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Discussion in 'NOTD Discussion' started by Ryan III, Apr 18, 2012.

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    Ramses II Help, I can't change my title!

    I understand that it's a great class and I love having them on my team, I just don't like playing him.
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    I don't really hate or like Engineer class. I'm mostly play it because of team demand . This day, there sre so many bad nerfing happen to engineer class like 2.2 ms and 9 range x-1. Some people say it's because X-1 is op. I'm fine with nerfing if it's really op but it must be a good nerfing. Example, X-1, the reason for nerfing mostly because it's give 200% exp to engineer and also hog kill with non-stop shooting and for micro. How about we nerf it in better and simple way.

    For x-1, we can just nerf the damage more since it ignore armor and also splash. Why we have to bother nerf attack speed and range, 9 range is even shorter than laser rifle. About movespeed, they said "for micro", how can we micro something that slow and can't even catch up with the team, if anyone playing melee, you will see a good example "is there anyone micro Battlecruiser?", how about we lower X-1 hp so the players will micro it more or it will die and in nm game almost all zombies can charge.

    For towers, the reasons, ks and hog exp. How about make them share full xp to everyone the team that will solve the problems.
    Last, about Engineer gain 200% exp from x-1 and towers, How about make the towers and x-1 share xp to everyone but engineer so engineer will only get exp from killing, I already ask about this from peerawatZ and he said "it's doable".

    It's fine to make this class hard to play but at least make it worth to play. I still remember, Ability once said engineer and commando are special classes. It's not strange if they are stronger than the other classes(but ofcourse it's not more powerful than other classes much). That's why the requirement is high (But it's too low for this day since everyone can get 10k xp and 1700 rating easlily) that's all I want to say for now

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