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    [align=center]The thread title says it all:
    please read.

    I've caught a lot of flak recently for some changes that were made. This is not the first time that something like this has happened (nor will it be the last), as Balance/Concept/Design is my official position and part of that job is taking responsibility for changes with my name on them. I don't resent this part of my job, because it comes with the territory. I've been doing it a while and I'm used to it.

    The reason that I write this thread is because I'd just like for once for the flak to happen a little bit more spread out next time rather than all together. See, there's a very specific pattern that happens almost every time:
    • Kith makes a thing (balance proposal, rework, ect)
    • Preliminary discussion ensues
    • Stamp of approval given
    • Additional discussion
    • Wait period that ranges from a month to several where nothing happens and players largely forget that the thing even exists
    • Implementation or the beginnings of implementation
    • Everyone freaks the fuck out and crawls up Kith's asshole for daring to make such changes

    The bolded bits are what I have a problem with. People act all surprised and indignant when changes are made and say that they're blindsided and there was no preparation or discussion and vow various things out of spite or deliver colorful hereditary insults unto myself (my mother was a saint, by the way). Some of these individuals claiming that the changes came out of nowhere even participated in the original discussions, which is even SILLIER.

    Anyhow, my request to you all is this: Take some time to look through the pages of NOTD Discussion to check out the older threads and see if there's anything that catches your eye. If something does, talk about it. Consider the impact that such changes may make to NOTD. A lot of the accepted-but-not-implemented reworks are viewable by searching for the threads that I've made (although this will not let you view all of them because I'm definitely not NOTD's only contributor). You're still allowed to weigh in on really old topics if you have something significant to say, or to ask about how a certain thing would be implemented or express your concerns about how it'd affect balance. I don't mind answering questions via PM, even.

    All I ask is that some attempt is made to educate yourselves on the potentials of what might happen and what direction NOTD may take so it's less of a surprise to you when updates are made. I'm really tired of catching hell for things that were decided upon months ago when there was always plenty of time to discuss said things before they were implemented.
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