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Discussion in 'NOTD Discussion' started by Kith, Jan 9, 2014.

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    Supposedly, the Demotank's taunt is supposed to be better because he's super durable less often. The Demo is supposed to be relying wholly on shields rather than just facetanking forever (and even then, he's got Nanoshield to instaheal him to full). The Assault, on the other hand, can effectively facetank forever and stuff his face with kits and bandages and is effectively invulnerable with a barely competent Medic.

    This is why I want to nerf Time to Die, so the Demo will actually be forced to rely on shields all the time.

    In NOTD 2, the taunts will actually be very different. More bosses will have castable attacks and other abilities. IYF will force enemies and bosses to target the Demolitions, which involves still using skills. This can very easily lead to disaster because, well, some of those abilities hit very hard.

    Taunt, on the other hand, will interrupt abilities and force direct attacking.
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    Because safeguard is permanent and TTD is not. Both get a (semi)permanent buff and a temporary buff, otherwise one of them would truly just be mindless. In melee games there's not much you can do against a massive protoss deathball with a bunch of colossus. The trouble is that you have to actually get to the huge group of colossus, and that takes time and leaving yourself a bit weaker earlier on. The same is true of the assault. Played decently, there's not much that can take out a level 11 asstank. The trouble is that you have to get that far, where up until level 5 demotank just vastly outstrips asstank and even from 5-8 it takes a (relatively) good player for the asstank to be on the same level.

    The real reason why people prefer demotank to asstank is because if a decent asstank is responsible for your loss, it's going to be before he has his T3, and likely before he even has charge. If a demotank is responsible for your loss, it will because he's a bad player or did something stupid, because once you get far enough into a game that an asstank would be the better choice to a demotank and you still have moh, you're already going to win.
  3. ozzy

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    charge can do more damage than any demolitions skill against a swarm
    assault will survive better than demolitions
    I think the assault has better stun but then is in close combat after the stun
    demolitions can stun far away but not effective as assault
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    Only one problem. Charge doesn't deal damage until after the knock back, by which point the enemies are usually dead already. The higher the sr/nm level of the game, the more likely it is for the enemies to die from dps class weapons than from charge. This means the asstank will lose more xp by virtue of having to use mobility and charge to kite away from the team (less shared xp) than he will gain from his charge kills. Granted this will change with NOTD2 and less increased health.
  5. nex_

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    Assault is a joke (especially charge/ironplate)

    For demo (tank) : concept = a hero shield based with mana skills & passive to recharge shield/improve them.
    Makes TTD a mecanics thats recharge shield maybe shield armor boost and some sideeffect(maybe a stun or ms). No armor no dmg.
    And makes it T2. Then it will be a TTD skill.
    (Lore speaking better :)

    For me it should replace look

    Give him repulse as an auto emergency system, every time he gets 0 energy with a cd. (emergency battery lore).
    Or any other T3 of ur mind.

    For sadist, its more complicated I would put this T2 to be offensive shield (dmg when hit) and remove it from the spiked carapace.

    T1 skills :
    A : Improved shield : +shield armor (+shield if u want) + regen shield
    B : taunt if you want (with a decoy)
    A : TTD
    B : spiked carapace (more offensive) (+ regen shield when kills)
    T3 : repulse / emp / any passive / any idea

    So you have choice to be well rounded tanky with T1/TTD, to be bloodlusty greedy passiv if u take T1/spiked, (should need a better synergy), to be well rounded offensive with shield /T2, Able to protect at ur own cost with taunt/T2
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    You don't want to elaborate on that at all?
  7. nex_

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    Something like u cant skip charge, as a monoer I know precisely the cost of putting yourself in danger especially in a blink, so if u are not in ts that can be dangerous, but the cd and the instant cast is a bit too powerfull for me.
    Ironplate well ... free tanking/win on ec.
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  8. Ramses II
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    Communication. High risk high reward.

    I'm assuming you mean safeguard. Yes, once you have safeguard tanking most things is relatively easy. Ailments are still an issue though and you also have to get to safeguard. Both demo tank and asstank have a point at which they reach pseudoinvulnerability. demo gets his when the medic gets to level 5, with the weakness of high energy usage. Ass gets his when he gets to level 9, with the weakness of ailments.
  9. Niktos

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    Charge doesn't really put you in danger if you know how it works and can use it to your advantage.
    Using charge you can bump into stuff and end up in spot you started, or redirect your slow ass whichever direction you want.
  10. ozzy

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    a demolitions is good enough with no repulse and the order flamethrower has a repulse so they would have similar skill
    assault will survive better alone
    the purpose of a tanker is not to level fast but to help the team so charge does not have to do instant damage to be good
    tankers will get enough kills to tier 3 with a crowbar or close combat things
  11. nex_

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    Bane gangbang appart :D

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