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  1. ImaDomo
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    Just a list of known nick names and short forms/acronyms used in Notd. I notice quite a few new players don't know about some acronyms and nick names. Which make communicating easier and less typing, more killing.

    Feel free to suggest any other acronyms and nick names known and commonly used and I'll add to the list.


    otg = on the ground
    ff = focus fire
    hmg = heavy machine gun xm814
    L3 = L3 grenade launcher
    Lr = AER138 lazer rifle
    ass = assault
    sscon = surveillance recon
    mobcon = mobility recon
    amm = assassin marksmen
    smm = subtlety marksmen
    pf = path finder
    sl = surgical lazer
    ow = open wound
    av = anti venom
    hcm = high capacity magazine
    nha - nano health augment
    cma = combat mobility augment
    ka = kinetic armour
    ra= reactive armour
    rs = riot shield
    fmj = full metal jacket
    hp = hollow point
    ap = armor piercing
    he = high explosive
    bbq = brain bug queen
    bb = brain bug
    gotb = guardian of the beta

    Nick Names:

    tart/fatty = tarturus
    sexops = psi ops
    rotfl = rifleman
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    Extifer Stiffy is what Lyanden calls me.

  3. Scorpione

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    Those aren't even updated :p

    EC (easy company start)
    AC/SP/MB(ac start)
    Inf - Infestor
    CB crowbar
    P45 pistol
    FO forward observer
    CE Cemical expert
    PO psi ops
    EoS queen
    BM broodmothers
    Lela lelathonsd balhlah
    BT bane train
    OTF on the floor (works if u miss click g for f ;D)
    H3 - h3 helium canister

    Tango - Mango : Mando
    Parrot - bird - flying whore : lela
    Bra - carrot : barret
    Apo : flying condom
    Ivax : gayvax/gaywax
  4. Thermidor

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  5. ImaDomo
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    k lol but nobody really looks at the wiki now i guess.
  6. Shooz
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