The NOTD Drinking Game

Discussion in 'Events' started by MissHumpz, Apr 2, 2014.

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    The NOTD Drinking Game!

    I think the title covers the point of this thread pretty well. :cool:

    Obviously you get to choose your own poison, my personal favourite is wine, because I'm a classy lady, however I do enjoy my spirits and beers.

    I would just like to recommend you obey your countries drinking laws. I don't support underage drinking. I will however support younger players substituting alcohol for gee, idk, energy drinks or cordial shots.

    Here is a few drinking rules I've come up with...
    • The Death Penalty! You (or the whole team) takes a drink every time you lose a life / die. - This one is obvious. I also like the idea of if you die, the whole team has to drink as well. So you can either work together to keep each other alive OR you can die on purpose to make everyone else drink.
    • B*tch Slapped! You take a drink every you of take a hit. - This may be a tiny bit unfair for tanks. I've seen demo tanks have 0 hits at the end of a game, however tanks such as Assault and Tech don't have shields to hide behind when tanking and will accumulate hits quickly compared to other classes. If you want to drink a lot, this is the choice for you or tank can do every 10 hits. ;)
    • This Round Is On Me! Take a drink every time you find a H3! - Seth likes to poop out a lot of H3, take a drink for every single one he poops out.
    • Hugs not Drugs! Drink every time someone on the team gets hugged. - Either avoid hugs or run into them willingly, choice is up to how much you want to make your team suffer.
    • Alcohol Poisoning! Drink every time someone takes severe damage/venom from parasites - Remember to run from dead Agrons & Infestors. Players drink once per occurrence, not per venom stack. The member who gets the parasite hits still has to drink for the B*tch slap rule.
    • Power Overwhelming! Drink every time you spend talents on your other tree - Its fun to level up. Now its even more fun! This rule comes into play especially for high damage classes or when teams are on higher difficulties.
    • Explosive Diarrhea! Infestors suck, team takes a drink every time one manages to flee the team or poop eggs - Infestors are in every game mode, which means they get to help curb your raging alcoholism. Drink when they flee or poop eggs. What constitutes as a flee is up to your group.

    Notice how these rules aren't predictable things like "drink every time you kill a boss". These rules are a bit more exciting and influential by the team and trolls if they choose to do so. Pretty please feel free to post your suggestions below for possible rules :) Would love to hear what creative things you guys come up with and I will add a few of my favourites to the list!
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    I like it so far. Could use a few more rules but I'm seriously suffering mental block on what to add. NOTD has reached a stage where its too predictable. Its too easy to grind matches out and theres little fun variation that makes things interesting. Good rules should be equal parts random but avoidable. We should have some kind of "finish your glass" rule if some incredibly rare comes up. But yeah I'm out of ideas, I'll think of something eventually dear.
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    A drink for every time a talent point is put into the other tree, including spilling over into the next one when you capped off your primary.


    A drink for every corpse (And only corpse, not ones that spawn from cams and such.) ghoul that gets a hit on you. (Excluding shields. Includes if shields are at 0.)

    Every 2nd reload missed is a drink. If you cannot recover after the 2nd missed reload +1 drinks for every missed reload there after. ie 3 missed reloads = 2 drinks.

    These Ones Are For You!: At the end screen, take a drink for every medal present for you, the person below you, and the one above you. If you are 8 the person below you is 1, and if you are 1 the person above you is 8.
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    Amended the rules. This was totally a good idea.
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    Mhmm if team gets MOH everybody take a full shot, cup, bottle of whatever they're drinking e.g beer, vodka, whiskey....personally I would do this with vodka or some Heineken
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  6. Well guys call me when you all get alcoholic poisoning, cause that will likely happen with all these drinks.
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    alcohol cause liver damage, try to stop it
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    ......An expeditionary drunkard team was sent to investigate.....
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