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Discussion in 'NOTD Discussion' started by spartanhija, May 15, 2012.

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  1. spartanhija

    spartanhija Member

    So I was thinking for players who play solo on ec, what do you think if you got a small squad depending on rating/difficulty, similar to how Alpha starts only it would be the rest of easy company because its solo?
    So I was thinking(again depending on difficulty, since easy mode gone I can only play Hardened/1700+ rating) 1Med,1Flame,2Rines or 3-4 randoms???
    I know most players don't play solo but I really think It would add a new layer to the game, especially for new players. When I first started playing NOTD and had no idea what I was doing except following other players and shooting and running (kiting) I played aloooot of solo, just so I could learn the mission's on my own. I think it would be great if you could add a little more to solo and maybe even a new medal? Since most players don't play solo it would be kind of rare at least for a while.
    Feed back :D
    So just to clarify the new minis would start with you by trucks (bottem right) because they are Easy Company, taking place of other players. If they were random and were allowed to have abilities of their own, how awesome would that be???
  2. Ryan III

    Ryan III Well-Known Member

    Well I only solo on T-storms and to make artwork like my mine commando I was making until a troll zombie ruined it all :(

    However NotD IS a multiplayer game and it's no fun without a team ( excluding 2 man surv runs ). Even if solo is fun to you, I think otherwise
  3. Ramses II
    • Donator

    Ramses II Help, I can't change my title!

    Soloing can be fun, but IMO it should be discouraged. NOTD is, by definition, a co-op map, and having rewards for soloing (besides just getting better) is not really something that I like. There's always the danger of people stopping playing with others to do solo runs.

    That said, with the upcoming tutorial, it should be much easier for players to hone their skills when no one else is on.
  4. spartanhija

    spartanhija Member

    So you could learn and play at your own pace, you don't have to keep up with a group of veterans who already played each and every style and don't have to coordinate with eachother because they already know where there going. This may not be fun for everyone but it would definitely be a great addition to the game, it would help ppl learn the game, and challenge veteran players (assuming they choose nm mode), and if possible to get a medal therefor stat, and of course eventually credit, this would add an entire new layer to an already great game.
  5. Ryan III

    Ryan III Well-Known Member

    Yea... Updated my post while you posted that, but basicly what we both said NotD is a multiplayer game.

    Edit: I ment Ramises II
  6. spartanhija

    spartanhija Member

    Well, Im sure the tutorial's will be great, but again you get to play at your own pace and it would be unique from what players are used too. Also aside from soloing, what if someone drops when game starts and it randoms a AI unit to take there place? Minis usually die, but if 1-2 ppl get dropped it can make ppl leave the game. Im talking about before they pick a unit or if its only a 2 man game.
    I know you did, is it because farmer's mostly? Or you guys just don't want it to become a single player game?
  7. Ryan III

    Ryan III Well-Known Member

    Both, hackers claim they soloed many times in solo, that's why no one has seen them, I also don't want notd to become a single player game. If it becomes singleplayer, what would we need a community for? What would we need a channel for?
  8. spartanhija

    spartanhija Member

    I'm not saying it need's to become a solo game only, I'm just saying some of us don't always have availability to the internet, I played a lot at work until last night when I tried to play and it was on hardened mode -_-, I'm sure with time I'll be able to solo it but its ridiculously hard. I mean I mostly play this game at work where I don't have internet connection, so I'm not asking you to give up your community and friends, I'm just asking to help ppl like me who don't always have time to play online. When I get home where I do have internet I got about 3-4 hours to sleep before I gotta watch my kids so its difficult to find time to play online. If I had connection at work it would be no problem but I don't. Im sure there's other ppl like me who maybe go to a coffee shop or something and don't have net at home. Im just asking to ppl to think about the community instead of just what they want..
    Thanks for your votes anyway
  9. Thermidor

    Thermidor Well-Known Member

    Oh God, just imagined what NOTD would be like without it's community and forum, wiki and channel. I would've moved on ages ago if that was real.
  10. Arturia

    Arturia Well-Known Member

    Single Player games Die. The End.

    NOTD isn't focused on Single Player; It is focused on Cooperative Play.

    Solo should for all purposes, be considered Discouraged, because of the very nature of the game is Team Work.

    As for adding in an AI, that would probably kill Script Space, and would be fairly complicated to make it perform. It may be possible that the AI's are flawless, and perform better than the player, resulting in people then creating Games of AI's to carry them to victory.

    And in Creating AI's, it would also require much more effort to be implemented to be workable. 24 AI's would have to be created, one for each Class Tree to do what you want.

    Your Poll is also biased.
  11. spartanhija

    spartanhija Member

    lol I know it is. but The skill thing was just an idea, having a few minis would be nice
  12. Lord NiteShade
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    Lord NiteShade NOTD Staff: Wiki Founder/TeamSpeak Admin

    Except you can actually check their stats, or review their match history. Hell, just check their wins.
  13. Blaqk
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    Blaqk NOTD Staff: Operations and Web

    Reel in the unfriendly demeanor. The very nature of this forum is team work and crap like this doesn't contribute.
  14. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    Dunno why this is closed, but allow me to give you my two cents. NOTD is already VERY nice to solo players. It gives them three minis, all of which are equipped with powerful and effective weapons. If you take the time to find Ogilvy/Ivan, you've got four tanky companions with a well rounded equipment set. On top of that, spawns are cut down to almost nothing, and during Queen, you have an entire company to back you up.

    The same goes for Alpha. Granted, Sheng's boys aren't around to help with Demeter anymore, but there are no more trolltastic huggers or cocoons during the boss battles, and Ogilvy/Ivan would be happy to help defend you from what few may remain.

    Apollo Sec provides no mini support, but you have basically infinite recon time to work with to find Charlie and the infestors and kill off the Agrons to be somewhere around level 6 or 7 by the first wave with full equipment.

    Again, NOTD is already VERY nice to solo players. If you want to see a game that doesn't tolerate solo bullshit, go play NOTD: Aftermath from Warcraft 3. You get full level spawns and your only additional support is one rifleman mini.

    That's right, one.

    Have a nice day.

    Razzm frazzm spoiled kids these days, back in MY time we didn't have fancy tanks or mini support out the ass, we had to walk all the way to Ravenholm from a drop zone in the pouring rain and fight zombies with rusty mining picks!
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