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    Oh yeah? Well maybe I do!

    As a placeholder, I think its great. Gives it something unique until (if ever) the defensive boost comes back. It just seems too specific. Like, when would an srofl need to use it? How does it benefit the group besides getting nut to butt with the con for 20% speed?

    The only thing an srofl would be useful for when traveling with a con is stun grenades. What would they need to stun? I have no idea, I haven't seen a need for it yet (as the only thing on the field in recruit are walkers, and I am too pansy to go normal after the accident). Most of the time, I doubt a recon will run into trouble unless something like Mechs and Mercs are out on the field. Then I can see it happening.

    I like that it heals for some and can see srofls linking to tanking assaults and occasionally popping their heal in the event that the medic is running out of energy. Makes him a pseudo-medic-bro-dude.

    Edit: I just realized. Level 2 lets you hjeal bros. Why isn't that awesome??? the answer is because it is awesome

    I mean, it isn't uncommon for someone to assist in the reloading of certain weapons, such as an HMG. Because its an HMG. I don't see why linking with someone using a deployable weapon (HMG only atm, or will there be some other cool beans deployable?) for some bonuses is over the top.

    omfg I have literally this whole time thought there could be only either the t2 or t3 but not both. i am become rekt, noobest of scrubs.
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    SecRofl can use Buddy System (Level 1) to help slower classes stick with the group, or help someone who has been slowed.

    SecRofl can heal them, be additional inventory space (even moreso if they take Dog Ult), and generally kill off enemies that get too close or detect. The Mobcon has many tools at their disposal to prevent disaster, but at the same time the SecRofl being able to come along for the ride makes things much safer.

    And believe me, you'll want some safety.

    Yep. The cooldown for Buddy System is pretty long, though - being the off-healer will take some planning and skill on the team's part.

    Because the Security Rifleman is a character centered around disables and support. Note that none of the abilities are directly offensive, and a Reload Speed bonus is a direct offensive buff by virtue of increasing damage output.

    Goodness, no. Tier 1 classes are unlimited, everything else you're limited to one per class.
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    • Rifleman has achieved 2.5 status.
    • Accurate Fire now provides unique bonuses per level. Level 1 is a damage boost, Level 2 is a range boost, and Level 3 is an Attack Speed boost.
    • Weapon Proficiency now provides unique bonuses per level. Level 1 increases reload speed and Level 2 upgrades all combat aspects of Focus Fire based on previous talent point allocation.
    • Suppressive Fire now provides unique bonuses per level. Level 1 reduces movement speed for a short duration, Level 2 increases that duration, and Level 3 makes it also apply to Attack Speed.
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    i would like to have more impl. details to HE Grenade, AT Grenade, Canister Shot. i will impl. as level 3 of their base abilities.
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    Answered over Skype.

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