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  1. Reaper

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    Since we want to balance out the Storylines and keep it realistic (I hope) shouldn't we take a look as to how many zombies are actually available to allocate and where?

    I drew up a chart which shows an estimated zombie population across the 3 Storylines with the events that happen.


    The chart starts off at a relatively high zombie count as the infestation has been going on for awhile before the Apollo Security Team starts.

    Apollo Security Team

    A1: Armory holdout, before it the 2 teams meet up and then come the hordes of zombies that get taken down by the Sec Team.
    A2: Com Tower, the large mass of Infested Marines and Agrons
    A3: Nazara, you do not kill too many zombies during this point (compared to the others) but you simply slow its increase.
    A4: IVAX, thinking about it, this could have been a dip for the Agrons, Seekers and tough zombies that come at you.
    A5: Athena, after dealing with her huge amounts of zombies come at you and they are obliterated by the Devastators.
    A6: Bio-Domes, this is when you lock the Bio-Domes sealing in the infested slowing the spread of infestation and then followed with the assassination of the Apollo Security Team and the time between it and Alpha Company, zombie numbers have a major jump in numbers.

    Alpha Company

    B1: The Marines have Landed, the holdout in the Apollo Starport Military Base
    B2: Corpsman, the holdout with mobs at the Armory/Fortress
    B3: Lab Holdout, defending Dr. T
    B4: Toxins Release, a massive dip is caused thanks to the toxins killing many infested
    B5: Ground and Heaven, the fights of both IVAX and Perses causes a decrease in number and growth. After Perses, zombies have their final growth in numbers before Easy Company as, well, most colonists have been infected and Alpha Company has secured a decent number.

    Easy Company

    C1: Epsilon Mining Site, Easy Companies first enocunter
    C2: Military Base, snuff siad
    C3: Airlock and Eggs, the mobs that come at you and perhaps the last thing which could have caused an increase
    C4: Evac, the zombies try their hand at infesting/killing Easy Company before they can evac.
    C5: Bio-Domes, the last real zombie population as they were sealed the entire time and now get purged causing for the final nail to be hit into the Z-population.
    C6: Zombie Queen, the last and final remaining threat of infestation. It would be nice if it can be said that she is capable of producing zombies without having to infest anything which would allow her to restore the entire Z-population

    So can we use something like this?
  2. ArcturusV

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    My only real concern is that despite the fact this is logical, it also is counter to game needs/design where the longer you are in a storyline (And thus have killed more zombies) the less zombies there would be, resulting in lower difficulty in general, not to mention events that should logically put a decent hurt on the "hard" zombie population like Agrons and Slashers during IVAX(s). Though Alpha Company by that graph doesn't necessarily have that problem. But I mean Chapter 3 of Easy Company is where you'd want the thickest spawns to be, you want a feeling that the whole moon is coming to get you at the end and you're saying, "COME GET SOME" and stepping up your death dealing, not feeling like "We're almost done here! Just mopping up!"
  3. Reaper

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    Myeah the stay longer in a game vs kill count is the only issue about but we can consider that all these events happen within a certain time because if you take too long actually certain events or such should happen then as well like if Sec Team camps for hours Alpha Company should land eventually.

    If you play Easy Company alone then you would be disappointed with the idea of "The zombies are nearly all dead, lets kill the last lot" but if you go from the Security Team "Holy sweet mother of mercy, there are so many and they keep coming!" to Alpha Company "Lets lay down the hurt on these SoBs" to Easy Company your gonna be happy to know that you are nearly done. :p

    Its a zombie apocalypse that plays over 3 storylines with a start and an end.

    EDIT: ah hahaha, regarding Easy Company being the "end of the zombies" that will actually work freaking fantastic because you come to the realization of "What happened to the zombies? There were supposed to have been so many, what happened to them?", this sets the hype for Alpha Company where there "Ah yeaahhh, zombies at their best are coming now! But what happened to the ones before them, were they the same or even more awesome?" thus setting the hype for the Apollo Security Team. Its a common tourist attraction trap. :p Leave out pieces of information that you would deem interesting and you just have to have the question answered.
  4. Ability
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    Ability NOTD Creator

    I really like the visualization and the rationale put into it.

    Agree with Arc's input. From a gameplay perspective we're actually not that divergent from it though. I've already toned down EC Chapter 3 spawns a bit and we're looking at increasing the overall population density in Sec Team (and maybe Alpha).

    Gameplay comes first. If we can bring both together, even better. Any other inputs?
  5. Reaper

    Reaper Moderator/The Crimsonrine

    Something everyone agrees on is Alpha and Sec Team is easy whilst Easy Company is not and the ambient spawns play a major role in this. Easy Company most of the time nearly runs out of ammo because the spawns are so insane.

    The spawns from Easy Company can be carried over to Alpha Company for 2 reasons.
    1) Balance
    2) Alpha Company brings with them alot of noise being Artillery Strikes, Air Strikes and the smell of burnt flesh that carries everywhere which is bound to get alot of zombies attention. Easy Company goes in as a group to investigate whilst Alpha Company is a full fledged military team armed to wage war.

    Sec Team can also benefit from more ambient spawns especially zombie mobs. Everyone watches The Walking Dead and you have seen those groups of zombies that wander from place to place. Sec Team can use this for balance reasons and also since the infestation is booming at this point.
  6. ArcturusV

    ArcturusV New Member

    I'll remind you that due to our Recent Alpha Company "Back to Basics" challenge, that sans SurvCon (And presumably a lot of AoE energy only doom from FOs/Comms) we were also REALLY light on the ammo. We finished the game with what, maybe 6 mags across the entire team?

    I actually feel myself that the Alpha Company spawns typically are heavier. They may NOT be... but due to the standard spawn pools including heavier enemies and a greater variety it tends to feel that way. It's Alpha Company that I always feels has the hardest time fighting Seth, for example, due to the Ambient Spawns during it. Easy Company being second and Apollo Security Team having almost non-existent.

    And I do think that last part "Apollo Security Team having almost non-existent (random spawns)" is an issue. It hink they should be beefed up, right from the start. Make the Runner Team a little more hard pressed than just a leisurely stroll with maybe an isolated Zombie or Ghoul in your way.
  7. Ryan III

    Ryan III Well-Known Member

    During the fight with the Zombie Queen, shouldn't spawns be someone higher because when the Queen has gone to deal with the marines herself, wouldn't she bring a large amount of zombies from the remaining swarm to help her after seeing the threat the marines pose?
  8. Reaper

    Reaper Moderator/The Crimsonrine

    Maybe provided the last few remaining don't get wiped out by Easy Company during the Purging of Apollo City.

    Though personally I would like of her to be the responsible parent and come seeking vengeance herself without dragging her children into it. :p The remaining creeps round this time is a few Lelantos and a group of Brood Mothers. Would be awesome that when Dome D is destroyed and Black Ops are near their end a group pops out and start laying eggs like crazy in an attempt to raise the Z-Population, you go out and kill them and then just like Godzilla the Queen comes all super pissed.

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