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    It has been a very long time since something of this magnitude has happened on the forum. Many of the individuals who are a part of this were not around for the last time I had to step into a bar fight like this.

    This is to set an example to all those who would seek to disrupt the good order and discipline of the forums. I will let you know that I am not a fan of banning people though it may seem that way. Banning someone is never the preferred solution to a problem but it is always the most efficient way to resolve an issue between two or more parties unfortunately.

    I would like to list a few very important points that you must understand while you're here.

    Number one: There is NO such thing as a "vet" or "veteran" in this community. The thought of players giving themselves self proclaimed titles is laughable. Please try to ever forget the word was ever even used in this community.

    Number two: Nine people were banned today for participating in the thread mentioned in the title of this thread. Anyone who would like to join them in their bans, I encourage you to perpetuate the issue within another thread.

    Number three: All bans are final and every ban is carefully thought out. If you believe someone was falsely banned then please do not reply. I do not care whether or not you believe a ban as fair or just. It is not the decision of you to decide these things. Keep your opinions on the matter to yourself or suffer the same consequences.

    To prevent something like this from ever happening again. If you see something like this coming, get out of the fucking way. It's not hard to just not click the "post reply" button. I wouldn't be too upset if a multitude of participants were posting to the involved parties to: "Stop fighting and take it to private messages". The problem is that people want to do that and talk shit at the same time. That will get you banned.

    I'm pretty sure that I've beaten the life out of the subject and have made my point so please read this and adhere to it. If you're unclear what is "ok" and what is "not ok" on the forums, I encourage you to read the forum rules:
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