Shiva nerfed?

Discussion in 'NOTD Discussion' started by Duplicated, Feb 14, 2012.

  1. Duplicated

    Duplicated New Member

    So, we made it to GotB tonight. My face while we were scouting for him:

    My reaction after Spaz motm shiva'd him, killed me/young/himself in the process and only took out a tidbit more than a quarter of its hp:

    Besides his 1337 damage (which I still don't know whether it bypasses armor or not, and his questionable animation that seems to suggest he hits twice like queen/slasher per attack animation), now you pimped him up with more armor, to the point that even motm shiva couldn't bring him down by half his hp bar?

    Just wondering. Of course if we found stinger that game, and Seth didn't troll us by dropping a hmg, this wouldn't be a problem at all.
  2. Rataraxia

    Rataraxia New Member

    Had a game today with shiva. It is still making near 20k damage without any bonuses. And i can say for sure, shiva with inception is 100% fatal for Zealot, made it several times. Zealot has 5 armor, without any ka-ra and other mystical armors, except 100-200 shield points.
  3. rockz
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    rockz Well-Known Member

    survival is supposed to have less than a 5% success rate.
  4. Archangel

    Archangel Well-Known Member

    @ duplicated
    Shiva has not been nerfed. As of 1757 eastern time. I was using it to destroy gotb multiple times in my runs. reason that is may have taken a quarter of hi health could be that he forgot to turn on motm (check ur replay). Madness could be another possibility.

    his 1337 damage does bypass armor even thou it does cosmic amounts of damage. My proof is that if u Mind Meld a agron of 3k hp, it gets decimated none the less. His damage is to great for any sort of tanking of anything.

    @ rockz
    i guess im one of the 5% who crushes it everytime
  5. Duplicated

    Duplicated New Member

    If that's the case... oh well lol.

    And even though we got Shank as submando, I never planned to have him meld something to tank gotb. It was coming down to either me l3 it or motm shiva, but since shiva blast also killed me, we were pretty much done.

    @rockz: less than 5% success rate? As long as people knows what they are doing, plus proper equipment, strategy and execution, doesn't seem to be that hard. gotb's above average movespeed = submm shadowstepping team and/or mob recon escaping team. Main problem in survival is that some people expects others in team to cover their asses for them. With the exception of getting hugged, you need to be able to survive alone without cloak to an extent.
  6. Archangel

    Archangel Well-Known Member

    How big of a team do u run?

    also tell whoever is using the shiva do give it a little more distance from you and the team :)
  7. SirGalahad

    SirGalahad New Member

    if you read the description of MOTM, it now states specifically that it does not affect shiva. i don't recall ever reading this in the changelog, so it must have been a stealth change.
  8. Lord NiteShade
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    Lord NiteShade NOTD Staff: Wiki Founder/TeamSpeak Admin

    It's how the shivas coded. Be better balance wise to make the "weapon" call down a bomb thats controlled (owned) by player 9 (the allied ai), that way it isn't influenced by ingame damage modifiers. Thats how we did it in AM, not sure why we didn't do it here.
  9. Duplicated

    Duplicated New Member

    A group of 8, down to 6 or 5 by the time gotb appeared.
  10. Froblock

    Froblock Well-Known Member

    Welp.. i remember being hybrid engy, last one alive with a shiva.
    Managed to get off a shiva with GOTB on my tail... but he just said like.
    and walked it off.
    less than 1/3 of his hp was gone.. he was about 130,000 HP. :|

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