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    This thread is for keeping track of my incoherent ramblings to review later when I can see straight because being unfettered by sense will sometimes create the brightest of ideas - it is easiest to think outside the box when you're not anywhere near the box, so to speak. I'm basically putting this here so I have proof that I'm actually working on things and also so people can give me some sort of direction if they're interested in doing so.

    • Expect no formatting and don't request any. This is my public notepad and if you can't read it, that's not my problem.
    • Do not treat these concepts as finished. These are incomplete concepts, not polished design documents.
    • Feel free to post feedback. I am not omniscient and there's a reasonable chance you've thought of something I haven't.
    • Feel free to submit things for me to work on. If you feel like a particular class or weapon or mission needs attention, say so and I will look at it.

    passive adrenaline and actual time being borrowed

    T1: surg (damage at level 1, duration increase at level 2, penalty duration decrease at level 3?)
    T1: angry bullets (toggle that, when on, causes an additional damage effect to be added to the primary target of attacks. this effect has a splash radius that deals friendly fire damage. turning the toggle on and off forces reloads)
    T2: adrenaline (passive upgrade to surg. level 1 gives bonus attack speed per hit (synergizes with angry bullets) and level 2 gives bonus reload speed)
    T2: borrowed time (timescale boost. unsure if level 2 should increase the boost % or the duration. leaning towards %.)
    T3: midnight animal (hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha)
    T3: graveyard man (for 20 seconds, every kill you make adds a damage bonus. stacks, and stacks disappear once buffs end.)

    i hate the t3s

    T3: shadow strike? idk something that doesn't sound lame (blink attack to enemies in an area for every shot in the magazine, return to the original position when done)
    T3: merciful hand (buff, attacks deal x% bonus damage where x = missing health)

    grey mask effect
    starts with one spare talent point

    clear and hold (damage, reload speed, attack speed, no moving)
    double time (sprint speed, jump range, movement speed, no attacking)
    situational awareness (sight range, detection range/weapon range, don't get hit)
    passive: contingency plan (buffs can now be stacked, adds a grace period at the end of buffs)
    Ult1: tactical stance (max energy/ability damage, don't get max energy)
    ult2: gub (infinite ammo/rounds deplete over time/kills restore rounds, don't reload)

    fortify position (stationary buff zone, gives offensive)
    tactical advance (mobile buff zone, gives defensive/mobility)
    kill zone (stationary debuff zone for enemies, more enemies means more damage vuln)
    stasis grenade
    ult 1: time cube
    ult 2: stand together


    T1: improved propellant (level 1 improves splash, level 2 increases attack speed, level 3 gives better projectile + attack range)
    T1: burst fire (deals much more damage but has friendly fire - deals damage based on distance, level 2 adds a DOT to damaged units, level 3 increases the damage to full at all ranges)
    T2: frenzy (level 1 gives stacks on attack, level 2 gives stacks on ability damage)
    T2: immolate (level 1 sets self on fire, level 2 adds damage vuln to damaged units)
    T3: inferno (in name only - fart a bunch of missiles at an area, deals damage on impact + damage over time afterwards)
    T3: wildfire (buff that causes enemies to explode when killed by the flamethrower, hurt allies but not the flamethrower)

    keep in mind all of these damage reductions only apply to the flamethrower, a zombie won't deal less damage if it decides to slap a teammate while smited

    T1: smite (reduces damage dealt by a flat value per unit hit. level 2 adds reduced attack speed, level 3 adds ye current health damage)
    T1: shatter (reduces damage dealt by 50%. level 2 adds healing on use, level 3 adds refunded cd + nrg on kills)
    T2: single target taunt (permanent until dead, level 1 gives demotaunt effect, level 2 gives assaulttaunt effect)
    T2: righteousness (gives smite a slow at level 1 and shatter a stun at level 2)
    do more paladin research
    T3: faith (it's faith. what the fuck do you think it does.)
    T3: conviction (brief period of invulnerability followed by massive damage vulnerability)

    keep no cooldown/transient innate
    new innate: focus, a super hold-fire that disables the ability to attack things but reduces the energy cost of abilities, must be disabled before attacking can resume (unlike regular hold fire, which can be canceled by a right-click)

    anger management: the character: the class: the movie: the book: the direct-to video sequel

    T1: nerd rage
    T1: grapple napple (l1 snatch a guy, l2 snatch to guy, l3 add stuns to snatching)

    abilities have charges and build limits

    Static Trap (reduces movement speed of enemies that pass through, has a limit on how many can be affected at once)
    Barricade (Blocks pathing, is tough)
    Reinforcement Node (buildings within the radius gain a shield)

    -Perimeter Defense
    Sentry Turret (turret that attacks units that enter its cone of effect, see Maxim, possibly a flamethrower)
    Flak Turret (Anti-Air autoturret)
    Marksman Turret (long-range, can attack ground and air units)

    STOCKPILE (reduced energy cost for buildings, increased charge generation)

    Health Regen Tower

    Black Dog
    Automated cannon that fires HE-F shells

    Teleporter Relay
    Stolen from the Field Engineer. Works like Medivh's Portal, with a short cooldown and a charge count.
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  2. squish

    squish Well-Known Member

    It does work with a crowbar. Crowbar Adrenaline Madness is a thing. A very, VERY, powerful thing. On the order of .03 attack speed powerful. With the right person driving it, can get +150% damage with no penalties. Even more with outside help.

    Crowbar on madness adrenaline can't be understated, it's on par with flamer/HE for a no reload nasty surprise.

    Didn't you account for that? Something along the lines of weapons have their own magazines?


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  3. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    Did you really have to quote the whole thing?
    Last time I checked, the Crowbar does not generate adrenaline stacks. I mean, it can still be affected by them, but.

    You missed the memo where we're not doing that.
  4. squish

    squish Well-Known Member

    It does generate adrenaline. I've tested it.

    Edit: Yeah, I fixed it now.
  5. Kataract

    Kataract New Member

    as this is a notepad then this can be your/my reminder that I need to put actual effort into the engineer skill names either this or next weekend instead of winging it over a lunch break.
  6. so engi would control only himself and x1 now (and probably nexus)? goodbye days of controling 3 probes, nexus and an x1 :) anyway it was hardly used due to insane macro.
    But what does energy battery do? drain energy from x1 and give to engi and vice versa or something else?
  7. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    why can't you just finish the post the first time aaaaaaaaa


    The Nexus (or nexus-like thing) is an upgrade to the X-1, not a separate unit. The dominated units are separate, though.

    The Energy Battery ability is something for either the Engineer or the X-1, I can't decide. Either way, it will allow the user to drain energy from allied units and give energy to allied units, allowing them to redistribute energy among the team. Considering that the class is officially in Tier 3, I felt this was a much better way of applying the concept of "better energy management" as opposed to just giving the Engineer a regeneration aura.
  8. nex_

    nex_ Member

    some other exemples for rifleman

    innate : marksmanship (critical strike)

    focus fire (ias/dmg cost range)/ critical strike (improves markmanship critical dmg)
    grenade / muscle relaxant (dmg/reload)
    grenadier / bloodlust

    Saline / cripling fire (improves markmanship with mini bash)
    stun grenade / weapon profiency (add range cost ias)
    sonic trap / dog

    For the commando and to take the am concept (u centred rifle on am skills) I think it must be considered as a medium rifleman class in terms of 'dps', but with a light concept survival like the scout/sdm. Basically, average dmg, with good pump dmg (or ias) skill, but a bit extra range with pumped up vision. Without the survival for the pure combat thing, with survival (mono traps ??)) for the other.
    He is more versatile, and very efficient in zomb kills, but not top efficient, because it allow no mistakes (no survival).
  9. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    I like to take cues from Aftermath, but I'm not about to copy it. I am happy with where the proposed Rifleman concept is and I see no reason to make the changes you have suggested.
  10. nex_

    nex_ Member

    Man u take back the exact focus fire there was, you put saline (self-aid whatever) in main skill, like it was.
    I see no difference.

    so this :
    is inadapted

    I'm just suggesting different conception, there is ofc no reason, thats suggestions, you said if you like or not; you get inspired by it or not, like u said. Answering like this .... really doesnt incite people or at least me to give u other suggestions.
  11. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    "Taking cues" from something means taking individual elements. I feel like the skilltree you suggested is too close to Aftermath. Yes, the new Focus Fire will be closer to the Focus Fire of Aftermath, but it will not be identical.

    I'm sorry if you took it that way, I'm just being honest - I am pleased with where the concept is going and I don't really feel like the concept you provided is better suited to what I want the Rifleman to be, nor do I feel that the suggested concept for the Commando is appropriate.
  12. Stereo
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    Stereo Paper Boy

    Could always call the proposed combat tree something like "Field Work" and support tree "Unconventional"
  13. Arturia

    Arturia Well-Known Member

    For some reason, I get the impression that dog would be better on UAV than rifleman, with the dog taking over the T2 that adds inventory slots. Not sure why, but mechanical bird, mechanical dog, mechanical bff's?

    I get the impression that the UAV can sorta take off / land whenever, so why not remove the loiter T2 and just make an innate letting it Stabilize itself on the ground. Has a set-up/break down time, becomes immobile, rotates slower, fires faster. Loiter T2 Upgrades that ability.

    For Missile strike, does the CD mean how long it takes it to generate a missile, or is it the delay between being able to fire missiles, or both? Curious about that because of Missile Rack.
  14. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    While that is a very funny mental image, I can't say I support it.

    Nah. Toyed with this idea, didn't like it. If people start bitching about how it can pick up items while in midair, I'll give it a miniature gravity gun or something.

    It starts out as a 1 charge ability, the cooldown refers to how often it generates charges. Missile Rack increases the maximum amount of charges, possibly also speeds up charge generation. I'unno yet.
  15. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    OP cleaned up, complete/posted designs removed, Technician plans added.
  16. Ability
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    Ability NOTD Creator

    For Medic, overall looks okay except for this:

    Overdose - deals 15% of maximum health over 10 seconds and lowers movement and attack speed by 0.5% per 1% of missing health.

    Depending on the cooldown (unless it's very high), a Medic can solo kite & kill a boss (because it's 15% of max health per cast) while the team farms equipment/completes quests. I would change Overdose to 20% current health maybe, so diminishing returns can kick in.
  17. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    I'm not super clear on the cooldown right now because I'm waiting to see what LOTV is doing to the game clock, but in real life time it'll be either 60 or 80 seconds. I chose Max Health specifically because Current Health is a pain to calculate, especially on the fly. Also because it's an ultimate with a long-ish cooldown, as opposed to, say, the Marksman's Heartbreaker or the Flamethrower's Smite.
  18. MissHumpz
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    MissHumpz NOTD Staff: Event Coordinator & Amazing Amazer

    I really have a dislike for Heal as an ability that completely disables the medic (stops all movement and dps) just seems so prehistoric for something based in the future and is easily outdone by abilities such as weave which still allows the medic to maintain movement and contribute to team dps.
    Will Medic have a default spell available like it does in current NOTD (e.g. Surgical Laser)? Because by the looks of it here you're designing the medic to learn different abilities to treat each ailment. If thats the case I would really be concerned of energy costs of each spell. I like ability to have a 'quick fix on-the-go postpone/worry about deadly ailments after I get you out of harms way' type healing option which would be realistic for medics in an army scenario.

    I personally never found boosting movement speed abilities particularly useful as they never seem to offer equal benefits as other abilities.

    With the Malpractice tree, will the medic be able to cast ailments onto the enemy? For example, give massive (not boss types) fractures/breakages?
  19. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    That's one of the balancing factors of Heal and Weave, though - Weave is hands free but Heal doesn't have a cool down. It's alright though 'cause Heal is going to be able to be used while moving. However, not while attacking - Weave would lose a lot of its luster if that was the case.

    Nu-Medic's new innate is Booster, which will not have an energy cost. If you're looking for a quick fix, Weave and Haste are your options, which I feel are more than sufficient for keeping someone mobile and alive.

    Personal opinions are personal opinions. I love them, myself.

    I thought about it, but I'd rather stick to unique stuff. A DOT dangerous to a unit with 250 hit points likely doesn't matter to one with 5000 and a disable that's annoying to a unit with 2.2 ms is debilitating to one with 1.5.
  20. Blaqk
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    Blaqk NOTD Staff: Operations and Web

    Buddy System is REALLY good. So good that I'm pissed it wasn't my idea.

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