this kind of thing useless) and that many of them spawn before pers makes me think that some kind of nerf is in order.
  2. Kage

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    Although Titans have high HP,they have an extremely slow movespeed and do not have any special abilities.

    20k HP I would presume is in NM mode,which was designed to make the game harder.
  3. JAW

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    Seems to me like they move at the same speed as other zombies, just may look slower because of their size. And no, the 20k hp was not -nm, although they had just shy of 1900 sr. Also keep in mind is that they serve as giant meat shields for the rest of the horde. I am not suggesting they be removed or made weak, but simply that instead of 20k make it 10k hp.
  4. JAW

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    Just thought I should give an update. In -nm titans can charge, and one of them at pers was actually invisible. With only 3 people left standing the ninja titan had just shy of 7k hp, and charging ability, but a quick smite and good flares stopped it from doing any real harm. I cant really complain because it was -nm mode and it didn't do any serious harm.

    Here's the full replay.

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