So.. About that avengers movie?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by squish, May 7, 2012.

  1. squish

    squish Well-Known Member

    That movie was fucking badass. When Hulk smashed loki all over the ground in STARK tower, that was downright hilarious.
  2. Ghost
    • Warden

    Ghost Warden

    I found the dialogue before the smashing a lot more funny and fitting.

    Show Spoiler

    Oh and when the Cap told Hulk who didn't have orders: "Smash" :D
  3. squish

    squish Well-Known Member

    YES!! LOL
  4. Lord NiteShade
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    Lord NiteShade NOTD Staff: Wiki Founder/TeamSpeak Admin

    Hulk was comic relief, except HE wasnt the relief, whatever he was smashing was.
  5. Mirage
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    Mirage ಠ_ಠ What are you looking at?

    Great fuckin movie

    Except for the mindfuck that was the suddenly 100% under control hulk at the end.
  6. Ghost
    • Warden

    Ghost Warden

    Yeah, that was pretty sudden from RAAAAAAAGE to I smash enemies only

    Figured had something to do with the talk Stark gave him on the ship, but that was prior to him turning the first time.
  7. Zuriel

    Zuriel Well-Known Member

    ScarJo the black widow. Me Gusta.
  8. ProbeGst

    ProbeGst Well-Known Member

    Loki: gonna turn you *poke*
    iron man: you know it doesn't work on 1/5 of the ppl xD
  9. Emperor

    Emperor New Member

    Told you.
  10. Mirage
    • Donator

    Mirage ಠ_ಠ What are you looking at?

    Stark: Having some performance issues there?
  11. Emperor

    Emperor New Member

    The funniest part of the movie is when Cap first fights Loki.

    Black Widow comes and threatens Loki in the ship with the chaingun, pointing it at him.... While he's surrounded by kneeling civilians on all sides.
  12. Mirage
    • Donator

    Mirage ಠ_ಠ What are you looking at?

    Trumped by iron man hijacking the PA systems :p
  13. Emperor

    Emperor New Member

    "Better clench up, Legolas."

    Was the best line in the movie.
  14. Zuriel

    Zuriel Well-Known Member

    DAT ass.
  15. Ramses II
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    Ramses II Help, I can't change my title!

    I still think hawkeye should have been wearing his costume.
  16. Emperor

    Emperor New Member

    I just realized shawarma is the stuff they sell at Donairs.

    Basically the little mom n' pop run shop that unashamedly opened up right beside my high school to tempt me with delicious food.

    $5 a day for lunch... wasted so much money at that place.
  17. PatriGamer

    PatriGamer New Member

    the avengers was awsome. I saw it in 3D :)
  18. AngelSephy

    AngelSephy New Member

    dont forget how Hulk Punch Thor when thor "joins: his fight ;D
  19. SkullCapp

    SkullCapp Well-Known Member

    That movie was a blast! I like how Thor replied when Widow said Loki killed bunch of people in two days. Thor replied, "He's adopted." Yeah, way to save himself.

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