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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    Unit Name: Shambler
    Unit Description: A colonist who has started to mutate from infection. Increased muscle mass and bony plates increase their durability and damage.
    Unit Tags: Biological, Light
    Hitpoints: 60
    Energy: None
    Movement Speed: 1.8

    Weapon: Smash
    Damage: 30
    vs Armored: 6
    Attack Speed: 0.5
    Range: Melee

    Attacks apply 2 stacks of Rend to non-Armored, non-Shielded targets. If a target gains 4 stacks of Rend, the stacks are consumed and the target gains an Open Wound.

    Mutation Timer:
    5 Minutes

    VT Upgrades:
    +20 Health

    NM Upgrades:
    +Armored Tag
    +0.3 Movement Speed

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