Rescue Ezek Price

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    Chapter 1 Side Mission
    Mission Name: Rescue Ezek Price.
    Description: A noteworthy individual is in need of retrieval.
    Chief Strassner: A local trouble maker might be able to shed some light on how this all started.
    Chief Strassner: If you ask me, Ezek Price is as good a place as any to start to piece this nightmare together.

    Secondary Objective
    Rescue Ezek Price

    Ezek will spawn wherever Strassner's Peacekeepers haven't. A mark on the map will reveal his position for a minute, then disappear. Ezek and his bodyguards will disappearing in six minutes if not located.
    When the players find Ezek, he will have two bodyguards armed with shotguns next to him. When they approach him...

    Ezek Price: Oh, I see the UGC learned from Apollo and sent their men in earlier this time, while more people are alive.
    Player: I presume you are Ezek Price? We're going to need you to come with us.
    Ezek Price: Not going to happen, UGC dog. We have other things that need to be done. Now beat it, before you get us both killed.
    Player 2: We don't have time to deal with this, other people need our help.

    List Secondary Objective as complete.

    Mission Rewards
    +3 Rank Experience and +100 Unit Experience

    Ezek and his bodyguards will despawn once the players have moved sufficient distance away from him, as to avoid the spookiness of him disappearing.

    Failing to arrive in six minutes will cause him and his guards to despawn any way.
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