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    Please excuse the title, I'm not exactly capable of thinking up names after memorizing so many for various midterms.

    So I had a bit of spare time between two midterms today and I decided to do a little bit of writing to pass the time. I haven't written anything in a long time, and I have no idea what this story is going to be about yet, but I have to start from somewhere so here goes.

    Prologue: Arrival

    Socially Desirable. Leave it to economists to find nice sounding words for everything. When both extremes (such as no pollution at all vs maximum pollution) were both equally undesirable for society, the idea of “social desirability” states that there must be a compromise somewhere in the middle that’s best for society.

    Like all government policies based around economic principles, this one started innocently enough. H-3 was legalized as a fuel source shortly after its discovery “for the good of society”. Trade and extraction of H-3 was subsidized “for the good of society”. When shortages of H-3 inevitably occurred, extreme and invasive detection methods were implemented “for the good of society”. Cities, cities that have stood for hundreds of years, were relocated to access their H-3 deposits “for the good of society”. Entire populations became homeless, “for the good of society”.

    It was always for the good of society. I guess I must have been blind, ‘cause I never saw what good it did for us. Governments must have a different definition for society than we do, just like how economists have a different definition for desirable.


    (No offense to economists, I'm trying to illustrate a scenario that will hopefully never happen in modern society). Comments and suggestions are really appreciated!
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    Is this a draft or is this the dialogue? that's what confused me. Anyways welcome to the universe section! I'm sure I've introduced myself to you before and look forward to viewing your works of literature. I have several works in progress myself so if you have time feel free to peruse through them. I mostly inhabit here on forums.

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