Suggestion: Replace explomo's 'Build mines' skill.

Discussion in 'NOTD Discussion' started by Zuriel, Feb 8, 2012.

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    In the past, there have been suggestions and requests for build mines to be merged with lay mines. In its place, I suggest another mining skill called "Trip flares"

    As the name suggests, whenever any unit walks between two trip flares, (small distance between the flares) the two flares will light up and burn for 5 seconds, during which the nearby units are slowed as they are dazed by the light. (perhaps player units should not be affected, but civvies, and minis will be)

    The skill will combine 'build trip flares' with the actual skill, not unlike how build mines will combine with land mines.

    Animation wise, it will be two jets of flames (vanilla sc2 hellion flame jet) that burn for 5 seconds but do no damage.

    The illuminated area will be a small, medium and large area around the flares, depending on how many skill points are spent on the skill.

    Energy cost and cooldowns have to be discussed, I suck at balancing.

    Why should this idea be considered?

    Remotely detonated flares can give team a good heads up of what is entering an area, that they might be better prepared when the threats arrive. Also, offers greater dynamism in gameplay as teams can have short, remote vision of areas that might be helpful especially in the thick fog, and plan their course (of action and walking path) accordingly.

    Possible areas of concern: slowing the orbital laser will not be allowed, bosses will be 50% slowed player controlled units will not trigger/be slowed.

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