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    So you've got the guts to take on this campaign? Good for you! But the Apollo Security Team campaign isn't exactly a walk in the park. This campaign is unlocked at 3500 experience. You should also know that Apollo is the gimmick storyline. Every part of it has either a class or an item that helps.

    Old Classes
    If you are attempting Apollo, I hope you've learned the classes from Easy Company well.

    New Classes
    Apollo has 4 new shiny classes that have not been introduced in any other storyline. These are the Chemical Expert, Pathfinder, Technician, and Psi-Ops. They replace the Demolitions, Engineer, Assault, and Commando.

    Key Classes:
    There are 2 classes that are almost required to win the Apollo Security Team storyline. These are the Technician (Modifications) and Psi-Ops (Mind Mastery), they both should be played by experienced players who know their roles well.

    Chapter 1: 28 Days Later:

    Part 1: Regroup:
    The players will start the campaign separated into two teams. The game auto-balances so an even number are in Team A and B, or as close to even as possible. The games takes players at odd slots for team A and even slots for team B (considering there aren't any disconnects).Team A will start near the Reactor Core, and Team B will start just north of Bio-Domes A and B. Team A must quickly work their way across the map, dodging Agrons and Zombies, getting to Team B as quickly as possible. They must be wary, three huggers will appear at one of the airlock exits to lay an ambush, and must be dealt with first, they should be dealt with from the high ground. Meanwhile team B will have to stick together and stand their ground. They mustn't venture into the city, doing so will awaken a horde of Ghouls. A Tartarus also lies dormant in Apollo, and will attack if anyone approaches it. Both teams should ignore any Infestors they come across, for they are too poorly equipped and low level t o deal with them. The Zombie Eggs that an enraged Infestor lays will produce enough Banelings to quickly kill several players. If team A does not arrive and unlock the gates quick enough, a horde of Stalkers will begin to arrive and team B will surely be overrun and killed.

    Part 2: The Armory
    Once regrouped, the team must comb the map for more useful equipment, killing as many infestors as possible. If you come across Charlie, damage her until she has about 500 life left, then she will award a large amount lf experience to the players. ( In game experience ). The team should meet at Centeral Station once finished scouting. The players have up to the 11 minute mark to trigger the armory. The armory is often triggered by a fast character such as pathfinder and recon.

    Part 3: Survive the Horde
    After the armory is triggered, a wave of zombies, beastlings, and infested marines will spawn. If the l3 grenade launcher is found, it should be handed directly to the mind mastery psi ops or modifications technician, they need to get their ultimates as soon as possible. If neither technician or psi ops is present, you should just give up now.

    Boss 1: Demios
    Demios is a giant infested marine, tanking him is useless, you must kite him, force push from a telepathy Psi Ops or mad spark from a weapons Technician helps greatly. A mind master Psi Ops is more common however and so she can use blackout to blind him repeatedly. He will periodically spawn eggs that hatch into minions. The minions have a large amount of life and hit as hard as an agron. If the minions are not killed after a while, they will explode into napalm fire that heals Demios and hurts you. When he spawns he will head to destroy the devastators in the airlock, or the IVAX at the Apollo star port. He will only being to engage the players after he says: "I will melt your armor!".

    Part 4: Get to the Communications Tower
    After you kill Demios, do NOT go to the communitcations tower until you have completed the following:
    • Have killed Seth
    • Found RA and possibly KA
    After doing these, hand the stinger to the psi ops if she doesn't have inception yet. If no stinger is found she keeps the L3. The team should then go to the fort while your runner class (Subtlety Marksman, Mobility Recon, or Pathfinder). Once the runner class completes the Communications Tower mission a horde of agrons and infested marines will awaken.

    Part 5: The Horde:
    As mentioned earlier, this horde contains infested marines and agrons it is extremely important that the psi ops gets as much experience as she can from this horde. Her inception is very helpful for many cases. After the infested marines and agrons stop, 4 Tartarus will attack the players, these award no experience whatsoever.

    Part 6: To Apollo!
    After killing the 4 Tartarus go to Bio Dome A and have your runner class run to the lab and back. This will trigger the awakening of Nazara.

    Boss 2: Nazara
    Nazara is a prototype mobile Compliance Nexus and computer mainframe. The autonomous drone silently moves about Apollo performing a myriad of tasks. The center spire serves as Nazara's main power core that channels energy into three energy storage systems which can be used as powerful chemical-electric weapons. The top piece houses the processor and the AI components. The top also contains Nazara's AI core and navigation system as well as where the compliance nexus is hosted. Using the advanced emitter, Nazara can override any mechanical units within the colony as required to "preserve" the colony. Nazara is summoned by HAL to kill the Security Team after they go to the Laboratory to intercept a distress signal. After hearing the "Assuming Direct Control" the boss will appear somewhere within Apollo. It can be tanked somewhat effectively during the early stages of the fight by a Technician or a Psi-Ops Mental Projections. Once it clones itself, back away and try and draw out the real one. Ignore the others, and hammer away with maximum firepower. The titan should fall with minimal difficulty.Plain and Simple, Nazara flies. This means not only will it fly over cliffs, walls, and other terrain, but it immune to damage from ground only weapons and skills. Nazara will periodically produce an X-1 Guardian Mk-3 Guardian Their attacks bypass normal armor, making them very painful, and as a result, must be dealt with quickly.Nazara’s attack will become stronger the longer it fires continuously. This makes tanking it problematic over time. The simplest thing to do is move out of its attack range once the beams become strong enough to inflict severe damage.Nazara will spawn at one of several locations about Apollo which can be any one of the domes. This can be problematic as it allows the machine king to create several minion X-1 Guardian Mk-3 and buffing them with Assume Direct Control before even engaging the team.

    Part 7: Deactivate HAL
    With her prized Juggernaut Nazara destroyed, and her identity revealed, HAL attempts to kill the Security Team by hacking into Apollo Orbital Defense Lasers and cooking the marines from orbit. Designed to blast incoming debris and meteors that would threaten Apollo, HAL redirects the satellites to chase after the marines. Several will appear from random directions, and they will fry anything, friend or foe.

    After a brief argument with HAL, the marines will decide to shut her down, Permanently. The will have to proceed to the Computer Mainframe displayed on the Mini-Map. One is located at Mine Site Epsilon, the other north of the Airlock. HAL will furiously try to remove the marines and hamper their progress. Once they finally complete their task, HAL will be shut down, for now.

    The ENTIRE team will need to head to the location pinged on the mini map, which could be either the terminal at the mining facility or the terminal on the north of the airlock. If not all the team are present, the mission won't even start. This is to discourage "cheap kiting" and to promote team cohesion. Also note, this mission could only be started when HAL and the marines are have finished trading words, teams may arrive early in the mining base and find that the mission is not started yet while the laser is quickly gaining on them, making it very hard to hold a hex due to the lasers being in proximity when the mission do start.

    Once the mission has started the team need to man at most 3 hexes to fill a counter with 100 points.

    The value for each hexes manned are :
    *No hex manned: -3 points /tick
    *1 hex manned: -1 point /tick
    *2 hexes manned: +1 point /tick
    *All hexes manned: +3 points /tick
    HAL will also prioritize her lasers on the persons manning the hexes, making it necessary to rotate between manning a hex and kiting the lasers away from the rest of the hexers.

    Once the needed 100 points are accumulated, HAL would appear to be deleted from the system and the lasers will stop, marking the end of Chapter 1.
    Note: Couple slashers spawn after the lasers stop, so be on your guard.

    Chapter 2: Hidden Hand

    Part 8: Find Dr. Bergman
    After the lasers have been stopped, the marines will have a conversation with Doctor Bergman, they will later say to "Find Dr. Bergman". After the slashers have been felt with, the team should move together to the Easy Company Mutalisk Ramp. The marines will then suggest at looking at several key areas. Stay put, eventually, the marines will say their sensors have found Dr. Bergman and it will ping his location on the map. Send your runner class to that location, beware of auto turrets they are now against you thanks to the idiot that gave Nazara control over nearly everything in Apollo. After he is found, a stray black ops will come to assassinate him. Have the runner class run back to your holdout because Dracula will come to you in the form of Apoptosis.

    Part 9: Apoptosis
    A massive flying creature, Apoptosis is lured into battle by Blood, and lots of it. The huge vampiric Leviathan brings darkness wherever it goes. Its own power is also its greatest weakness. To battle the Blood Lord, you must in turn become Bloodied yourself. Only characters possessing open wounds can properly injure the monster. Those without Open Wounds can only deal minor damage to it. This battle is fought by the Techician due to durability and dps from march of the machines. If the tank is dying or another character is, the psi ops should hit inception right away. Apoptosis should go down fast.

    Part 10: Activate the IVAX!
    The Members of the Security Team have decided to activate the prototype IVAX from the Apollo Starport. Everyone must go to the Apollo Starport because if triggered without the full team, the upcoming mobs will decimate them. After activated, everyone should stay close to IVAX, because this is when Ability throws anything he thinks that will kill you at you. Argons, Hulks, Slashers, you name it, IVAX's punisher grenades will ground them to dust. However when IVAX starts to move, you mustn't follow him, instead, head over to the space cows easter egg mission. Slashers will spawn then, when the slasher spawns begin to slow down a little, head back to the Easy Company Mutalisk Ramp. Soon enough, HAL will take control over IVAX.

    Part 11: The Fate Of Apollo
    The storyline fork, your decision will effect the bosses you will fight and what happens to Apollo.
    Option A: Destory Apollo
    Route A will have the Security Team heeding the advice of Field Marshal Lee. They decide it is best to destroy the entire colony by overloading the reactor. Doing so will prevent the infestation from spreading any further, but will destroy all Helium-3 mining operations. This path has the team hold out in the Reactor Core, then fleeing Apollo during the Evac sequence with Hephaestus in pursuit.
    Option B: Save Apollo

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    What about farming? :)
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    i believe i didnt finish

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    I know, just trying to help contribute.
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    (Now with pictures!)
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    *Cough* copy/paste *cough*, I instantly recognised the text from boss 2 onwards from the wiki. I don't play sec team much so I don't really know what is outdated and what isn't from the wiki so be careful when directly copy/pasting from there.
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    New classes: maybe talk about pathfinder and chemical expert replacing engi and demo/fo?

    Deimos fight: Mod tech can also spam nanosteel net on him, turning the kiting into a shooting range without the risk of push an ally or cooldown issue. At lvl 3, deimos is outranged most of the time and the spawns become the only trouble. Open cockpit if running low on energ helps a lot.

    Nazara fight: tech net again during the first half to outrange the boss most of the time. When you need to win some time against the clones, tank with his crawlers, you will be able to walk on them to heal after. Not sure, but i think Nazara sometimes shoots and destroys their debrits, so it's extra tanking from them.
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    a few tiny suggestions.. 1. i know it seems like common sense but maybe a little bit of something on how to deal with the huggers.. they cause alot of wipes for new folk. either all four go out after or talk about the highgrounds to use.

    2. The time limit for the stalker rush is approximatly 5 minutes, add if you wish could be helpful.

    3. I dont know if its an old myth but i was always told you had to knife and shoot charlie for it to trigger, perhaps somebody can clear this up and if any truth to it add it in.
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    Please correct me if wrong, but there always seems to be some confusion about if people are allowed to sprint or not during the Deactivate HAL stage. Some people state that sprinting speeds up the lasers, which to my understanding is false? The only reason people refrain from sprinting is because in nightmare mode, Nazara releases an EMP once killed, so energy conversation is a must.
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    This should answer your questions: http://www.notdstarcraft.com/forum/show ... hp?tid=806
    Ryan, feel free to have a look as well to help with your guide.
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    Gonna edit this guide soon.

    Confirmed correct. However I have never actually won a (died due to Heph's last person alive bug)
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    I've been waiting for this.. since its hard to reach hades.. let alone kill him..
    thx Ryan =)
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    I'm just a humble Private, whom you should be thanking are those whom started the notd wiki
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    Edited some more
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    Erm, in the activate the IVAX section, there's a bit where you talk about not following IVAX when he moves and instead, head over to the space cows easter egg mission. IIRC, the cows got removed from NOTD quite a while ago (I remember categorizing the cows page on the wiki with "removed content" in April).
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    Well where it was supposed to be, I have no idea what to call that place besides where the cow mission used to be
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    Meh, fair enough. IIRC, there are still some dead cows lying in that area, although the actual mission is gone.

    Edit: Having said that, that might've changed since. I haven't played notd for a bit now.
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    Still there
    NotD is ok now so you can come back
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    Well, I was planning on returning within a few days anyway, even if bugs weren't fully fixed, mainly because I can't live that long without notd :)

    Anyway, need to be on-topic, ermm, ermm nice guide.
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    Apo no longer heals if you arent bloodied, but takes very little damage (damage mechanics with apo changed a lot in the last 6 months)

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