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  1. Cochrane

    Cochrane New Member

    with a sr of 1800 you reach the last step of difficulty. why not one, two or three more steps?
    1) harder enemies (more life, more enemies, faster enemies, ...) but no more xp for same progress (goals)
    2) why you should keep your rating over 1750? => there is NO reason, except you want to fight vs more/harder enemies...
  2. KatsuraJun

    KatsuraJun New Member

    Actually, there's one more step, when you end up having 0 lives. 1800 just nets you with 1.
  3. Nicarco
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    Nicarco Warden

    I think he means squad rating Jun, not individual rating.
  4. rockz
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    rockz Well-Known Member

    I was under the impression there was sr 1900 as well. I would hate to find out that all of my nightmare wins were under the hardest possible difficulty...
  5. KatsuraJun

    KatsuraJun New Member


    I misinterpreted "More life" as in "More Lives" and not "Enemies have more life."

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