Short Introduction (ex-notd player from wc3 days)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Junius, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. Junius

    Junius New Member

    Hi All,

    I was intending to join back the Notd days.

    I use to play Night of the dead back then when it was a WC3 mod.

    Looking for any familiar players. Was on USwest with the same nick "Junius".

    also looking to see if anyone can help me out.

    I am currently in Singapore, to jump on SC2 should I buy the retail version in SG or the Digital Copy on Bnet webby (US version) is good enough.

    Appreciate any help :)

    thanks! and happy zombie killing away
  2. shadowbane

    shadowbane New Member

    Buy the one in Singapore because Blizzard allows SEA/ANZ server players to connect to NA server as well (lack of players/maps in SEA).

    Looking forward to seeing you on the NOTD channel (channel = 'NOTD')
  3. Junius

    Junius New Member

    thanks buddy,

    will do so,

    just trying to look around for the old crew whom I use to play with in wc3 days. If they are still around and changed their nicks or something.

    They would be able to recognise mine as i never changed :)
  4. Moe
    • Donator

    Moe Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the game and forums. :)
  5. Shooz
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    Shooz NOTD Staff: Killjoy

    Junius, this game does not follow the other NOTD games from WC3. This game is it's own entity and yo may be very hard pressed to find your friends here.

    Just assuming it's the same because of the name is a mistake on your behalf; however, I do welcome you to our community and hope you enjoy this NOTD as much as you did the NOTD from WC3.
  6. Junius

    Junius New Member

    Hi Shooz,

    thanks for the heads up. I am really keen on joining the new community.

    Anyway the old Notd on WC3 was awesome and I do see some similar mechanics in SC2 version from the videos. But I do see so much more fun and development in the game that im enticed to buy SC2 just to play it.

    Only thing is from where I am from (Singapore) I cant seem to find the retail version which is supposedly SEA version of SC2 which allows me to connect to SEA servers as well as NA servers.

    Hopefully some kind Singaporean playing can advise if I should just skip the hassle and buy the NA version downloadable digital version from Bnet webby so I can hop on and join the community.

    But just out of curiousity is SEA server pretty active with NOTD as well?

    thanks and warm regards
    just to add on, if memory serves me i was in this clan called KL1T(leader was DeezNutz) back on WC3 USWEST,

    I would hope around to Clan Madd on USeast at times cos back then the ocmmunity was really small

    initial NOTD was just plain Night of the Dead with 15 waves created by someone called osiris

    later on 2 fellow clanmates of mine i believe Azazel from Malaysia and Pipedream created a continuation called NOTD Aftermath.

    in which shortly after that i stopped playing im not sure if there were more versions of it created

    was just hoping some of the old people were still around enjoying the SC2 version of the game
  7. Miracle
    • Development Team
    • Community Leader

    Miracle NOTD Staff: Assistant of many things

    Hi Junius,

    The SEA server is usually active from 8PM onwards, if you're playing from the morning to afternoon you'll find a lot more people on the NA server.

    It's up to you really, but more server choices means more chance of having a full game, especially when people on NA goes to sleep.
  8. Junius

    Junius New Member

    Ooh, is the ranking system tied to user name? back then we use to write down codes which is associated to your alphanumeric username so i could load my rank on any server as long as the characters in my username were the same.

    is it the same as well for the new Notd?
  9. Miracle
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    Miracle NOTD Staff: Assistant of many things

    The system is different to Night of the Dead Aftermath, your progress are saved into a bank file on your computer, and as far as I know, you can change your name (or have different names on NA and SEA) and still be able to use the same bank file to load your progress each game.
  10. JAW

    JAW Well-Known Member

    There are no codes to write down anymore, everything is saved on your computer. Make sure to back up the bank file, and to move it if you switch computers.

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