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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Lord NiteShade, Mar 2, 2012.

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    If you plan to create a thread which contains information that can only be properly discerned from an SCII Replay, you must provide said replay, so players may better view the incident. An obscure text summary of the event will no longer be sufficient, and your threads will be deleted until you provide the necessary replay. ALL recent match replays are automatically saved, so finding the necessary match is no issue. All replays can easily be attached to a thread in the attachment space underneath the text body of the thread; that is the specific reason it is there. If you lack the necessary attachment space, you can delete older attachments under the User CP panel. Likewise, you can send it to a Black Ops member or Moderator and they will post it for you.

    I will not be having any more obscure threads where users cannot properly decide on an issue because the thread create creator was too lazy to take the extra time to get the replay. This is non debatable, to argue is to admit your own failings.
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    I'd like to add to this, Nite feel free to assimilate this into your own post for the sake of conciseness.


    In addition, posting screenshots of situations that would merit a replay is as unacceptable as a wordy description. Screenshots can be taken out of context and can be manipulated to represent something they otherwise wouldn't. If you need an example of that, look here.
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