Q&A with Kaeo Milker - StarCraft II Senior Game Producer

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    Here's a transcript of my short conversation with Kaeo Milker. It's not 100% verbatim and it's my best recollection. Took a photo with him too (attachment). A shout out to all NOTD fans from him here too:
    https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10 ... tif_t=like

    Q. How do you balance the game for top level pros and new players? (from Kithrixx)
    That's a tough one. We are making more effort to make the learning curve easier through a step-by-step tutorial/challenge mode that slowly ramps up the difficulty and the skills the players need to learn. This is something we're still working on.

    Q. How do you see Blizzard supporting Arcade mods in the future?
    We've had a lot of good developers creating brilliant custom games and we want to encourage that and reward that. We've been planning for the Marketplace for a long time but there's still a lot of complications we have to deal with to make it happen. We recognize that it's a lot of hard work and money some developers have put into this.

    Q. Blizzard has posted policy not allowing maps to restrict access to players. Just like how Blizzard bans cheater, custom maps employ banlists to ensure that cheaters don't affect how their game is enjoyed by the community. Why isn't this allowed?
    It's something we avoid because some custom map developers have been abusing the ability to restrict access to people. Others only allow access once specific donations (payments) are made. We don't think this is a good idea for the community. If a player is being a nuisance in a custom game, we hope that the players can report them to us. We'll investigate the case and anyone who's causing grievance will be banned by us.

    Q. Does Blizzard take any cues from custom maps and integrate what they learn there into their own design? Do they also hire from the pool of custom map developers?
    Yes, our teams regularly play and keep watch of the custom maps in Arcade. There's a lot to learn and we appreciate the talent out there. A good number of our level designers were former custom map developers who we've hired.

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