Pretty things done with Dialogs with editor.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Diode, Feb 2, 2013.

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    Since HOTS is around the corner, I open up the editor for fun and made a Class GUI Sample to see what new assets they had in the new editor.

    Some new artwork,textures but not many new borders. I guess I need to wait for the campaign side to be release.
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    One thing that will aid in GUI developement is the actual GUI editor for the GUI, if you are in test mode, hit Ctrl Alt F12 to open it up. Right now it is in ALpha, you can use it to determine where elements are and what their properties are, but you can't move anything (yet), though it does like they aiming to add WYSIWYG support for normal UI.

    I really like Dialogs for presentation, but making them interactive in a multiplayer environment just explodes the code, since you have to check which dialog was clicked on, who clicked it and then do all the logic based on that (in NotD case, make sure I can view but not assign talents, unless I have shared control).

    I really wish they would open more of the default GUI up, the current issue with the built in UI is so many items are unmodifiable, which really sucks.

    Also and this is probably the biggest factor to people using Dialogs over the built in UI, the UI is done entirely in XML, with relative positioning, which means you basically need a website designer to do it, and also much of it is undocumented.

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