Suggestion to improve the Desolation tree of Chemical expert

Discussion in 'NOTD Discussion' started by stonethrower, Apr 16, 2014.

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    You don't lose games during holdouts. You lose games in between holdouts and during bosses.
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    plus anyone can karmabites u ...
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    I don't know if contamination kills a lot itself or combined with someone's shooting. Most times I'm firing it too far to see, what happens there. But I had an impression that I level too fast. And had about the same amount of kills as amm by mid ere holdout.
    Chem is not better dps than ass and no better tank than ass, demo, tech, but I don't think that it is a reason to say that it is worthless. Harder to play - yes. But I personally find it more interesting to think where to contaminate, than to hold f, standing still. Though second is certanly better for the team...
    Playing deso is harder than younger classes, but I can make interesting for myself.
    One of my solo victories in ec recruit was deso + hybrid recon + rofl (rofl was lost to ere2).
    Randoming chem in EC is not a best luck, cause, arty fo is. But atm I would be happier to get chem, than any of the ordinary classes of EC.
  4. We are not arguing about whether a class is useful or not, we arguing if it is worth the slot and the effort. Basically NOTD is about a few things, most importantly are Boss DPS and Crowd Control (CC), granted chemo provides cc but hardly anything else in current games. Since you are unlikely to deso the boss or T3 it then you will be limited to crowd control and mostly during holdouts as it is considered dangerous to use on the move (but I do :) ) CC at holdout can be provided by many classes, a mando at t3, assa with sg, nano med, explosives demo, SMM with sg or stinger or as I said before mono AMM, all those can help with boss dps. Yes chemo can win the zombie CC fight 1v1 with those (due to venom slows )but as in holdouts, whole team is together so not needed and in holdouts heavies like to come which deso not always work against. So chemo is replaced by one of those like in sec team with smm
    We must agree that ec recruit doesn't prove much, once I was only man alive as smm and finished with truck bonus with help of a pet. Another time we were a 4 man team (one c rofl was new) med assa and 4th guy can't remember. We all died at or before queen but assa lived due to insane DPS.
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    I honestly don't care :) if EC Recruit proves anything or not. I do not play other story lines. The only reason I'm writing here is because this thread was ab initio restricted to desoChem in EC.

    EC Recruit for vets is not about cc or boss dps, 1 demo will handle any boss, 1 arms assault (2 if it's over 1600 sq) will deal with any crowd problems. Rest of the team may happily have fun and study new classes. Chem is a great fun. And contamination is especially good to be used outside of holdouts. Because it can block a dangerous sideway and gives newbees a good impression of where not to go ("do not enter the green clouds" in chat works well).
  6. This thread wasn't about ec, people assumed so due to speaking of minis and such. Anyway I must urge you to play other storyline, come at notd channel and we will help you with that. It has a different taste, and classes aren't balanced on recruit only or else they will be up
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    Ramses II Help, I can't change my title!

    classes out of storyline aren't meant to be balanced. chem is meant to be played in apollo sec, not ec, so it doesn't matter whether chem is balanced in ec so long as it isn't game-breakingly overpowered on veteran and nm.

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