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Discussion in 'NOTD Discussion' started by Kith, May 9, 2012.

  1. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    Ability once said to me that he wants items to all have their uses rather than some being distinctly better than others, so I aim to add a little more variety.


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    C2 Armor
    Literally, the “hand me down armor”. Rarely used because it hardly impacts things. My suggestion is to grant it a new effect and a new tooltip:

    “A durable polymer suit that has plate inserts to protect vital areas. While it doesn’t offer the impact dampening that heavier armors do, the durable and flexible material that slides over the Marine’s combat suit is extremely resistant to tearing and puncturing.

    Adds 2 armor and 50% ailment resistance.”

    C4 Armor
    The old standby that is usually ditched when something better is found. Again, an additional effect added in to make it a more difficult choice on if the player should keep the C4 or move on to something heavier.

    “A series of interlocking attachable plates that lock on to the combat suit to provide protection from blunt trauma to vital areas, while joints are bolstered by armored pads.

    Adds 4 armor and 25% ailment resistance.”

    C6 Armor
    Fine as it is. Just needs a new tooltip.

    “A heavy armor that consists of a thick chestplate, gauntlets, boots, and attachable plates for the legs and upper arms. Extremely effective at dampening impact damage and blunt trauma, but does little to protect joints, leaving the wearer vulnerable to cuts and scrapes in the non-armored areas.

    Adds 6 armor.”

    Reactive Armor
    Fine as it is.

    Kinetic Armor
    Fine as it is.

    XS-4 Armor
    Could use a new tooltip and a higher drop rate. I’d like to see the armors being split up into being a choice of “do I want to increase shields and therefore mitigate the damage that I don’t gain ailments from, or do I want to increase my life armor and make myself last longer in the event of my shields being broken?”


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    Occular Implants
    Fine as it is. Could use a new tooltip.

    Thermal Sight
    Very rarely used, even in public games where not everyone has Perception. Road Flares provide shared vision AND detection in the event of invisible enemies, even though they’re limited in stock. With the upcoming CP Rework, the additional sight range and detection radius will push these even further into obscurity, so I’ve come up with two possible choices:

    Provide air vision
    Just a small radius around the player, say 2 or 3. The item grants thermal vision, so it would make sense. This would stack with itself.

    Provide a critical hit chance
    I’d say 5% chance to deal a critical hit. The item is granting thermal vision, meaning that it can pinpoint enemies based on their body heat. This makes it much easier for the marine to track and fire upon targets, leading to greater accuracy, and greater chance for hits to deal serious damage.

    Arc Reactor
    Fine as it is.

    Nano-Health Augment
    Double the current rate, or just boost it up to 1hp/sec. At this time, it’s way too low to be of notice. It needs to be able to compete with raw utility against the other accessories and weapon mods that are currently present, and at this point in time, it’s the C2 of the accessories, in that it’s immediately abandoned once something else is found. Even Occulars have preference over this thing, which is saying a lot.

    Combat Mobility Augment
    Fine as it is. I only wish they stacked and had a higher drop rate. There's only two every game regardless of difficulty.

    High-Capacity Magazine
    Fine as it is. I only wish they stacked.
    yes i want to have 240 bullets in a magazine, what of it

    Ammo Mods
    They're all fine, in my opinion. Each one does something unique and useful. I'd like to see TX-1 added sometime, but it's not a priority.


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    Combat Shield
    “Standard issue carbon fiber shield, often made use of in times of civil unrest and rioting populations. +1 Armor, -10% attack speed.”

    Simple stuff. Tanks lack distinctly useful accessories of any kind, and it can also be made use of by the lighter classes. We could enlist Peer to make the Marine Shield show up on the character's shoulder, even, so we could actually see.

    The XS-4's little brother. About as common as C2 drops.

    “Increases shield capacity by 25% and adds 2 shield armor.”


    “Increases shield capacity by 50%.”

    The XS-4's big sister. As common as C6 or RA.

    “Increases shield capacity by 75% and adds 6 shield armor.”


    “Increases shield capacity by 50%, adds 4 shield armor, and increases shield regeneration by 50%.”
  2. Blaqk
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    Blaqk NOTD Staff: Bugs, Pugs, and Scruggs

    Like I said earlier, Flamethrower is going to look so cute with a tiny shield taped onto his armor. Basically Hulk strapping a car door to his arm and calling it a shield. :p
  3. ArcturusV

    ArcturusV New Member

    I see the old insane armor topic that spawned from a goober newbie flat out trying to lie to me spawned into an actionable suggestion. Huzzah!

    Instead of Thermal Eyes how about something like (And yes I do agree they are pathetically worthless):

    Multi-Optics Goggles:

    +2 Sight Range, +5 Detection Range (Stacks with Perception), provides Range 15 "Motion Sensor" to the character.

    It's still in the same category of Vision related skills. Having a Motion Sensor effect tied to equipping them will allow a marine who's equipping them to avoid various troll corner ambushes, etc. Though it's not so long ranged to replace or supplant the Recon's ability. So I could see it as a Runner thing. Mobcons, SubMMs, Pathfinders going Rogue to shut down Domes, etc.
  4. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    Cuts into the recon's radar and totally outdoes Occs. Not so sure that's a good plan.
  5. SirGalahad

    SirGalahad New Member

    I like all of the suggested changes. I particularly like the idea of a Combat Shield, especially if it actually appears on the character model. I would probably lean towards the small Crit Chance for Thermals as having air sight, even small air sight, will reduce the effectiveness of MM Scope, Recon Flare, and Road Flares. The only issue that I have is whether an XS-6 is too strong for a Demo or even Flamer Tank. Other than that, these look great so far.
  6. Miracle
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    Miracle NOTD Staff: Assistant of many things

    What about merging both thermal sight and ocular implants together? I noticed that most of the times, people replace ocular implants with ammo mods as soon as they find it, and because a lot of players add stats in perception, thermal sight is made obsolete. This makes both of them the least used items in every game except survival... Maybe.

    Also, do they add extra weight to whoever uses it?
  7. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    Wise vets use the hell out of occs. I do, I know Shooz does, as do Blaqk and Nite. I was toying with the idea of making occs apply Blind immunity to promote use, but honestly, I'm not sure if that's such a good plan. I think it'd be awesome and useful, but it may be going too far.
  8. SirGalahad

    SirGalahad New Member

    Don't Occs already grant a minimum sight range of 1? That bonus was introduced a few months ago I think.
  9. Blaqk
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    Blaqk NOTD Staff: Bugs, Pugs, and Scruggs

    You should hear me bitch and moan if I don't get an Ocular by the airlock as Marksman or Recon.

    But yeah, depending on the class I'll take an Ocular over an HP, easily over an AP, and maybe over an FML depending on what I'm pew pewing.
  10. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    I don't think we have a Fuck My Life ammo mod. Would be interesting, though. What would it do, increase ammo consumption of the weapon by 100% and have each attack made by that weapon deal 1% of the attack's damage to the wielder?
  11. Hongbearr

    Hongbearr New Member

    No. 1% is way too low. I think it should be 50%.
  12. Ghost
    • Warden

    Ghost Warden

    Nano Health was already boosted in the past and IMO is already quite effective. 1 can outheal venom, 2 can outheal a lot of venom or some OW. That's on top of 9 endurance.
    It is of course quite niche and mainly useful for the Assa/Flamer/Tech tank than anyone else.

    1hp/sec would be a bit too much given that it stacks. You would end up with 2hp/s + endurance + base regen + talent regen which would be quite insane, just like stacking Tech auras used to be.

    As for ailment resistance on the armors, that's a nice idea, but IMO the values are too high. Noone over here goes armorless unless they are aiming for silver star, and even then they use armor for the holdouts. If you are aiming for resistance, make it small: 25% C2, 10% C4.
    50% + Endurance means parasites would essentially be negated.

    As for Thermal, it was made to no longer stack recently - you are aiming to change that back?
  13. Seeky

    Seeky New Member

    The tooltip for oculars have been changed... At least 3 times by now. Does it REALLY need another one? And a +1 for more XS series armours.
  14. Ability
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    Ability NOTD Creator

    Largely agree on the C-armor updates - but toned down the ailment resistance slightly to 40/20%.
  15. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    I'm fine with 40/20. I was just throwing rough numbers out there.

    Ghost: NHA, currently, offsets a whopping two venom. Considering the rate that Venom stacks? Its not nearly enough. Especially when you're comparing it to the raw utility of the other items available.

    As for therms, I didn't know that therms no longer stacked. Frankly, that makes me sad. But either way, everything in NOTD stacs, why not therms? I absolutely intend for there to be a benefit from multiple therms. You get a benefit from stacking everything else, after all.
  16. Lord NiteShade
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    Lord NiteShade NOTD Staff: Wiki Founder/TeamSpeak Admin

    Probly because you can throw 3 onto a leaver and the entire team sees forever. But you can do that "legitimately" with Field Nexus. Since players share vision, give a "support" class with 3 mod slots, like a Surv Rifle or Field Engy 3 therms and the entire team gets massive aoe detection, thanks to Nexus.
  17. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    Hardly gamebreaking in my opinion. Either way, if the detection doesn't stack, the critical strike chance will.
  18. Ability
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    Ability NOTD Creator

    I've added the Combat Shield - but called it Riot Shield for now to minimize any conflicts with the base SC2 Combat Shield behavior. 5 Weight. Currently not stackable. Each storyline drops 1 for now - to be used for testing first.

    Would prefer not to add the additional XS class armor to minimize clutter.
  19. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    And tanks everywhere did rejoice.
  20. Ghost
    • Warden

    Ghost Warden

    What I find lacking is that the riot shield again only buffs the assa tank while other tanks aren't reliant on life armor mods outside of talents.

    Order uses smite for mass armor where 1 pt won't do anything. Tech uses motm that makes him pretty invulnerable. Demo is shield based though ttd is life armor, buf really secondary with attack speed decrease actually bad given that ttd increases damage by 100%.

    Other classes won't really find 1 armor at 5 weight useful at all imo. Even medic unless you only use heal beam or something.

    What would be more useful as a buff would be say flat 5 damage reduction from every hit source regardless of shield or armor hit.

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