Confirmed Pred XP/Credit rewards

Discussion in 'Game Bugs' started by Onslaughter, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. Onslaughter

    Onslaughter Member

    Played an EC NM and went pred at the start of the game. I never got any Creds or XP throughout the entire game up to the queen's death. After the queen died I got the XP reward for winning and getting speed(+70 XP) in total.
    Screenshot2013-10-28 03_41_50.jpg Screenshot2013-10-28 04_03_57.jpg
  2. Niktos

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    Preds were excluded from credits gained via H3 long ago (or always). But from what i remember they should get also xp for chapters and x% of credits from those too.
  3. craft
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    craft Member

    yeah, what he meant was that he didnt get exp for the chapters too. until the end
  4. DarthCaedus

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    The 50% xp and 75% cred is really the only motivator to stay in game as pred, might as well let the others take over and go join another game.

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