Single Marksman Security Team

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  1. ozzy

    ozzy Member

    the single marksman requires less items and
    the marksman can level faster


    with chemical expert the critical strikes will pass the damage of double marksman

    it saves ammo and arc because energy transfer

    psi ops 3 mindlink→1 blind→1 speed of thought→2 illusions→2 speed of thought→inception→3 force push

    recon 1 execute→1 laser designate→3 escape→1 matrix→3 surveillance flare→2 supply station→2 matrix→2 flash flare→refresher

    techcina 3 maintenance drone→1 floodlights→2 mad spark→2 array→hammer of the gods→1 nanosteel net→3 nanites

    marksman 3 quick aim→2 critical strike→2 stealth→3 critical strike→subtlety master→3 concentration→1 monofilament charge→2 anticipation

    chemical expert 3 shrinker→1 chemical plating→2 penance→2 energy transfer→vrl→3 chemical plating

    biggest differences from double marksman are

    recon gets early matrix to protect chemical expert and shutdowns hal

    chemical expert activates missions

    techcina gets nanosteel net to replace second spark

    team runs away from starport after activating ivax to get back to the airlock wall holdout

    psi ops force pushes second hades
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  2. stanK

    stanK Member

    Yes, as we discussed before, you can get away with such a build. But it has downsides:
    1) No backup if smm dies.
    2) Team is less flexible and needs to know their jobs/coordinate well. Tech must use TA, con cloak (smm just qa), chem pen+et and pay attention, po use incept carefully not to mess up dps.
    3) Harder for newbies. Need to explain more for a first game.

    So be sure not to forget the weaker parts of the strat, before you are lured by the good ones.
  3. tomazkid

    tomazkid Member

    So 5 man sec with a chem?

    But good that you got the point with con cloak beeing , SS not important since people buy arcs.

    Also, 1 tech coordinating spark with PO push can work as well as 2 sparks.
  4. ozzy

    ozzy Member

    the penance on recon with backstab is good close combat damage with p45 during holdouts
  5. Pickles

    Pickles New Member

    les put a team together.
  6. tomazkid

    tomazkid Member

    LOL, penance on a recon?
    Penance last 15 seconds, so waste of mana.
    Have you asked those Koreans how many times they tried ´before this succesful attempt?

    1 smm in sec is like 1 mando in ac, of the one man dps dies, gl rest of team.
    And how do you want to do A trail?
    With 2 smm in game and both alive, you can always do A.
  7. ozzy

    ozzy Member

    completed was it and gave about 700 to 800 credits

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  8. [KOR]Severus

    [KOR]Severus New Member

    Before 3 years korean 4 guys nm


    MM : 3 Q.Aim -> 3 Critcial ST -> 2 sthelth -> 1 Master of sub -> 3 Concentration -> 1 mono -> 2 anticipation

    tech : 3 Drone -> 1 light -> 2 Mad SP -> 2 Aray -> 1 HOTG -> 3 net or 1 net, 3 nanites

    Psi ops : 3 mind link -> 1 black out -> 2mental projeck -> 2 SOT -> 1 inception -> 3 force push

    recon[we first supply] : 3 flare -> 1 designate -> 2 SS -> 3 escape -> 1 execute -> 1 stealth matrix -> 2 Flash flare -> 2 Matrix -> refresher

    chem : 3 shrinker -> 1 chem plating -> 2 penance -> free

    lvling PO -> tech -> mm

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  9. stanK

    stanK Member

    The skills nowadays are similar for MORE THAN 4 player games.

    recon: get team cloak first when you have newbies, it saves lives.
    po: get 1 clone and 1 teleport, instead of 2 clone and 0 teleport, for easier po movement.

    Lvling is po > tech > mm in general, if you have 2 techs let only one of them level.
    Point of letting po lvl is inception to make HAL shutdown simpler, and point of tech lvl is to have black dog OW for apoptosis.
  10. JohnyM

    JohnyM Member

    Again Ozzy, this is nothing special. As i said we did sec with:
    -4players (with 1 or 2 smm's)

  11. Stereo
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    Stereo Paper Boy

    Yeah, how about 0 players?
  12. stanK

    stanK Member

    easier than with -1. harder than with -2.
  13. JohnyM

    JohnyM Member

    Idk, you tried to run sec alone?
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  14. ozzy

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