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Discussion in 'NOTD Discussion' started by SirGalahad, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. SirGalahad

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    During a recent Apollo game, our PO was stinging at fort after comms was triggered. The line of agrons, walking along the north wall, were hit and a large number of them, being almost dead, decided to burrow en masse. The recon on the team, naturally, spammed surveillance flare over the area and asked the PO to kill the burrowed agrons. The PO repeatedly stated that he could not see them. Now it's possible that the PO was simply terrible. However, another player also stated that he could not see the agrons, so I decided to ask about it here.

    During the ensuing discussion, somebody stated that you require 3 perception in order to see units that are revealed by recon flare. First of all, I have no idea if this is true. I do know that I could see the burrowed agrons, but I always have at least 5 points in perception for wraiths/general line of sight (the PO in question had 0). So my first question for those more familiar with game mechanics is this: what is the perception requirement (if any) for being able to see units revealed by the recon flare?

    Secondly, the recon flare description states simply that it "reveals area for 10 sec to all players. Also reveals invisible units". My previous assumption was that recon flares worked just like shorter duration ranged road flares, which DO reveal invisible units to all players (at least, in my experience). If this is not true, is there a reason for it?

    Thanks. I could find no mention of any of this in the wiki.
  2. ArcturusV

    ArcturusV New Member

    That is... weird.

    I SurvCon, a lot. A LOT. And I know and love my Flares. I'm leaning on the "PO was terribad" side of things however. Maybe they burrowed too close to the wall and the wall just obscured sight for the Sex Ops Stinger?

    I know playing as the Recon class so often myself that I don't require any points in Perception to gain the detection effect from a flare. I could have 8 in Endurance, 9 Intelligence (Happens sometimes when I forgot to change stats after Flamethrowering), that I have no problem spotting burrowed Agrons with my Flares, or Cloaked Wraiths, or Black Ops.
  3. Lord NiteShade
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    He's terrible at right clicking. User Error.
  4. marloelikeswaffles

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    I'm with Nite on this one (psi op at fault), but a potential workaround would have been to ld the burrowed agrons after flaring.

    Flare should *always* share vision and detection with the team; but if you have the replay you could post that and use player camera to confirm whether or not it was a bug.
  5. Nicarco
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    Nicarco Warden

    More like a-clicking, seeing as stinger doesn't have a right click attack function. But I see what you mean. And it's probably user error, no skill has a stat requirement to work probably.
  6. CHENZ

    CHENZ New Member

    a replay would put paid to this issue, don't you think? ;-)
  7. Clown
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    Clown Well-Known Member

    You do NOT need 3 in perp to see recon flares. That's blatant misinformation.

    Recon flares show the team EVERYTHING that it reveals. It has nothing to do with what you or your team has in perception. The flare peels back fog of war, reveals invisible units, and lasts for a few seconds.

    You do not need to do anything if you are not recon, in order to gain benefits from the recon flaring.
  8. Lyanden

    Lyanden Well-Known Member


    Also, Agrons generally burrow if their HP gets too low.
    Relatively new AI gimmick where the things decide to hide to prevent exp gain from players, regen their lives and MAYBE become of use later on for the horde.

    The HP regen bonus they get from being burrowed has long been removed though (Engineers around the globe mourned) so usually, burrowed Agrons just die from players' guns doing splash damage hitting things that walk above them so its a pretty useless mechanic now and it is just there to make things... "prettier".

    Either the PO sucked hard (heh dat Nova, hnngh) or the things were already dead. I'm leaning towards them being dead since people who go SurvRecon should at least know to LD targets for a team and not doing so either means targets are dead, or he too sucked hard (hnngh, dat ass)
  9. TuRKeYMaN

    TuRKeYMaN Member

    Please watch the replay and veiw the pics before you make and rebuttals/state your opinions.....
    * NOTE : In future, upload the replay, so then people SEE what happened instead of SPECULATING....*

    I was the said SurvRec in that game.

    Just watched the replay from the PO's perspective. He didn't see them at all with 0 precept and flare, rf and when he was in close proximity of the args but he wasn't the only one that didn't see em. Besides me and Sir which had vision the entire time, 6 others didn't see it until they got closer to the burrowed agrons, 4 had therms (including me but I saw all 4 args from the Fort) so that revealed all 4 agrons for them. Spazzie (the tech, no therms) was right on top of the one and got sight of that. People without therms did not see burrowed agrons even with flare.

    From what I gained,
    -Spazz had 1 precp no therms
    -Sir saw all 4 (scope) then as kitty
    -I always go 4+ percept had therms on
    -Annhilate had 0 percept but had therms
    -Recycleing Bin had therms, maybe 1 or 2 percept. Didnt see his stats
    Poor noob and Panda had 0 percept and no therms

    *Arc the wall wasn't obstructing the view. The agrons were just over the wall.
  10. Lord NiteShade
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    Thank you Turkey, that clears up a lot of speculation.

    I think I'll make an announcement now.
  11. Lyanden

    Lyanden Well-Known Member

    Might be related to the Apollo bug that comes up now and then where players 2 and 8 can see what 1 can as though they had mindlink.

    keep forgetting to post this one, but I'm sure others have had it happen to them as well. :|
  12. SirGalahad

    SirGalahad New Member

    Thanks a lot for posting that replay Turkeyman. I started looking through my folder only to realize that I had not ticked the save all replays button in options (doh!). I know it was an obscure occurrence, but it didn't really bother me until a few days later when I was forced to recon in an expedition game and I thought of this.

    I guess it is a rare bug then.
  13. fox

    fox New Member

    Your last 20 or so games are saved automatically. Go to the Replay tab in your SC2 browser and you can save them manually before new games writes over
  14. SirGalahad

    SirGalahad New Member

    Thanks, I am aware of that, however this game was more than 20 games old for me. It's a bit annoying that 10 second long games (from dropped players) still generate a replay in that history, but oh well.

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