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    I honestly was confused on where to put this. If you haven't played ac nm today, you probably won't understand. To those of us who did, I am both happy and sad for you. By far the roughest, most hard fought games I have played in a long time if not ever.

    It was just a non speed ac nm run (barely missed it), but it felt glorious to win. I honestly have no idea how we won but we did. Just to give you an idea of how crazy the spawns were, our mando had nuke before we even exited lag forest.

    We bought a piss load of things. Sgs, arcs, a sting, countless mods. And we also picked mass dps classes. 2 mandos, smm, amm, crofl.

    A couple things before I post the replay:

    1. Even with this clusterf*** of a game we barely missed speed. I think it's just further evidence that the speed time needs to be brought down. I think bringing it down to 1:20 would be preferable.

    2. We played two games of ac nm with wtf spawns, and they were crazy but they were also the funnest notd games I've ever played and would absolutely love if somehow you can turn this into a permanent storyline. Most people in the game loved this idea too!

    You might not have the time, but if you do... and want to see some craziness, watch the replay. Well played guys, well played.

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    Watched the whole replay - excellent! We should save this on NOTD Wiki under Alpha Company storyline page maybe.
  3. Mafilax

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    gratz to tm team :)
  4. EdowardoLMP

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    Excellent replay. Wasn't force death trigger supposed to kill all stuff including corpse's ghouls ?
  5. Ar0uz3d

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    We did another AC nightmare a day after that. It was about 2460 squad rating and the whole game seemed easier. We won with one death and the last tier 3 ability earned was at the second wave of fort. Did you only add these mobs to the lower squad rating? I just played an AC veteran game of 2000 squad rating and there was a lot more agrons and zombies compared to the 2460 squad rating nightmare game.
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    The 2 key changes were:
    - Added additional Zombie (Level 1) to Starport section at beginning
    - Added additional Zombie (Level 1) to AC ambient spawn

    It affects all difficulties. If there were more Agrons, it's from RNG on ambient spawn trigger most likely. Other Alpha related changes are in Change Log.
  7. Mafilax

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    for easy win need demo taunt .... basic in new ac nm dps must have sg at least recon do get ss 1st then go for mob con tree

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