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Discussion in 'NOTD Discussion' started by squish, Jul 18, 2014.

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    Game balance wants to reduce the "campiness" of alpha company, no?

    Backstory for how this came to me: Randomed tech in ac, went 3 nanites, grabbed c4 and riot shield, proceeded to give zero fucks about mutas. What I learned: That big ass first wave after the corpsman? That's totally kite-able, except for the mutalisks, and maybe the seekers zoombies.

    This basically leads me to the conclusion of: Mutas with retarded speed and infested marines are the anti-thesis to kiting, in every storyline. EC Muta wave after erebos 1: Camp. Domes: Camp. Alpha company fort waves: Camp. Sec team: Camp, Camp, Camp, and more camp. Did I mention camp? Survival: Camp.

    I have a somewhat repetitive idea that's been thrown out there before as a solution: Remove or reduce mutalisks or give players a way to effectively deal with them before they become a real problem: A dedicated anti-air weapon that can only target air units, can eliminate them effectively, and from about 14 range away.

    As a counter to the removal of air and (maybe) seekers, I'd suggest that 50% of spawns in the first wave after acquiring the corpsmen receive the advanced mutation buff; this will result in some of the mobs having far too much health to reliably kill in a camp scenario, whilst allowing the Commando to level enough to the point that as the team kites, nukes are simply dropped behind.

    WIP and will be refined over the course of a short while
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  2. Blaqk
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    Same old story; same old song and dance.
  3. Loganos

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    antithesis is one word, no hyphen.
  4. squish

    squish Well-Known Member

    This proposal is aimed at reducing the camping in Alpha Company, by applying buffs to large hordes that make them bullet sponges.
  5. squish

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    New vein of thought: @Ability

    Alpha Company is supposed to be the campaign, the "thing" to do, after easy company. Why the retarded hike in difficulty for what is now measly rewards (xp/credit gain)?

    I mean, if teams comprised of players that doing nothing *BUT* play notd can't beat AC reliably; how the fuck do you expect fresh 1k xp players to be able to?

    AC can't be beaten by "pro" players, buying or not is irrelevant; that campaign hasn't gotten more "challenging", it's gotten flat out dumb at all levels of nightmare play and is unfairly punishing for its order of unlock. If you haven't seen the fuckery that is AC, go join a few AC games and suffer a remake train.
  6. valisk

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    Apha company isn't the most easy story after easy comp?
    EC is really simple and i would try do some AC but no one want play it when i try ask the team before load the game.
    And i went in TS3 of NOTD an i had see no one:/

    Is there some place where "clan"/player in particular who play AC?
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  7. Ar0uz3d

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    I think what Squish is trying to state is that all of the recent patches are not preventing people from camping. Adding more mobs and such are actually keeping them camping even more. About a month or so ago, there was a strategy created for AC, where everyone should just stand by the mining site's island all the way until the gas sequence (except for when the dps and tank went to fight Chron; nondps would just stay at island). The only person who had to do any real work was the MobCon. Apparently for some people, it worked, but it just seemed (to me) like they were just getting carried by this one MobCon, while hiding like a little pussy. From what I see, the recent changes are making people camp even harder than before and relying on scouts to do all of the work.

    However, I don't agree with this. It's true that, with their speed, they keep them in their place, but with crowd control and dps, they're pretty much just an annoying bug that you can shoot down. The only solution I can think of for preventing people from camping is forcing the team to move together as a team. An example would be when the developers changed the objective in Sec so that everyone was forced to move together in order to trigger the Ivax sequence. That certainly did prevent them from camping at EC Muta, but they'd just end up standing still and camping at the cells to kill off the wave of mobs. It actually makes me miss the days when people would actually stand by Ivax and run up North to an area that was easier to walk around to fight/kite off the slashers (maybe add an objective where the team is forced to protect Ivax until HAL takes over?).

    If you don't understand what I mean when I say "forcing the team to move together with the use of objectives", I'm going to use the game, Left 4 Dead, as an example. In Left 4 Dead, players are continuously forced to run as a team to complete objectives and you only stop for a few seconds to shoot (except for when you wait for a door to open or so on). There's also when you're facing a mob of zombies in your face and you have to just keep running to the next safe house (like when the Reactor is about to blow inside Sec A and the team runs to Easy Company). Of course, that would probably mean changing the missions and such, which ultimately means changing the game a bit (might as well just do all of these anti-camp ideas in NotD 2 then). Honestly though, I don't think the objectives for AC needs changing. The only part when the team needs to camp is surviving the two titan waves in the first 30 minutes and standing on the hexes in campyard. It's actually not that bad in AC if you compare it to EC and Sec.

    Sadly speaking, it isn't as easy as most people would hope. They used to make the difficulty very hard, then very easy, then very hard again, and now it's just hard. If you're looking for the second easiest storyline, it would be Survival NM, which (as of lately) has been more commonly hosted.

    There's actually a period of time during the day where there's an influx of players online inside the NOTD chat room (I don't mean the group or game chat, but the custom chat channel "notd"). For me, it happens around 4 pm to 10 pm (Pacific Standard Time) on the US server.
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    Well, at this point, TS is barren outside of weekend US night times. I'm on every night SEA time and I'm usually the only one in the server during then.

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