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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CHENZ, Apr 21, 2012.

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    1. Cain died for greater good. He has gone to join Dumbledore, Gandalf, and other old people.
    2. Tyrael look tan to me. He lost his wings because angels' laws forbid him from going back to Santuary as angel. So he has gone from "I IS JUSTICE" to plain mortal in shiny golden armor with plastic sword that only tickle monsters.
    3. Blame Blizzard. "Working as intended..."
    Which remind me, why angels are less diverse than demons. There's only angels carrying some holy looking toothpick while there are bunch of type of demons, from oppressor to armored destroyer.

    I predict that Imperius will QQ in Diablo 3 expansion (if Blizzard planning it) because he did not get enough spotlight and that he got "defeated" by a mere malfunction in angel crystal thingie.
    There should be a class called Game Developer. Started with 9999 percent Gold Find and Magic Find. Abilities will include buffing monsters for balance reasons, increasing difficulty, and nerfing players.
    For those who still playing D3, read this or look at picture. It's funny. Note: original post has been deleted.

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    So been recently busy with D3.

    - I want to annihilate the retard responsible for putting Blocker-Arcane enchant affix combo into interior narrow corridor areas in the most horrifyingly violent manner possible.
    - For what reason on earth Runewords are gone ?
    - For what reason on earth gems changed from awesome elemental dmg to this crappy shit. And wtf where is Sapphire&Diamond&Skull
    - If i got a gold for identifying trash everytime id been rich,if i got another gold for each curse following that i would been multi-millionair already.
    - Why are all Legendaries trash ?
    - Secret Pony level: The faggotry is too damn high!.jpg
    - The story begins:
    Imperius: For violating our Terms of Use whilst your time in the angiris council as Archangel of Justice due to acting in favor of secretly aiding humans against the burning legions of hell...
    Tyrael: I R JUSTICE. I CANT BE BANNED! 11! 1!
    Imperius: :sigh: Commencing Ban in 3,2,1
    *Tyrael is flushed down the high heavens*
    - So we find a nigga,who are you nigga ? ; Nigga: Do no know. "That sword must be hims! 1!" Me: Sure,true story.
    - If Tyraels personality is his sword does that mean i can become Tyrael too if i wield that sword ?
    - "We must resurrect the mad Skeleton King" ; Me: For what ? ;
    "To kill him again" ; OK
    - Proceeds to Act2-
    - Rescues a talking barrel which unveils himself to be an Jewelcrafter Shen with an chinese appearance. Which wants to pay for his rescue with made in China jewelcrafting skills services for FREE. Seems legit.
    - Zoltun Kull: Join me and we will rule the galaxy together. Me: YES,YES,YES *Blizz scenario interferes* B-B-But you cant do that,we want to remain politically correct by not letting you on the evil side,not even for a little bit.besides that we are totally railroad boys when it comes to story telling. Im sorry but youll have to slay him. Auto-response: "I dont want to rule this world,i only to want to rescue it" <- Should be Nominated as the ultra-crappiest derpy dialog scene-response-whatever ever existed in a RPG
    - Belial: This world is mine! ; Me: LIES!!!
    - Belial is Lord of Lies,just how did he manage to become a Lord at all,he is one big LIE. Even his existence is improvable,a LIE! 111!
    - So proceeding to Act3-
    - Awesome Helm's Deep feeling fighting through the walls..
    - ..which is destroyed when i learn i cant join at the great battle in background,its just eyecandy and i have to be feel satisfied with the small carnage up here. But this way i wont reach 7001 kills,QQ
    - The grand strategist of hell needs a tutorial about how to use air units seemingly.. Since he is still needing ballista&catapult whilst he has that swarm of gargoyle,err.. molochs.
    - Doing random dungeon in act3,just moved around the corner and what do we see: BANELINGS,RUUN!
    - Tyrael destroys demonic seal on gate with his sword el-Druin. Tyrael y u no use abilities during fight ???
    - Earlier during fight: Templar: Im so impressed of your 0-dmg angelic sword,its an honor to fight alongside you because of your missing healthbar. Maybe we can do a practice fight if we survive this here ; Tyrael: Kk,is cool ; Me: Now im sure,that Templar guy is total NUTS!
    - Cynthea: Ah so close,so close already; Me: Say that again baby when i drive this sword through your mouth and three fleshy *censored*s at once you infernal frigitte spider queen bitch!
    - Azmodan being a giant infernal chicken,popping his head cluttering about how uber leet imba his minions are whilst he is sitting on his lava nest all the act. Atleast he is doing an Imma firin ma lazor! trick.
    - Finally in Act4-
    - So the high heavens are a bunch of white marmor highways connecting some useless towers with each other.
    - When you have portals for what do you need white marmor highways?..
    - Wandering through gardens of hope we witness that there is no gardenry in that,hmm interesting concept..
    - Imperius gets in my way,saying all the glory is hims. Just as we are told to fuck off or die he is struck down by the corrupted Rainbow Well or whatever that shit is called. Totally sucks to be you man.
    - When i see Izual: Dude i killed you before in D2,find me a game where a slain villain doesnt return in the sequel.
    - Meet Diabla,Lady of Terror. Who is super angry about not being left in for shopping in the Diamond Mall of heavens due to being a demon and will have her revenge via destroying the said heavens.
    - Hmm a new doppelganger sequence that is super easy cause my clone doesnt have my equip,ability etc.
    - Omfg,manage to kill Diablo,err Diabla in first attempt on normal. :Wtf did just happent:
    - Restart in Nightmare only to see that a mob requires 3 chops instead 1 this time and deals slighlty normal dmg instead just crappy,soo.. thats your concept of difficulty..
    - Realize that i spent here too much time writing this,proceed with restarting in inferno soon.
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    The butcher in Act 1.. You KILLED THE DEMON IN THE FKING LEVEL 2 OF DIABLO 1!! He had only a bloody axe. How the fuck he is back like this in D3 and now whit hook
    The GOD MODE of D3 , Fail blizzard FAIL. Blizzard said they fixed it quickly, but players still showing that it still present


    What he doing on the video
    using teleport - fracture
    then archon - improved´╗┐ archon quickly afterwards.
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    My personal conclusion of Diablo 3 is the following:

    1) They were trying to hard to be better in some revolutionary way, and had to reinvent the wheel 1000x. Eventually they were told to just finish the game so they could ship it before next WoW expansion.

    2) They wanted to make a Diablo game, not be the big update crew and release a more or less expansion+ version of Diablo 2.

    3) Because of the above 2, they tried too many things and were rushed for testing.

    4) Nearly all limitations were dictated by server performance or reality. Cases in point are as follows:

    - Map Randomization: The outside maps are linear and small because making a truly random 3D map is insanely complicated and requires years of development and testing. Diablo 2 could randomize maps easily because it was not 3D, it was sprites, they also reused art assets like nuts, and because no 3D meant no time needed for any background whatsoever.

    - 4 Player limit: Having 4 player per game is simply easier then 8, both on processing and memory usage. Morever graphics lag was taken into account, people's machines probably could not handle 8 players firing off spells at once.

    - Spawns: Less spawns means easier and faster to generate map on the fly as well as graphics performance

    - Items: having no item effects or very few means less processing needed, most of the game could be processed by database lookups of values.

    - Lack of free roaming/wapoints: Allows static loading of maps, instead of having to rapidly and dynamically destroy and create acts or even sections of acts.

    I could go on, but you get the general idea.

    Undoubtly there was corporate pressure from above to get the game released. I also get the feeling that the interdependence of game systems may have been responsible for so much of the games pain. In Diablo 2 you could ignore the leveling, the last 30 levels or so were completely unnecessary to beat Hell Ball. You could ignore the story, if you were solo only half the quests were required, if with a advanced buddy, you could ignore all but like 5 quests out of 27. Gear was unncessary to beat the game (People could and did Hell Ball naked). PvP was by choice, you could always create a private game with password.

    In diablo 3 however, in order to beat the game, you have to go through the story, in order to fight bosses. You have to level up first in order to be able to get the best gear. And finally you needed to complete the story, get fairly good gear and level up entirely before you could beat the game. This may never be fixed, simply because it's probably at the heart of the design philosophy, to build an all encompassing game for people to play, instead of a bunch of independent systems that are or more or exclusive of each other. Boils down to choice more or less, you have to play all aspects of Diablo 3 if you try to do any of them. I find it to be a good idea for a decent game, but unfortunately for a diablo game it falls short. It appears the best games are either competitive games that are highly balanced (see Starcraft) or non competitive games that provide a basic guideline, then let players loose in the sandbox (see any moddable game, including Diablo 2).

    Also to add, the AH's were the result (IMO) of Blizzard giving up on trying to prevent people from selling in game items. For 11 years and 2 games and 4 expansions later (Diablo 2 + Lord of Destruction, WoW + 3 expos), Blizzard has prohibited people and banned people for selling items, gold, entire characters, yet people to this very day continue to do so. Although their are plenty of grey sites that do this in a fair manner, there were and probably still are plenty of sites that scam people from these games. Unfortunetly the AH's distorted people's perception of the game quite a bit (Why farm level 61 or 62 items if I can just buy lvl 63?).
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    I only farm in Whimsyshrine Inferno now, easier and more profittable than doing A3/A4. And easier to get stacks, since A1 elites are trashes :
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    Well im in sort of a bottleneck currently: Need better gear to get past Act1 inferno->need to buy on AH->have no millions->no gf/mf gear,its gonna take forever whatever of two i would attempt to farm->selling blue/yellow trash on AH doesnt bring in that much gold->exit! :p
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    in that case D3 should be renamed to Pony Slash Simulator!!!
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    Add me up on D3 :( Sagev#1501
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    [align=center]What Diablo 3 teaches us about zombies[/align]

    As a male...
    • You will become bald. Whether you were bald before or had streaming black hair the moment you turn you will be bald.
    • There is only skinny and fat zombies.
    • Being a fatter zombie gives you more fortitude and makes you overall tougher than your skinnier counterpart.
    • Upon falling in battle as a fat zombie you may be fortunate to be able to squash your legs beneath you and separate them from you completely.
    • Upon losing your legs, this results in a lower blood requirement and more blood goes to the upper part of the body to allow it to move across the ground using only the arms faster than when you still had legs.
    • Also as more blood is present in the upper body the brain formulates the plan that you and your fellow Legless should hide in bushes and ambush unsuspecting travelers.
    • Upon becoming a fat zombie, some strange men in yellow may come and take you away for "kinky times" but it is in truth for grueling experimentation. Avoid these men at all costs.

    As a woman...
    • You will be forced to have to endure with wearing torn clothing and having black stringy hair for the rest of your undeath.
    • As a woman in life and in death you still mantain the ability to be dangerous by hurling things at enemies from a distance.
    • As a female zombie you do not lose the ability to reproduce at all. You will during your time of undeath spew up your children and devour the refuse of others.
    • You will mostly avoid direct confrontation and let the men around you do all the fighting for you.

    Who thinks that the people at Blizzard who designed the Wretched Mothers were Naruto fans? This is why I ask...
    The resemblance is strikingly similar.:p (Pale skin, long black hair, funny way of moving, regurgitate bodies and use the mouth as the main means of offense as well as the sounds of when it happens)
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    Lol, possibly, games for ages have used other media as sources, including other games.

    Also, in related news, a player has reached paragon level 100. Watch some of his stream, amazing gear and crazy dedication, props to him.

    Also, anyone who hasn't added me, ArcanePariah #1920
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    nobody wants to add u ap, just saying...
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    Wow, anyone still playing Diablo 3?
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    Yes, it has improved, still work in progress and I still have fun mowing shit down :D
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    Thanks to ArcanePariah and Sagev for free stuffs
    Finished inferno on monk

    Going to get my wiz to 60 since hydra(arcane)-blizzard still works
    (in hell difficulty at least)
    Tried the Archon build - too much pain not enough profit
    Keep dying too much lol
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    I play it occasionaly.
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