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    Extifer has recently been punished for a response he posted in a popular thread. In this thread, Extifer is going to apologize for his actions and to those affected by it.

    If you have any issues with the fact that he is now allowed to post. It is none of your business and you'll have to trust my decision and why he is posting.

    Extifer, you must also acknowledge that you accept the circumstances of your modified punishment.

    I as Moderator of this forum apologize to the members for allowing a figurehead of the community to act in such a manner that would offend some or any of you. I hope that you can find it in your hearts to accept the fact that no one person can be perfect, and that we will all slip up from time to time. Accepting that we make mistakes and owning up to it is what is going to help us learn from our mistakes and make less of them in the future.

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    Extifer Stiffy is what Lyanden calls me.

    Now that my banned has been lifted for a moment. I will now provide a response to the incident that occured that got me banned in the first place and it took me a while to write this so bear with me.

    Now I would like to say thank you to those who defended me, but I am still VERY VERY wrong for what I did.

    In regards to Syzygy

    First of all Syzygy, I have nothing against you and I have played many games with you before. Now I fail to realize at times that I am the Warden of NOTD and must conduct myself appropriately in both game and forums. So I do apologize for what I posted as my choice of words were very very poor. The mentality that I had during that time when I posted that was the same as when one sees a player in the NBA get blocked. Of course it is not an excuse but I would like you to know that to say the least. I didn't realize that someone could actually get hurt from words like that so again I apologize to you and hope that you dont think you are now an "outcast" of NOTD.

    I sincerely and whole heartedly apologize to you once again.

    I'm not taking any sides for what occurred but everyone should realize that NOTD is just a game. Yes there will be times you will be griefed in NOTD, but dont take it personally and just move on. If it becomes harrassment then report it here and something will be done. Remember, NOTD is just a game, someone grieving you once is not the END of the world and no point in catching feelings because you are letting them get the upper hand. I too admit I am guilty of failing to realize this and get very upset when I get grieved upon as well, but I must make it as an effort to not do so.

    Now again, I apologize to those that were hurt by what was said. In regards to the whole Syzygy situation let this be an example that yes at times people joke around with each other, but when it is done without putting any thought into it then someone will actually get hurt. Once again, I apologize to those affected by this and should know better being that I am a long time senior member of this community.

    Again, I whole heartedly apologize for what has occurred and transpired.

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    Thanks Shooz and Extifer. Let's not have this happen again.
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    Well said Extifer I hope I can learn from this and others as well. So Syzygy, if your up for it we can do a NM Ac again and get you back that xp and hopefully Moh you missed.

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