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Discussion in 'NOTD Discussion' started by Shooz, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. Maniac

    Maniac Member

    Will be funny if player can intercept hugger's tentacle while its in air, travelling to hug player. Or if you knife it in correct timing, you can actually intercept hugger's tentacle completely. Seems quite similar to one of zombie in L4D, i dont remember the name of zombie that can hug player and drag player towards it.
  2. Miracle
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    Miracle NOTD Staff: Assistant of many things

    Oh you mean Smoker? You only get about two seconds to shoot the tongue or kill it before it grabs you gives you a slow death (until you die or someone rescues you).

    It's a nice idea, but what if the Hugger tries again within split seconds?
  3. Maniac

    Maniac Member

    Oh yeah Smoker. Now i remember. Before details, need to know if this is code-able or not.
  4. ArcturusV

    ArcturusV New Member

    I'm going to take a guess and say if we coded the old behavior from Demeter's Cocoons (Only Knifeable), and apply them as the thing that hugs, and allow a hug to break when say, it takes 50 knife damage? Possible? Interesting? Means a team is less fucked by troll Elevation Huggers if they can't find Roadflares?
  5. Maniac

    Maniac Member

    I mean seriously, you can knife dropship to death, you can pretty much knife everything in game. Why not hugger's tentacles? Hide huggers (no revealing them), and make it more ninja-ish and cunning. but make knife able to break tentacle by teammates. But i want to know if its do-able to make players shoot tentacles in the air (probably need certain amount of firepower to take down otherwise it will be too weak), or knife it just before gets hugged to cancel the hug.

    I heard this idea was already suggested long long time ago when hugger was introduced, but ended up revealing huggers. Which is not interesting and limiting options, i think.
  6. Zuriel

    Zuriel Well-Known Member

    Can we have more options for melee weapons and flamethrower options?
  7. Ghost
    • Warden

    Ghost Warden

    Remove the rating requirement from VK.

    Hackers all hack max rating karma anyhow or at least above 1600 so that limitation does nothing against them.

    Griefers tend to keep rating high but suffer from low karma so again this requirement is ineffective.

    So that leaves semi new players. We already require 2k xp so I really don't see any point in the rating req when hackers are rampant and not eligible for the banlist.

    Several pubs now we couldn't kick one because Ppl didn't have the rating. And rating means nothing for whether someone is smart enough to vk or not.
  8. Zuriel

    Zuriel Well-Known Member

    ^ I had suggested a system where 1 person would start the vote, and as long as there was a 50% consensus, the vk would pass.

    But your system would work too, and your points are valid.
  9. ArcanePariah
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    ArcanePariah Miracle Worker

    Agree with this. Sadly for hackers/griefers/etc, Mob Rule is probably the best way to go. As Zuriel mentioned, just have anyone intiate a vote, and 50% is enough to pass. If you are lucky enough to get Vked by 1 badplayer/hacker/griefer and his 3 firends, you were probably in a fail/suck game to begin with. I would say require 4 votes for votekick (so 5 total). Only way to abuse this is to already control the game with 4 friends.
  10. YetiSwarm
    • Donator

    YetiSwarm Member

    If you're going with majority vote, which I've always liked, make sure it's scale-able to # of players. Don't make 4 or 5 the required number, but 50% or 50%+1.
  11. Ghost
    • Warden

    Ghost Warden

    Would such additional checks require additional code though?
    I think 3 players to vote is generally fine. If you are starting a new game with just 4 players, with a kick worthy person, you might as well remake IMO.
  12. Lord NiteShade
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    Lord NiteShade NOTD Staff: Wiki Founder/TeamSpeak Admin

    Of course they will. You're going to need a trigger that checks how many players are remaining in the match and decides what a majority vote will count as. The current system is more or less "If X has Y votes, kick X"
  13. Ability
    • Development Team
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    Ability NOTD Creator

    I'm fine to remove the rating requirement from vk. Any violent objections?
  14. ArcturusV

    ArcturusV New Member

    None from me.
  15. Kage

    Kage Member

    Well,I would prefer having a character who fulfils a certain requirement to initiate the vote and everyone else can vote for or against it.

    E.g.To start a vk,the player must X exp/rating/karma.Every other player,regardless whether they have met this requirement.

    Cause as I see,the problem seems to be not having 3 or more people to complete the votekick.
  16. Zuriel

    Zuriel Well-Known Member

    No objections on VK.
  17. Ghost
    • Warden

    Ghost Warden

    If a player is removed for inactivity in recruit mode, can their teambar icon please be adjusted accordingly rather than continue to show their class and last HP status? It also doesn't show leaver iirc.
  18. Reaper

    Reaper Moderator/The Crimsonrine

    Is auto-kick working still?

    Some leech wasn't kicked in my game just a few minutes ago and all he did was stay at Muta Highground when Chapter 2 started.
  19. Lord NiteShade
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    Lord NiteShade NOTD Staff: Wiki Founder/TeamSpeak Admin

    It also seems to trigger at chapter 1, during tart-ish. Afterwards your free to do whatever. We had a guy that seemingly quit during dome b, he just sat there as a crifle with an hk. His character was enough passive dps to kill ambient spawns before they could kill him. He survived until black ops, which made them spawn all over and not attack in a unified fashion as normal. They ended up attacking during queen and being an enormous hassle.
  20. Ghost
    • Warden

    Ghost Warden

    Yes it only triggers after tart dies, not after

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