The Gravity Gun is dead.

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    The unfortunate truth is that the Gravity Gun is just too versatile. Not only does it have excellent damage and crowd control, it is an extremely useful tool that has many valuable support functions. Attempting to balance around it has been something of a nightmare, even in NOTD 2's less linear and more mobile setting.

    However, while the Gravity Gun itself is gone, its spirit lives on in the Psi Ops' Telekinesis tree. All of the Gravity Gun's functions are replicated through Telekinesis abilities, and there's less of a chance for horrifying bugs from multiple grab effects due to the class limit.

    I apologize for not being able to fit the Gravity Gun into NOTD 2 in its original form, but attempting to include the Gravity Gun in a way that I was satisfied with has been one of the major reasons that Mission production has been so slow. At the very least, one of the upsides of the Gravity Gun officially being cut is that I will be able to shell out missions faster because I will no longer have to account for the potential presence of one or more.

    Please understand that I do not make this decision lightly, and despite rumors (and my staff title), I do not actually hate fun. An unfortunate part of development is accepting that, sometimes, the things that you want to do are more trouble than they're worth.
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