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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Drumstick, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. Drumstick

    Drumstick New Member

    Hey all,

    Has anyone entertained the idea of remaking the concept of randoming a class?

    Currently, for instance in EC, one could random a class and potentially get classes that are normally locked for that campaign with an additional +10 magazines awarded as a result. This creates a great incentive for randoming for an awesome class or just exploring new classes to play with.

    But (more so) lately, I often see people randoming and leave a pub simply because they rolled a "crappy" class.
    "Who cares, it's only a pub," some may say.
    But it's very disheartening to see a pub ruined simply because one or two of them quit, leaving the rest of the team/game in shambles. (To make the situation worse, the vast majority of the time those quitters are veterans of the game)

    There is virtually no penalty for the quitter as he/she could simply take a back up of the bank and jump into the next game again (that is remedied only if the banks get backed up at bliz's servers). I think this unacceptable as I feel that this has an overall negative impact to the game and discourages people to join/continue to play this game (that already has a relatively small player base).

    So my question is, does anyone have good ideas to propose to adjust the way random works?

    A couple quick concepts that I thought of:
    1. Implement two different ways to random.
    • "random all" - you can random all unlocked classes (only) with a decent incentive such as boosted credits/exp if you complete the game.
    • "random char class" - you random a character class so you get, say, an 85% chance of picking the unlocked class and 15% chance of picking the unlocked class(s) (e.g. FO in EC). This gambling has a -20 magazine ammo penalty.

    2. Allow players to play locked classes only if you have ultra high ratings and karma?

    EDIT: Could mod please help move this post to NOTD Discussion instead? :(
  2. Zuriel

    Zuriel Well-Known Member

    The reason why randoming is random, and not 'class specific' is so that players can challenge themselves to playing a campaign with whatever class they get. Tellingly, many players only want to play locked classes when they random. There is no way to solve the issue of leaving, unless we remove the ability to random non-campaign specific classes totally. Which, in my opinion, takes away a lot of fun from the game.

    What you can do is to note these people's names and try to avoid playing with them for a while. But please do not tell others about your reasons, keep it to yourself. After all, people change, and no one should hold a label forever.
  3. DrawingDead

    DrawingDead Member

    People who random need to realize that it is random and you should play out the game regardless of what class you get. I also hate these people, but it's an easy tell on how crappy they play.
  4. ArcturusV

    ArcturusV New Member

    I do Random. But I don't leave. I will bitch and gripe a bit if I get Engineer. It's THE ONLY class I just don't have fun with. Not that I don't think it's powerful and good. Not that I hate what it does in game necessarily. It and me just don't go well together and I've given it plenty of chances.

    But really Zuriel has the right idea. Just keep your own Personal Shit List. No need to go advertising it in general. There might be people you have on there that other people just love and adore after all. Join a random lobby, see person in game, just hit that Exit button.

    It does become a pain if you play in the early morning hours like I do, however, where there just aren't that many games running at once.
  5. Emperor

    Emperor New Member

    Honestly, if the person is of any appropriate XP to random in the first place, kill him, and take his Predator. I find having one is usually more useful than having the 7 other players in 9/10 pubs.

    I random all the time specifically because choosing is boring. I still bust a nut when I get goddamn FO in EC though. Class is an overrated random.
  6. ArcturusV

    ArcturusV New Member

    That it is. FO is clearly the worst Off Storyline class to random in easy company. I mean sure, decent. But hardly the game breaker than having say, a Sex Ops, or a Flamethrower is.
  7. Ghost
    • Warden

    Ghost Warden

    I find FO quite useful in pubs actually. Takes care of airlock waves and both Tart and Ere1+2.
    Late game you arty the queen to make her shriek twice before she even reaches the team.

    I don't quite if I get a class I don't want though - primarily because I don't care about CP much (have too many anyway) and I joined the pub because there's no private going

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